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19 years have passed since the original events of the first chapter. The city has been rebuilt, the world has been united and most people have healed, save for some few who cling to their horrible and scarred pasts. There are some though, willing to disrupt this society's peace and order for selfish goals...Will you fight with the revolutionaries for a society ruled with the iron fist of their queen, or will you fight to uphold the order and peace that has been preserved for nearly 20 years?

The way of the government, education system and military.

The Government
After the 2019 incident with Hotaka Nagachika, the governments of Cantenseel were finally able to reach a compromise with each other. The Kanshinin councilors would act as a congress for Rex, who would be some sort of figure head, like the president. While he had power, he would have to present it to the councilors, who would either approve or disapprove of the proposal. Rex would have veto power, but it would only work for so much. The councilors and The president all choose a successor when they choose to retire.

The Education System
In Cantenseel, after the borders fell, they decided to merge the new generation with each other to make sure that pride from being from a certain area would not exist, the easiest way of course, was school. In the middle of Cantenseel where all four borders used to connect, a super school was created. It was three campuses. The elementary campus for K-5th Grade. The middle campus for 6-8th and the High/College campus for 9th-12+. This means that within the school, there are people who are in their mid twenties along with fifteen yearolds in the same campus.

The Military
In the 19 years that had passed, the military had became rather lax because of the peace. Most people who joined only abused it so they could one, have an easy job or two, so they could use it for their resume. Only few actually join it because they want to make a difference.

24 years ago, an assassin named Tiras Elbinorune was sent on a mission to murder a woman named Felicia Stadner, who was the heiress to a very rich family. Tiras, mesmerized by the woman, was unable to pull the trigger. After an instant spark between the two, he joined the military for her to win a war that was over the horizon. After a series of trials and after impregnating Felicia, Tiras went beserk and nearly destroyed the world. 5 years later, he came back after his current wife had been murdered. After a brutal beating by the angry people of Cantenseel, a man named Hotaka Nagachika who had orchestrated most of the events in the story came and launched his attack. Soon, he overwhelmed the city with ghouls, which were man eating creatures that were seemingly invincible. While the prince of Hell, Belial, a powerful vampire named Joseph, a beast tamer named Renald, a Draki named Kierra and the son of Hotaka himself, Hei, fought against the other ghouls while Rex and Tiras fought against Hotaka, who had turned into a horrific monster the size of a skyscraper. After a long and hard battle, Hotaka was defeated. But at a cost. Tiras had been mortally wounded and died in front of his love, Felicia.

{Character Sheet}


[Faction](Revolutionary, Military, student etc.




[Power] (this is whether you use Magical Abilities or Scientific powers, whether it be via machines or simply some sort of scientific method, you can choose whether to explain how it works or not)


[Relationship](this would be your Spouse, Siblings and Friends, completely optional)


Louisa Stadner. Age 24 (Page 1)
Virgil Elbinorune. Age 24 (Page 1)
Hei Nagachika. Age 43 (Page 1)
Raiden Lancaster. Age 27 (Page 1)
Mina Zhang. Age 41 (Page 1)
Ivanka Silvius. Age 40 (Page 1)
Irisviel Romanov. Age 38 (Page 1)
Eva Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Seth Romanov. Age 17 (Page 1)
Joseph Bordeaux. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akira Cruz. Age N/A (Page 1)
Akiro Liang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Chidori Liang. Age 37 (Page 1)
Zhu Liang. Age 42 (Page 1)
Daniel Tren. Age 17 (Page 1)
Mei Zhang. Age 16 (Page 1)
Leia Feng. Age 24. (Page 1)
Gilford Silvius. Age 16. (Page 1)
Valeryia Silvius. Age 24. (Page 1)
Remi Elbinorune. Age 23 (Page 1)
Shiomi Devonshire. Age 23 (Page 1)
Belial Devonshire. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Alexander Bordeaux. Age N/A. (Page 1)
Vasilia Romanov. Age 61. (Page 1)
Takao Sesshoumaru. Age 32. (Page 6)
Yurichi Mizushima. Age 19. (Page 9)
Lucifer Devonshire. Unknown (Page 10)
Yamato Kirugi. Age over 100.
Adelger Kiesenger von Elbinorune the II. Age 17 (Page 22)
Karlen Von Jager. Age 116 (Page 29)
Karla Von Jager. Age 27 (Page 29)
Raul Espinoza. Age 25(Page 32)
Ramses the III. Age 30(Page 32)
Thutmose III. Unknown. (Page 34)
Jannik Haas. (Page 34)
Catriona Haas. (Page 36)
Praxilla Metz. 32. (Page 44)
Adalica Von Elbinorune(Page 36)
Aiymil Elbinonrune (Page 46)
Cynfael Bordeaux. (Page 42)
Ollie Silvius. (Page 44)
Akllah Folami. (Page 46)
Raymil Emeria. (Page 49)
Lanying Zhang. (Page 49)
Revala Emeria. (Page 49)
Raymil Emeria) (Page 49)
Reina Emeria. (Page 50)
Yang Min. (Page 51)
Miles Prise. (Page 52)
Chronov. (Page 54)
Cassius Prise(Page 55)
Saigon Derivil(Page 56)

