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posted by justine750
Just letting آپ all know about an opportunity to see Pulp Fiction in the best way possible - on the big screen.
Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece will be دکھانا for ONE NIGHT ONLY, 18th May 2009, at the Showcase Cinema De Lux in Leicester.
Tickets are £10 for film only and £20 for film and aftershow party, there are prizes for the best fancy dress as well.
آپ can buy tickets سے طرف کی ringing 01509 815026.
This is a charity screening for Loros and Rainbows hospices.
What an excellent way to have a great night out complete with feel good factor!
Vincent Vega represents Jesus. It's so obvious, once آپ look at it this way, everything lines up, but amazingly I haven't found anything making this connection in the movie's 20 years of existence.

Vincent Vega represents Jesus in his death and resurrection in the film. We know that literally speaking, Vincent dies in the middle of the movie at Butch's house, and doesn't come back to life. However, in the non linear context of the film, Vincent dies and then is alive again.

Dialogue supports this theory. One of the most obvious examples is while he and Jules are cleaning out the boy's blood...
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