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They get ہوم and Keke opens the door still crying

Dana:where were آپ guys I've been here for like 20 minutes
Anna:sorry but آپ can go I think she'll be going back ہوم ow

Annna's phone rings

Dana:aren't آپ gonna get that
Anna:no its not important
Dana:but it's Prince
Anna:I don't wanna talk to him
Dana:what has he done
Dana:then answer

She جوابات the phone

Prince:baby I'm sorry
Anna:well I don't trust you
Prince:please give me another chance
Anna:this is like what the third time we broke up
Anna:did it ever occur to آپ that we don't make a good couple
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Prince:i came to apologize but u seem to not miss me so bye
Aidan:what was that about
Anna:oh nothing
Aidan:so what were آپ saying bout not liking me that way
Anna:sorry that was an accident
Aidan:dont apologize i kinda like it
Anna:i کہا i dont like آپ that way
Aidan:im hungry what آپ got ta eat

his cell phone rings

Aidan:wat up
???:the sky
Aidan:not funny
???:ok ill be there in 5

Aidan:shaniah shud be here soon

A Few منٹ after........................

there was a knock at the door

Anna:*opens the door*hey girl
Shaniah:hey how r u
Shaniah:i heard something...
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posted by avanzant12
So it is 3:40 in the morning i am up eating some left over hamburger and fires Now I am 9 months so I could go at any time rite now.
Jacob pov who got that باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ light own and I turn it off and who would be up at 3 in the morning .
Jacob walking down stairs to see who was in the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ . It was his blow pow girlfriend Lexi 😍😜
Me ارے hunn آپ want sme :-)
Jacob no lol babe why آپ don't tell mhe آپ was in the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ
Me cuz آپ was peaceful and sweet I don't wont to mess with آپ
Jacob aww آپ so thoughtful 😍
Me ik rite (Finna get up and my water broke)
Jacob wat آپ say
Me Jacob my...
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posted by avanzant12
So i was ryding in my car listen to my موسیقی and enjoy it ,then i pull up two my houes ,and i honk own my horn so that lil brat could cme lil sis khylee she came out wilth her lilttle suit case ,then she got in the car and so we head off to her دوستوں houes which is mya and lauar they r twins and they r so cute lol. I drop her then i head off to the store to buy mhe sme new clothes and shoes ,and other girle stuff lol.
Mhe in body central jus shoping and look around ,and i bump into my friend tamar , mhe ارے girl how r آپ doing tamar jus fine rasin this children !,mhe girl how they...
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posted by MrzProdigy_MB
Jayde: *sighs hard*
Me; waht are u sighing about
Jayde; remeber the boy yesterday
Me; waht bout him
Jayde: i cant get him off my mind
Me; jayde?? Snap out of it
Jayde; i cant he is just so amazing and cute
Me; mmm u do no his my ex right
Jayde; yeah but u broke up wit him
Me; I no but...
Jayde; u still have feelings for him
Me; yes
Jayde; but i have a crush on him
Me; i no its ok
Jayde; really?
Me; yeah cause he kinda thinks ur cute
Jayde; *screams*
Me; *laughs*

*door گھنٹی, بیل rings and i answer the police was at the front*
Me; can i help u officer?
Police; is dis the house of Jayde Flecha
Me; yeah shes inside
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 Juss nastiee
Juss nastiee
Nellie & Diggy
Diggy:Sorry if i led آپ in the wrong way
Nellie:You okay i dont mind
Diggy:You dont mind
Digg pov:
She mine she just got locked up
pov over
Diggy:So (Touching nellie)
Nellie:?? whatcha doing
Diggy:Nothing, Want me to دکھائیں you
Nellie:Okay?? Shure
*Diggy takes off his shirt*
Nellie: O.O
Diggy:You okay sweetheart ?
Nellie:Yeah juss shocked, آپ کہا when آپ get to know me better
Diggy:I think i know آپ enough
*Nellie phones rings*
Bri:Nellie why آپ aint here
*Diggy takes off nellie shirt*
Nellie:Imma have to call آپ later
Me:Ayee give me the phone... Nellie dont be...
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posted by Princetonlove01
BTW Tafari is pronounced like ‘safari’ but with a ‘t’. anyway on we go.
Next day