Felicia Tenshin. Age 48 (Page 1)
Sora Cruz. Age 41 (Page 1)
Yumi. Age 23 (Page 1)
Kierra Nagachika. Age 42 (Page 1)
Rex Ellington. Age 48 (Page 1) (President of Cantenseel)
Renald Silvius. Age 51 (Page 1)
Eadlyn Bordeaux. Age 24 (Page 1)
Souji Zhang. Age N/A (Page 1)
Ichirou Nagachika. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fayline Bordeaux. Age 46 (Page 1)
Cecilia Devonshire. Age N/A (Page 1)
Kane Tenshin. Age 50 (Page 1)
Ella Stadner. Age 31 (Page 1)
Dequan Zhang. Age 18 (Page 1)
Fillian. Age N/A (Page 1)
Annelise Florence. Age 22 (Page 1)
Lizana Janssen. Age 18 (Page 1)
Moira Prise. Age 17 (Page 1)
Gideon Narine. Age 20 (Page 1)
Riza Hannaka. Age 19 (Page 6)
Tomoe Mikage . Age unknown (Page 10)
Daliyah. Age N/A (Page 11)
Jeptha Veers. Age 22(Page 22)
Elvyne Silvius. Age 19 (Page 29)
Hideaki Ranshin. Age 43 (Page 32)
Tsuyoshi Hajime. Age 27 (Page 32)
Basile Allard. Age 25 (Page 32)
Mamoru Hidari. Age 25 (Page 32)
Calix Shreave. Age 47 (Page 32)
Willem the V of Nassau. Age 34. (Page 32)
Nori Rin. Age 15 (Page 32)
Kiyoshi Rin. Age 28 (Page 32)
Callum Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Connall Silvius. Age 25 (Page 34)
Baldrik Haas. (Page 34)
Sauri Devonshire. (Page 44)
Lerida Devonshire. (Page 44)
Kuro Kaze Devonshire. (Page 44)
Tarquin Silvius. (Page 44)
Terryal. (Page 49).
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I know you can be. Do you wanna know what parent you get it from?" Valeryia asked while grinning. "Your mother." She said with a straight face, trying to scramble with Eadlyn's brain. Yes, she had expected her to say Joseph but no! It was her mother, Fayline that she was referring to! "Bwahahaha!" Valeryia let out a maniacal chuckle before looking at Eadlyn. "Ah...I'm sorry, you know I need this right now." She said with a small smile.

"Dude, it's fine. We'll just go to class than." Gilford said with a small yet disappointed smile. He was really hoping Ichirou would have left with him but, eh. "I'd rather you not get in trouble I suppose. Let's go to class?" He asked as he looked over to the door.

"Ah, thank you." Joseph said with a smile as Anna left the room. "Ah putain remercier les dieux." Joseph said out loud before walking over to Fayline, sitting down on his knees and bringing her into his embrace as he rubbed the back of her head. "Fayline, please, she's not going to reveal what has happened here today, and I know how I will stop this from happening again." He said as he rubbed the back of her head. "Everything is fine."

Belial, rather than glare at the uncomfortable ones just gave them a kind smile instead as he walked over with Cecilia to...uh, cushions? "How the hell do I use this as a chair?" Belial whispered extremely quietly into her ear so only she could hear him. Yeah, Belial didn't know how to use a cushion to sit down. He was a chair person.

Naomi nodded her head, completely agreeing. "The people who come here mostly are already refugees, looking for their own little place to call home. Whether it be the German's from Separatist oppression, the Chinese from the civil war or even the surviving American's from the nuclear blast, they all have experienced hell, and when they experience it again here, they build right back up because here? Here is the last place they have to call their own." She said as she looked at the sky.

Mina shrieked as Felicia came in, freezing dead in her spot as she heard her walk over to her chair. She quickly moved off Souji and onto her spot, blushing like a tomato as well towards her comment. "I...suppose so.." She said quietly before chuckling awkwardly. After everyone was silent and in work, she decided to break the ice. "So I'm pregnant." She let casually slip out.

"The only reason I had expected it is because the other guys have given me tons of shit over it. Especially the ones that actually own like, hundred thousand dollar sports cars." He said with a groan. "Life is shit sometimes." he said thinking back at it.

Virgil shrieked again at her still talking, wondering how it was even possible. "Uhm...Virgil?" He said, questioning if that was actually what she had even wanted.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn's eyebrow already began to twitch, expecting a certain answer so when Valeryia said Mother it kinda suprised her. A sighs escapes her lips as she smiles a bit at her friend's crazy laughter. "Yeah, very funny." She says with a teaisng roll of her eyes.

Ichirou knew Gilford was a bit dissapointed and that made him feel very very bad. But skipping class.... He was very conflicted about it. One part wanted to stay and one part wanted to just go. "Let's just go..." He says before he began to grin widely. "I mean it. Let's go. Let's skip." He repeats as he feels adrenaline already rush through his body.

