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آپ were walking ہوم on your way to school happy because your best friend just told آپ that Mindless Behavior was coming to your city and they were staying for a whole week. and on سب, سب سے اوپر of that آپ got a brand new phone for getting decent grades on your رپورٹ card. آپ were texting your best friend when a guy ran into you.

guy: yo my bad shawty

you: I an't yo shawty. ughhh OMG look what آپ did. I just got this phone.

you picked up your phone to examine it and make sure there was no cracks and that it still worked. آپ also picked up your پرس, تھیلی but a piece of paper fell but آپ didn't bother...
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Mindless Behavior’s Princeton, Roc Royal, کرن, رے کرن, رے and Prodigy are basically the cutest teens in Tinseltown. But despite their fame and fortune, they still get giddy over سے طرف کی Hollywood’s hottest ladies. caught up exclusively with the teen boppers and learned exactly who these ladies are! “Nicki Minaj , it’s her confidence and she’s very independent. I like that about a woman,” Princeton told us. “I have to say Nicki, Rihanna and Amber Rose,” کرن, رے کرن, رے said.

And these boys are definitely look for love — even if it’s not with Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies. “She has to have her own sense of style and has to be legit and love me for me,” Prodigy told us. So cute! What do آپ think, HollywoodLifers? Who is your پسندیدہ celebrity crush? Tell us!
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Today was the best دن of your life. آپ were going to a Meet-N-Greet to see Mindless Behavior. آپ are just so in love with them especially Prodigy. but that's not even half the good part. آپ also got front row seats the کنسرٹ afterwards. OMG could this دن get any better (and don't even think about saying yes in your head). you're in the car and it's about 8 hours before the Meet-N-Greet starts. you're texting when the radio gets your attention.

radio: alright alright alright so listen up everybody I got my boys Mindless Behavior in the building today

MB: wassup wassup

radio: yeah they're...
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