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posted by Princetonlove01
The اگلے morning Mya woke up wit princeton. she got out of بستر nd thought about wat happened last night. she were kinda sad. she got out of بستر nd headed over to the bathroom. she brushed hur teeth, nd took a shower. she got out of the شاور nd looked at hur self in the mirror. she noticed this dark spot on hur neck. M- wat is tht. Mya got out of the bathroom nd got dressed. Princeton was half awake at this point. Mya went over to him nd woke him up. M- princeton wake up. P- uh….5 مزید mintues. M- princeton wake up. P- fine. He sat up in the bed. P- morning. M- morning, um princeton can...
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I hope آپ love this video & please put تبصرے & please no bad تبصرے & thank آپ & have a nice day!!!!!!
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I hope آپ love this video & please put تبصرے & please no bad تبصرے & thank آپ & have a nice day!!!!
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posted by Princetonlove01
okay Have no words but to the story
Mya, Prince,Paige and Roc are at the ساحل سمندر, بیچ they chucked آپ guys in the water and mya got revenge and all of آپ are soaking wet and just as آپ are about to leave Prince pulls آپ aside…..
Prince:Hey I have something for you
M:really ?
He pulls out a black boxwith butterflies: link
Mya open them n a tears start to well up
Prince:You like it ?
M:No…….I Love it and آپ ! Kisses him
Prince:Good he puts the ring on mya finger
m:Thank آپ Kisses him
Prince:Kisses back

Prod:Ray why آپ dressed so fancy?
Ray:because I’m taking Jamilah...
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posted by Princetonlove01
conutied convo(however u spell it)
Mya : yeah I’m fine.. Doing nothing right now
Jawan: (mumbles) yeah , u r fine..
Mya: huh(I smiled a little )
Jawan: what
Mya: u justed کہا something about me
Jawan: what آپ talking about..
Mya: I might of lost my memory but I’m not stupid, Jawan Harris!
Jawan: (he laughs) ok u heard but if u come meet me out side maybe I can tell you,,what do آپ say??
Mya: (I ran out in the living room and I looked through the window he was actually there ..)(waving at me)
Jawan: Ello? U there cause I see u ..
(I could see him smiling at me)
Mya: yeah I’m here…...
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