"Fine...." Fayline softly repeated as she clenches her fists. "How can you say everything is fine." She looks up at him, tears still streaming down her cheeks. "It doesn't matter if she tells or not. I still did it. I attacked her, I bit her, I drank her blood without even the slightest of hesitation in me! And what sickens me the most is that I.... I-I had liked it." She felt her stomach turn in disgust, almost making her trow up but luckily she didn't.

Cecilia couldn't stop herself from giggling at her husband's question as she sat down on a cushion, her legs crossed. "Like this. Or you can sit on your knees on them." She says with a smile. True they always sat down on normal chairs in their house but she had expected he would atleast know how to sit on these cushions.

Yumi was quiet for awhile, just letting Naomi's words sink in. It was true. There were so many different people here for different reasons. But yet their reasons are the same. This is the last place they can live like they want too. "You have really put some thought in that." She says, finding it very deep and true what Naomi had said.

Felicia's eyes widened at Mina's words. Wait up. Was she serieus? She looked at Mina, completely stunned before smiling widely. "You serieus?" She asks as she stands up and moves over to give Mina a hug. "Congratiolations! Don't just 'casually' drop such big news!' She says, feeling very happy for the both of them.

"Just ignore them. You drive a bicycle for good reasons." Riza says as she sips her coffee again. "And no, life is not shit sometimes. It is shit always. But I guess that's the point of living. Go through hell and see how and in what way you can survive." She says, obviously clear what she thought of life. True it had it's good moments and moments you are happy but they will always be overshadowed by bad things and happenings.

Daliyah bows again with a smile on her face. "Master Virgil. Like I said before, what you have probably forgotten by your suprise, I will grant you three wishes. Anything you want. Anything you desire for. You can use them now or wait for the right time, nomatter how long that time might be I will wait. However there are 4 rules to those wishes. You can't wish for anyone's dead. Nor can you wish for anyone to revive. The dead must stay dead. You can't wish to make anyone fall in love. And you can't wish to change the past. Is that clear?" She explains calmly with a smile.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia continued to laugh until she saw Eadlyn roll her eyes. She chuckled a bit before poking her cheek, seeing Eadlyn's eye roll. "You're having some of your dad's sass Eadlyn. Stop it." Valeryia said with a small grin before poking her cheek again. "I'm just kidding. So, do you want to leave to get some food at lunch?" She asked, talking about leaving school grounds.

Gilford raised an eyebrow at Ichirou, surprised. "What, are you serious? What made you change your mind?" He asked, very shocked at Ichirou's sudden change of heart. He didn't think Ichirou would actually do it, being the son of school employees and all.

Joseph stroked the back of her head, saying "Shh." quietly in her ear as he waited for her to quiet down a bit so he could speak. "Fayline, that is what you are now. You are a vampire, and you're inexperienced. Don't blame yourself, blame the new instincts inside you." He said quietly as he rubbed one of her shoulders with his other hand. "I wasn't able to give you my wine yet, which helps you...control your urges. It is a fault on my end Fayline. Please, just come back with me to the room and settle down. You obviously cannot work right now." He said as he looked at her obviously frantic state.

Belial struggled as he sat cross legged on the cushion, feeling quite strange as he got used to the feel of it. He ran his hand playfully through Cecilia's tails as he sat, wanting to get his wife's attention now that he was sitting down. "Cecilia my fluffy wuffy hubby." He called out quietly.

Naomi shrugged, feeling rather modest. "Honestly? I didn't. I just paid attention in history class and I put it all together eventually. You'd have to be a dumbass if you didn't see it after seeing the people here." She said with a frown. "Not that I am calling you a dumbass. You've been underground for almost twenty years. A lot more people have came in since then." She said, backtracking a little bit.

Mina chuckled and smiled at Felicia's reaction, expecting that. "But casual is the best way." Mina said with a smile before she reached over to Felicia and gave her a light hug. "Thank you though Felicia, I know we're both very excited for this one." She said with a smile as she reached down a little and rubbed her tummy. "I remember Dequan and Mei's pregnancy's like they were yesterday..." She said quietly, thinking about her first two children in her. Mei of course, being the hellish one.

Yurichi raised his eyebrow as he heard Riza's views on life, nodding his head a little. "I actually agree." He said, thinking about his childhood. "As a kid, I was born just a few months after the incident nineteen years ago, and my mother was just widowed because of it. My sister had gone missing, and life was hell. At the age of three, I remember being alone at home many nights because my mother would go to bars and drink, sad because of my father and sister who she clearly loved more than me. Then, she'd come home and beat me, screaming about why she couldn't have my 'precious' sister back." He said as he stared down at his coffee, enjoying looking into the darkness before he picked up his coffee and sipped it again. "Some nights, she'd never come back at all. I'd see her a few days later with a new man coming home with her in the door. Eventually, a few years after that, she got too old and men stopped wanting to see her. So she just started sitting home, alone, by herself, locking me in my room until dinner was ready. That was worse than the beatings. At least I knew she was drunk then and that wasn't the real her. But this, I knew it was her. She hated me, her own flesh and blood, for not being my sister. For not being my father." He sipped his coffee again. "Sorry, I didn't mean to give you my life story. I just wanted to put some input into our little chat I guess." He said before sipping his coffee yet once again.