Prince: calls Mya
Phone Convo:
M- hey
P- hey
M- whats goin on??
P- nothin thinkin about you
M- aww thats sweet im thinkin about آپ to
P- chuckles ارے maybe we could hang out later
M- i dont know Tuliyah and Tafari are comin over
P- well maybe after they leave??
M- ill see. ارے theyre here ill call آپ later kay??
P- mmkay sounds sad
M- dont sound so sad okay how about this…ill try my hardest to come see آپ kay??
P- okay that sounds better. talk to آپ later.
M- bye hangs up
Tuliyah and Tafari walk in...
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 My screen saver
My screen saver
Me,Tyti and Jazzy:yea yall
Mb: yea
* i hugged Princeton and he whispered in my ear
Princeton: i no this is sudden but i want yu too be my number 1 girl
* i looked at him and smiled*
Me: of course ill be yur number 1 girl * i kissed his cheek*
Princeton: ill giv yu my number let me see yur phone
* i gave him my phone *
Princeton: wow yu must really love me
Me: yea i do
He کہا tht bcuz i had a phone cover and screen saver wit him on it
Princeton: its locked wats the code
Me: o right its 0421
Princeton: really my bday
Me yea really * I was embarrassed*
Princeton: theres my number call me weneva yu feel...
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The اگلے day.....
Kim: I don't feel like going 2 school.
Nique: Me 2.....
Dad: Come on now آپ have 2.
Kim: Can we please stay home?
Dad: No! Now go!!
Kim and Nique walked outside.
Kim: I don't wanna see Ms. Porks. She's a bitch.
Nique: I know.
They walked 2 their school.
Kim: I know Nara's gonna try 2 destroy something....
Ria: Nope. She's skipping 2day.
Kim: That's not like her 2 skip school.
Ria: Shit! I'll skip school if I wanted 2 but I mess up my perfect attendents....
Kim: Girl, that's just silly.....
Ms. Porks: Ross! Come here, NOW!
Kim: The enemy found me. Wish me luck!
Kim walked 2 Ms. Porks.
Ms. Porks:...
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posted by Missprinceton1
ارے first of All (T-mays = ME)
t-mays; ارے کرن, رے
ray still ignoreing me
t-mays; why r u ignoring me
ray still ignoring me
t-mays; r u still jelous
ray; no
t-mays; u finaly answerd
prince; whats wrong baby
t-mays; nothin
prince; کرن, رے what ya do to her
t-mays; princeton stop he did nothin
prince; why r u upset
t-mays; im not um can we go somwhere thats not here
prince; K lets gofor a walk in the park
t-mays; yeah lets go
prince; "WoW"
t-mays; what
prince; oh nothin
we went to the park and walked around then we brought ice-cream prince had peppermint ice-cream and i had vanilla we went back to mb house to see what...
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posted by mb_rules

Prince: (Grabs my hand then squeezes tightly)
(Glass shatters somewhere)
Roc: (Whispers) It's so dark. *um, duh*
Me: (Whispers) There's a killer in this house.
Ray: (Says Loudly) No there isn't!! *idiot, shut up!!*
???: Yes there is Ray. (Said a girl's dëvílish voice) *i knew it!*
Prince: (Grips my hand tighter) *dang boy!*
Roc: Who are you?! What do آپ want?
(Glass shattered somewhere else but the voice was getting closer to us)

//My P.O.V
Wow, I just noticed this girl is throwing things!! Knives!! Somebody has problems!

//So we all ducked while the girl throwed knives in...
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posted by Missprinceton1
three ماہ after the love catstrophy me and prince got back together IDK how but we saw eachother and started talking and we got to bieng bf and gf..

me; i cant belive were in london for christmass my first time in london its sooo cool
prince; IKR its amazing all the lights and christmass درخت cant wait till christmass itomorrow
kayla; گھاس, ہے lets go see the big christmass tree
me; yeah come on jacob
prince; yeah ok
kayla; when are those two boys gonna come
prince; they getting a میز, جدول for us
me; for what
prince; donno maybe a سیکنڈ dinner
me; nah i'll pass
then a lady came to us saying hello and merry...
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the اگلے day:

someone knocked on the door then she ran up to answer it.

" ارے everyone meet my new boy friend." she said

" diggy???!!" we all shouted
" ارے y'all ارے jenet" he said
" oh hi diggy i am so happy 4 u !!!!" i کہا as i gave him a hug. " i have finnally found the one she beautieful and smart and not to menchion beautyful and befor i couldnt get to her and now i know shes mine" he explained
while holding my hand.
" diggy that was so beautieful" i said.
" ok ok " کہا princeton.
t-t stepped on his foot.
" ur suposed to pretend ur dating me not go flirten with jenet" she whispered

" awww...
continue reading... i go ہوم محفوظ and sound open the door and youll never believe what happened.....there was blood and notes everywhere

Note:Go up to the room open the door and youll find a BIG surprise on your bed

--------->On the Bed<---------
Lengerie..........Red pumps..........roses all over the bed..........and a condom!!

