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posted by newbetomfan
draco struts down the corridore he sees a girl sobbing in the conrner he looks agin its hermione draco smirks "waz up mudblood,diddent get full marks on a test?"sniggered draco "but out malfoy"hermione sobbed "awwww...wats the poor ikle mudybloody gona do to me tell me that granger?" "go away یا or..." "or what mudblood"smiked draco "or i will...will jinx you!"shouted hermione "ha yer rih mu...who!"draco narroly doged a bat bogey hex "you'll pay for that one grager...oh sorry your a mudblood your perants dont have wizard money...oh well i gess i will have to jinx آپ back titanglar!"screemed draco! hermione turned and ran down towads the libary she wasent qick enough "arrrgggghhhh!STOP THIS NOW DRACO MALFOY!"demanded hermione "in your dreems granger!like i am that stupid!" he runs away back to his comman room laghing screeming mudblood granger daceing now thats a sight!