"Uh............yes." Virgil said with a head nod, clearly understanding, kinda. "Well, that kinda sucks, don't you think? Those four wishes usually are what most people would think." He said as he walked over to the lamp, picked it up and started walking off away from the beach and onto the sidewalks. "You never said I couldn't wish for more wishes though, which would be pretty cool." He said while walking, looking over at Daliyah. "So, I can wish for anything?" He asked again, not believing it. "If I said, 'I wish you were my sex slave for the rest of the time I was your master' you would have to grant it?" He asked rhetorically with a small chuckle of disbelief, not realizing how he just might have accidentally wished what he said.
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn narrowed her eyes at Valeryia and gave her a warning hiss as she once AGAIN comapred her to her father. Perhaps she should just drop the subject. But at her friend's suggestion her face lightens up a bit. Eating outisde of that horrible cafeteria sounded wonderfull. She hated the food here. Another trait of Joseph she would never admit, she was a picky eater. "Sounds great. Let's do that."

"I am and I don't know." Ichirou says quikly with a higher voice as he got all nervous. He was really going to do this! His parents will be so mad when they find out. But it was too exciting not to go through with this. "Let's just go." He says with a grin as he grabs Gilford's hand and pulls him towards the exit, wanting to escape before anyone saw them.

Fayline obviously did not feel like continouing work which was true but she did not believe the fault was on his hands. It was her own fault. She couldn't control herself and as a result she had hurted someone and scared the living hell out of the woman. God, how was she ever going to face her again? Relectulantly she stands up from the ground though she kept arms wrapped around herself as her nails slightly dig into her upper arms, not breaking the skin yet but being close too.

Cecilia found it funny and adorable that Belial looked so uncomfortable. He looked like a kid trying something new for the first time without knowing if he liked the new thing or not. She giggles softly before nuzzling her nose lovinly against his neck. "Yes, my hubby wubby?"

Yumi chuckles a bit and shrugs. "I know you are not calling me a dumbass." She says before looking at the sky and sighing a bit. She wondered how this world used to be. She has been locked up for so long she had nothing to compare it too. She wished she could have experienced life like a normal person so she could judge for herself if the world was now a better or a worse place. "Is it really that much more crowded than a few years ago?" She asks curiously.

Felicia couldn't help but grin a bit at Mina's words. "I remember them like they were yesterday too. Well, more like I remember your second pregnancy like yesterday." Throughout her first pregancy there had been no troubles, no mood swings, nothing. But when she had Mei in her stomach it was true hell for the people around Mina. No one could forget that. She still pitied poor Souji for having to experience that firsthand and deal with it all.

Riza ofcourse already knew about his dead father and sister, she knew every Yakuza member's profile, but hearing from him that he was actually getting abused like that made her stomach knot. Yes, she did not exactly like Yurichi that much but no one deserved a life like that. And the fact that he was actually so casual about it made it even worse. As if he had stopped caring. "Why don't you leave?...." She asks quietly, actually quite shocked by what he had just told her.

Daliyah agreed that those 4 were peoples biggest desires but some things should just stay untouched. She followed him, looking around a bit, wondering where she was now. It was not Agrahbah anymore, that was certain. Nor did it look like a place nearby. It was much colder here. "I said I gave you three wishes, none more." She says with a slight smile. Really, everyone tried that one. But no. THREE only. She opened her mouth to say something else when her face paled by what he said next. Suddenly a light golden collar appeared around her neck and the leash of it was tied around Virgil's wrist. It glowed for a second before dissapearing. An invisible bond tied them now, making her his slave for the time being. With a sigh she runs a hand through her hair. "Wish granted. Whatever your desires might be in that departure, you will only have to command and I will have to obey... You should be more carefull with your words. When you start with I wish it'll automatically be granted. And be wise with your words. Be precise. The bigger the wish, the bigger the risks." She says as she folds her arms, clearly not happy with the first wish but it was her own fault. She should have explained it clearer.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Great." Valeryia said with a smile as they walked into the classroom. She didn't really remember this subject too much, mostly because she slept through it moat, if not all the time. It was a wonder how she managed to still keep a C in this class because most of the content of it flew right over her head. "And to hell we goooo..." She muttered in a faux cheerfulness before she looked back at Eadlyn and groaned. She hated this class, mostly because the teacher was older than time itself and was very boring. Well, he was ninety four. Still, too old.

A big smile grew onto Gilford's face as he took Ichirou's hand and ran out the exit with him, making sure nobody saw them as they left. When they were outside, he shut the door shut and let out a large sigh, showing his breath on the air as he looked around. It was much brighter out here than in there, much more roomy. "Wanna go get some food or something?" Gilford asked with a shrug. "I'll pay." he said while pulling his wallet out of his pocket and holding it up.