Me:what is this
??:your dream
Me:who r u and what u want
??:talk to me like u got good sence
Me:stfu get out for i woop that ass
??:Wtf u just say to me
Me:I کہا GET TF OU---(gco)
??:-punches me in the throat-
Me:-falls trying to scream but can't-
??:now i want u to put on that Lengerie...
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Prince; damn i miss nikki
Prod; bro u broke my sister دل deal with it she cried herself to sleep and now she is happy with کرن, رے کرن, رے
Prince; yeah but i miss her so much
prod; what eva i need to eat
prince; i just want to start evrything again i was planing to pop a big سوال into her head i got the ring but not the girl
then prodigy and princeton went down for breackfast and princeton saw how کرن, رے کرن, رے and nikki were laughing then کرن, رے went to her and kissed her
Prince; *clears throat*
Nikki; oh princeton breacky is getting cold
Prince; wat is it
Nikki; waffles کے, waffles and pancake
prince; "YUM"
Ray; nikita...
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posted by Princetonlove01
I don’t know how to start it off so imma skip to 3 weeks later….
( twist p.o.v)
The girls are still mad at deijah except for Mya …I don’t know how the two get along but deijah been helping prince And Mya
Since Mya got out of the hospital.. why is she changing now I know Mya is a cool person I even like her but deijah has always been mean I remember when we was lil she took my lolipop while on my steps sittin down about to lick it and to keep. It she told my mom I hit her …
I knw it sounds stupid but that lolipop was good ….and Jawan agrees with me ..
Twist: deijah me and Jawan...
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posted by luvinmymusic
If آپ like boys with the gift of great music, then آپ know Mindless Behavior. Within the group is Princeton. Princeton is the third oldest. He's a Tarus, born April 20,1997, in Los Angeles, Califoria. He's cute with a beautiful mind. His پسندیدہ color is green and his biggest pet-pev is when he's sleeping around people that snores. He's a mix between African American and Mexican and has the punk-rock/vintage. Princeton loves rock music. He have a Yorkshire Terrier, the name is argued to be Beans یا Burrito. Princeton is an olny child so he thinks of Prodigy, Roc, and Ray-Ray as brothers. Princeton is a cute, sweet, smart boy. He's so smart he even skipped a grade.
 My outfit
My outfit
OUR ROOM..............

Princeton: wake up * hitting me gently wit a pillow*
Me: sneak attack * throwing a تکیا at his face*
He fell on the بستر
Me: omg are yu ok
Princeton: sneak attack * hitting me wit the pillow*
Me: ahhh thts how it is * hitting him wit a pillow*
We تکیا fight minutes
Me: ok let me freshen up * runnin into the bathroom bout the door*
Princeton put his foot n between the door and the wall
Me: yes princey
Princeton: why yu shutin the door
Me: cuz thts wat i do
Princeton: im yur husband i wanna see my girl freshen up
Me: why
Princeton: bcuz i wanna شامل میں her
Me OK then * openin the door...
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Omg roc I turned the person around and looked hard I jump about four legit flights it was one of my cousins no this man has to have the same thing roc has but not fully developed yet. Diggy is a monster for black mailing and controlling people to do stuff is he out of his mind. I got a call from my mom and teetee I picked up the fone and they were talking at the same time about roc. WAIT STOP ACTING LIKE CHILDREN AND SPEAK!! I yelled it got quite cuz I never really talk back like a bulistice maniac. Teetee was the first to speak. Roc is going to die out if the electricity don't turn back on....
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So....Prodigy came back with all his thingz....

Prod:ok I'm b (gco)
Me:-lookin at him crazy- what boy?
Prod:-fell on da floor bleeding-
Me:-screams and tries to run but falls-
??:hey I just came to give u this letter goodbye now-gives me letter-

Adress:2318 greenparkd dr.(fake)
Me:-gets in my car and drives to adress-

I get there and theres this big house on a hill!!
Me:-calls my friend Anarii-
Narii:hey guh
Me:hey umm come to this adress i'll be waiting there okae...
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