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posted by sukhwindersandy
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Starring an Ace Tennis Player Leander Paes in lead, who is making his Bollywood debut with this film, expectations were strong enough to seek ones attention. However there are other factors as well to raise expectation among the moviegoers such as the strong leading سٹار, ستارہ cast, interesting plot, and others. Well, the makers had indeed delivered what one would be expecting from Leander Paes and his film.


There are فلمیں that teach, like ‘3 Idiots’. There are فلمیں that make a call for action, like ‘Rang De Basanti’. There are فلمیں that دکھائیں the so-called reality,...
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posted by sukhwindersandy
Directed سے طرف کی Ashok Kohli and starring link in lead role, موسیقی of the film is composed سے طرف کی Lahu Madhav and Ritesh Nalini. Lyrics of the film are written سے طرف کی Mirza Galib, Rameez and Brb. Ratings of the موسیقی here can be دیا as 3.5 stars.

Considering the genre of the film, as social-political drama, one would expect situational outing here. However with a pack of 7 songs in the album, it does arouse some interest among the listeners here.

The album impresses in its own manner, where it balances the genre, delivers good composition and commendable lyrics.