Joseph brought her back to their room and sat down next to his chair as he pulled a glass out from one of the cabinets he could reach over to and set it down before pulling his wine bottle out. It didn't have any label on it and inside was pure red liquid. "This is what I get in as a shipment every week. Fresh blood. Well, blood wine since they mix red wine in it but still. In return for me letting them occupy and take care of my castle, save for the master bedroom which is ours and I only have the key to, they go out in the night and get blood from the people living under my castle, the port town of Bordeaux which has its roots connected to vampire hunters whom originally set up camp there to kill my fathers clan." He said as he poured the wine in her glass. "You asked once why I never gave this to you, right? Well, it's because it's dangerous for humans. You could have caught a disease if you drank this but luckily, since your like me, you are immune to human disease." He said as picked up the glass and moved it over to her.

"Why do you sit like this when you have chairs easily available?" Belial muttered as he nuzzled his nose back against her neck playfully, breathing in a bit and getting her scent in his nose. Her body was very warm on his face he thought as he felt the pure heat radiate from her.

"Yeah, it is." Naomi said as they walked. "The German's and the Chinese, not so much. The wars in their countries ended. It was the American's too, bu most of them that were still in America have stopped contacting us with their radio's. A radiation storm might have gotten them." She said while looking over at a refugee on the street. Their face was burned, scorched black by the nuclear blast. Their hands and feet were as well, and the rest of their skin was tight and pale, their veins popping out clearly. "That's how you tell the American's from the rest. They have the black, nuclear scorch mark." She said, seeing some teens the street who had it too. "I'm not old enough to remember really, but I heard that there were entire boat fulls of orphaned children, their faces still blistered and bleeding. Some were blind from the exposure, the others were so burnt, they had to get skin graphs." She said, not disturbed at all that her grandfather had did this.

"Yeah, I do too." Mina said with her eyes narrowed as she stared out the window, remembering the violent vomiting and mass food craving. Oh, and the occasional crying and screaming. That too. "Too well..." She said quietly, hoping this child would not do that to her.

Yurichi looked up a bit, surprised by her question. "She doesn't really do it anymore but..I know if I leave, she's going to be truly all alone. And then she'll really die because she won't have someone there to remind her to eat, or drink, or to get out of her chair every once and a while.." He said quietly before picking his coffee back up and chugging it. "She's still my mom and as much as I hate what she's been like my entire life, I still love her, just a small small bit." He said, thinking about his own reasoning.

Virgil shrieked as the invisible bond tied them. He tried to literally scratch it off with his nails but it wouldn't disappear. "Goddammit!" He said, grumbling about him using up a wish by accident. "You really should write some sort of handbook for this, you know?" He said, thinking that there were too many details in this to be explained. As they walked he sighed heavily, seeing it begin to snow before taking off his jacket and handing it to her. "It's cold, and you look freezing. Wear it." He said as he felt his skin begin to really pale in the weather, accidentally showing more of his scars off to the world than he really wanted to. "So how am I going to be able to sneak you past my two sisters, mom, step father and like thirty maids?" He asked.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn chuckles at her friend's remark. Yes, this was true hell. She did not mind school or teachers that much at all but this teacher was so old and slow that he really should retire already. Luckily she found the subject rather easy so she didn't even have to pay much attention though she still took notes since she knew Valeryia would fall asleep and she needed those notes to pass. "Sure is close to hell indeed."

Ichirou smiled widely as they exited the school. My god, they were really skipping class! This was so exciting and terryfing at the same time! At Gilford's words he holds up his hands and shakes his head. "No no no. I can't let you pay. I am hungrey but I can't let you pay." It would be very... uhm... Ungentlemanly if he let the girl pay when going out to eat.

Fayline knew what it was even before he had explained, she could smell it. Her mind was still so stressed that she didn't even pay much attention to his words. Slowly she reached out as she picked up the glass and looked at the bloody red wine, her stomach twisting as she did. With a shake of her head she puts it back down. "I am not thirsty..." She says softly which was logical since she had almost sucked her friend dry.

Cecilia giggles and her tails began to sway on the ground as his breath tickled her neck. "Because it is just old habit. In the past there were no chairs in the culture of the country we lived in and we never really changed it." She says with a smile. Actually she liked sitting like this, it brought up some memories.

Yumi followed Naomi's line of sight to see the refugee as well. This was the first time she had seen a person in such a painfull looking state. To believe one man had caused that all. Destroyed so many lives and hurt so many people. She was glad that all was done and over with. "Atleast they have a chance to live here as they want." Though she also knew that could not take the scars away.

Fecilia chuckkles a bit and pats Mina's shoulder. "let us pray that does not happen again, or even better-" She says before looking at Souji. "- you just ask the gods for a nice calm pregnancy." A grin was on her face as she said that.

