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1. She knows what she wants. She has hopes and dreams and won't stop until they come true.

2. She's completely obsessed and in love with Finn.

3. She's different and that's great.

4. Her fashion sense may be at times dorky, but she is so unique that no one really takes that much notice anyway.

5. Her talent outshines everyone elses.

6. Of course, she's really really pretty.

7. She has become a better person throughout Season 1, she isn't as selfish, she gives solos to people who want them and she cares about people.

8. She gets bullied, and we feel sorry for her.

9. Her singing voice gives everyone goosebumps.

10. Her facial expressions دکھائیں a lot of what she is thinking so she doesn't have to say anything.

11. I know I mentioned this before but her and Finn belong together!
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I complied a list of every song Rachel has sang in every episode in Season 1!

- On my Own
- Sit down you're rocking the boat {with New Directions}
- You're the one that I want {with ND}
- Don't stop believing {with ND}

- Le Freak {with ND}
- Gold Digger {with ND}
- Push It {with ND}
- Take a bow

Rachel didn't sing in this episode!

- Taking Chances

The Rhodes not Taken:
- Maybe this time {with April Rhodes}
- Cabaret
- Somebody to love {with ND}

Vitamin D:
- Halo/Walking on Sunshine {with ND Girls}

- Ride wit me {with ND}
- No Air {with...
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