Souji chuckles a bit as he folds his arms and leans back a bit in his chair. "The gods have blessed me with another child. I can not ask for more. Nomatter what the pregnancy will look like this time, I will endure cry, scream and sleepless night and support my wife the best I can." He says with a wide happy smile.

This may be the first time in a long while Riza was actually... Speachless. She did not understand. How could one endure such abuse and pain and then still be able to do everything for that person, care about that person and even say they loved them? Yes it was his mother but still.... If Takao had been abusing her like that she thinks she could not have had the strength to stay with him. Heck, she would hate him for abusing her but Yurichi, even through the abuse he... Loved his mother. It was a strange concept and it didn't sound realistic but she guessed that is just what true family is, loving eachother unconditionally... Slowly she takes a sip of her coffee, feeling down all of sudden. For what reason she was not sure. Perhaps she felt sad for all the things that had secretly going on in Yurichi's life or perhaps she was just sad for never having experienced that unconditional love to another...

Daliyah tilts her head a bit to the side. A handbook? A full handbook for such few rules? She found it not nescesary at all but still she said. "I will consider that." Her eyes wandered around to her surroundings as she rubs her arms, trying to get atleast a tad bit warmer when Virgil offered her his coat. She blushed a bit, not having experienced alot of kindness and the past few years, as she accepts his offer and puts on his coat. It was very warm and fuzzy and it made her smile as she buried her nose a bit deeper into the coat. "Thank you master Virgil. As for your question, you can always order me to go in or out of my bottle. That way you can take me anywhere you want without people seeing me."
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Ugh. The bell rung and then, the painfully boring class know as history started to begin. The teacher loudly cleared his flem and pushed up his glasses slowly as he began. "I'm here to talk to you all about a certain subject today...the Japanese Empire. I personally remember my days as a young boy there playing and..." And after that, the rest of the noise was drowned out by Valeryia and she fell asleep right next to Eadlyn, hugging her left arm.

"Uhhh....why?" Gilford asked with a raised eyebrow before shaking his head, chuckling a bit and putting his wallet away. "I mean, if you want to pay for me, I'm not gonna stop you." Gilford said with a smile. "I appreciate it." He said.

"Yeah...I understand that..." Joseph said before drinking it himself and setting it down on the table with the other glass. He walked behind Fayline and started to rub her shoulders a bit, sitting down on the bed and pulling her down with him onto his lap as he started to rub her shoulders more. "I know you're a little stressed right now, but please, just release all that and relax with me." He whispered gently into her ear as he massaged her shoulders.

Belial snickered a bit as he watched her tails sway. Sometimes he just found it entertaining to watch her tails sway. Especially when they made the swooshy noise. He found that most entertaining. "Oh yeah, I forgot about that." He said, thinking about the Japanese people and their evil chair cushions. Before his eyes focused back on her swooshing tails. "You seem happy." He said with a grin as he looked up at her, grabbing one of her tails playfully with his hand before letting it go.

"Yumi...there is a reason why that man is homeless..." Naomi said quietly while looking at her before sighing. "Property here is expensive as hell, and the only places they can live in are places like the abandoned district and the very poor region of the southern district." She said. Those were the dirtiest and most desolate places in the city. "They're lucky if they get a decent meal these days, let alone a roof to sleep under.." She said, talking about how rough they had it.

"Have any change?" The man asked Yumi and Naomi as they walked by. His voice was high, but gravelly as well as if the radiation had corroded his vocal cords severely. Naomi just ignored him and tried to keep on walking, not wanting to involve herself with the homeless man.

Mina frowned a little as both the people around her started speaking of the false gods who were undeserving of worship. Prayer, the very idea of it disgusted her. The gods had allowed so many bad things to happen, where she prayed to them and they never came, she could never believe in them again. Or at least pray to them. "Yeah..." She said quietly with a fake smile, slightly uncomfortable. "I hope so too Felicia. Dequan was such an easy pregnancy...I hardly noticed he was there besides the hunger honestly." She said with a small chuckle before looking over at Souji. "And thank you dear." She said before kissing his cheek and smiling. He was still extremely kind and understanding and most of all, patient.

Yurichi sighed a bit, staring down at his empty mug as he thought about things before looking over at Riza, who appeared slightly down. "Hey, are you okay Riza?" He asked, seeing the expression in her face. God, she looked like she was in deep thought. "I didn't freak you out, did I?" He asked, feeling the abyss of insecurity begin to open up now that he knew that she knew his story.

Virgil raised an eyebrow as he looked at the heavily jeweled golden Arabian lamp. "This thing looks really uncomfortable though. I don't think I could sleep well knowing I was cramming you into this thing." He said as he opened it, seeing it there was anything really special about the damn thing. It was just a regular lamp, save for Daliyah and all. "I'll just....uhh...i'll sneak you through the bushes to my room. And I'll just hide you under my blankets." He said, planning this horribly for the sake of not cramming her in a lamp. "Do you eat?" He asked, smelling an arab vendor cooking some lamb and thinking she may like some.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn opened her notebook to take notes when she looked to her left and grinned. Geez, it didn't even take her a while minute to fall asleep but that was nothing new. Luckily the subject this time did actually interest her since it made her ofcourse think about one single person. Takao. Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of seeing him again today. With a smile she continoud to listen and write things down.

Wait wait wait. Hold up. If Ichirou payed, for lunch, Gilford's lunch, when they were out, did that mean that... This could be kinda considered as a date?! It could be right! Was this a date?! He didn't know! He blushes a bit before saying. "I-I-I'll pay. Where d-d-do you want to go e-eat?" He tries to say as normally as possible, clearly it not working at all.

"A little stressed is really not even close to what I am feeling right now." Fayline mumbled as he husband sweetly tried to calm her down and make her feel better. The rubbing did help relax her a tad bit but not much. Her thoughts were just too occupied with what had just happend.

Cecilia squeeled softly in pleasant suprise as he playfully grabbed her tail. As he let it go it even began to sway faster. Only he was may to grab her tails like that. "I am." She says before scooting closer to him and leaning against him. "I am happy to be here with you... I can not imagine being without you." She says quietly before kissing his cheek.

Yumi frowns slightly at Naomi's story. She knew there were homeless people who could not afford houses but she had truly no idea it was this bad. How could she know? She had been islotated from the real world all her life, only knowing the life between the four walls she called her home. When the man walked up to them she actually wanted to give him something but she did not have any money. "I am sorry. I don't have any change." She says apologetically as she follows Naomi.

Souji smiled as she kissed his cheek though he could not help but notice the way her face soured a bit when Felicia had started talking about the gods. That would forever be a touchy subject to the both of them. "You are welcome my dear. But anyway, let's get back to work." He says, reminding both ladies there was still work to be done.

Riza was pulled out of her thoughts by Yurichi who seemed to have noticed her slight change in mood. "I am fine. And no you did not freak me out. You just made me... Think about stuff." She said a tad bit vaguely, not wanting to say what she had been exactly thinking, before finishing her coffee. "We should go back to the market soon." She says, knowing they could not stay away for too long.

Daliyah smiles softly and even giggled a bit as Virgil looked into her lamp, trying to see how she would fit in there. His plan was truly strange. Hiding under a blanket? Sneeking into the house? As if no one would notice that. "Don't worry, the lamp is fine. It is magic. When I go into the bottle I shrink and arrive in a quite comfortable large enough room. It is just that you can not see it with the eye." She explains with a smile, not minding the bottle at all even though being in there for alot of decades did make it a tad bit boring. "No, I don't eat. Sadly." She says with a shrug. As a genie she did not need food nor water though she did miss the taste of it.
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Valeryia luckily unlike the rest of her family, was a silent sleeper. She didn't make a peep while she was out, unlike Gilford who sounded like a fucking French horn in the night. The teacher, continued, and continued, and continued and began to talk about Samurai's, which made Valeryia open one eye before the teacher started to talk about his personal life again, which knocked her out instantly.

"Are you having a seizure?" Gilford asked as he saw practically Ichirou shaking before grinning a little. "Oh, I don't know. Like McDonald's or something." He said, not being stingy in the least bit. He liked fattening and cheap food mostly because his high metabolism allowed him to. "And...you should get that shaking under control." He said as he looked at Ichirou. The poor boy's hand was practically trembling.

"I know honey, but if I said something like 'incredibly stressed' it would have sounded less uh, I'm not sure, soothing." Joseph said quietly while continuing to rub her shoulders. "Fayline, are you ticklish by any chance?" He asked with a small grin, planning to do something devious with the information.

"Me either my dear.." Belial said quietly as he kissed her cheek before he grabbed her tail and let it go. Now that it was moving faster, he could actually hear the swoosh noise, which made him laugh a little bit. He was very easily entertained by her tails. They were so different to him, who did not have tails, that anything with them would honestly be intriguing to him. "Where do you think Shiomi's gigantic tails came from?" Belial asked while wrapping an arm around Cecilia, noticing how Shiomi had bigger tails than Cecilia.

The man looked down and shook his head, going back to the scummy place he called his home, which was literally a tarp tent. "Cantenseelan's don't care about us American's.." He grumbled quietly. "Even though they did this to us.." He said scornfully before sitting back down. Naomi had listened in to him and shook her head, understanding where he was coming from before sighing. "So many people had been destroyed by my grandfather.." She said quietly. "But I can't feel any sorrow for these people. It's strange, but I feel like his blood..it changes how I feel about things. "She said as she raised her arm up and looked at her veins. "It runs through me, his mad blood. Do you think I could possibly go crazy some day as well, like him?" Naomi asked curiously.

Mina nodded and continued working, before shaking her head a little bit at the paper's she was looking at. "The refugee crisis is getting out of hand..." She said quietly before sighing and continuing work. The American's most of them, blamed Cantenseel for what happened and they hated them for it even though it was not their fault.

"I agree." Yurichi said in response to both things, questioning some choices in his life before standing up and stretching. "I'm sorry about my little outburst at the beginning of this. I was just kinda pissed. I know like, the thought of me probably makes your stomach churn, but is this going to be the last time we're going to have one of these, or would you maybe consider another one with me?" He said, asking her if she wanted to go on another date without really asking that.

"What the hell sort of magical room could fit in this thin-" Virgil walked straight into a pole, causing his body to stiffen and fall down like a plank. "Fuck.." Was all he said before getting up and dusting his clothes off. "Anyways, you don't have to eat, right? Can you still eat?" He asked. "I know stuff doesn't go just through you." He said, thinking about his very forceful accidental breast grab as he looked at her. "You've been in the box for say about eh, twenty four years? Litterally as long as I have been alive you've been floating in the ocean in a box. You probably wouldn't mind a meal, right?" He asked.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn giggles softly with one hand infront of her mouth as Valeryia was immediatly KO'd again by the teacher. It was funny. She kept on paying attention for awhile but then she began to lose her concentration. The teacher was boring and the subject was making her think about other stuff. Or more like an other person. Sneakily she takes out her phone and smiles softly as she texts the man who was occupying her mind. "Teacher is telling us about ancient Japanese Samurai's. He is boring but the subject made me think of you. I can't help but imagine you in a Samurai suit at the moment ;)" She knew it sounded cheeky and her cheeks flushed but she quikly sended it to Takao before she could change her mind.

Ichirou quikly hid his hand behind his back to hide the shaking from Gilford. GEEZ! Get a freakking GRIP! He grinned a bit and shrugged. "I'll try. Let's go then!" He says in a way more steady voice than expected as he leads his way to the McDonalds. Not an ideal place for a first, kinda, something like, date but any place was fine with him.

Fayline could hear his teasing tone and it was easy to guess what he was planning. Normally she would have already been trying to run away from him to spare herself the torture of being tickled. But she was not in the mood to laugh. "You know that I am but please just.... Don't." She says quietly.

Cecilia smiles a bit more as she saw her husband's eyes on her tails. Yes she knew he liked them, which is why she always kept them groomed and cleaned to perfection. It was also a pride thing that she took care of her tails like that but because of her husband's affection and attention she just wanted them to be even more than perfect. "Probably from my grandmother on my father's side. Dad used to tell me stories of how big and poofy her tails were." She says as she lays her head on his shoulder and playfully tickles his nose with the tip of one of her tails.

Yumi looks a tad bit hurt as the man spoke like that. It wasn't like she didn't care or so, she really just did not have any money. She couldn't give them somehting she did not have to give. Though she tried to push that out of her mind as she listens to Naomi. Gently she pats the girl's back and smiles a bit. "The blood in you does not decide who you are or what you do. You decide that. So if you don't want to go crazy, you won't." She says reassuringly.

"I know. Also the violence and abuse to these refugees and from them to the Cantenseel people is increasing..." Souji adds to Mina's words. It was clear to them all that they had to do something about this. There wasn't enough food, shelter and money for these people but still they needed to help. The people are getting restless thanks to not seeing any results yet and in truth they havn't figured out a way to solve this crisis yet.

Riza stood up as well before leaving the cafe together with Yurichi and heading to the black market. She thought about his words. Her stomach wasn't churning as bad as she thought it would have and she guessed it hadn't been a big disaster or so. They have just... Talked. And she had actually got quite some insight in what kind of person Yurichi really was. All he was in the beginning was some scummy clumpsy boy who should leave but for the first time she had actually gotten some story behind that clumpsy boy. Would she want to go out with him again?.... "I'll consider it." Was all she said even though this really meant she would perhaps go out with him again.

Daliyah flinched as her new master his a pole, sadly being to late to warn him and stop him. But at his reaction she had to bite her lip to keep herself from laughing. He was kinda funny. His reactions most of all. At his question she simply shrugs. "Those years paced like a blink of the eye. And I do not know if I can eat. In my time as a genie I have never eaten a thing nor did I felt the desire or urge to do so. I live from wishes, not foods." She says with a soft smile.
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Takao was at his desk, playing poker on his computer to play the time before Eadlyn texted him, making him lose his concentration and lose the game. "Ah mother of fucking god!" Takao said before grabbing onto his computer monitor and lifting it up before using one hand to hold it. "You piece of- Oh, it's Eadlyn." He said after checking it. He sat the monitor down then responded with. "That's very dirty you know, to be thinking about that in class ;)" He texted teasingly with a grin before sending it. "Oh man..." He said to himself before looking at his monitor. Thank god Eadlyn had been the one to text him because he had been literally seconds away from smashing the damn thing.

Gilford stuck his hands in his pocket and walked with Ichirou, not shivering in the least bit from the outside weather. "You know, I could create a really big blizzard right here, if I wanted to." He said while looking around outside. "The thing is though is that I wouldn't be able to stop it, sadly." He said with a small chuckle before looking to the side.

Joseph nodded before resting his head on her shoulder. She obviously wasn't feeling well at all. "You're alright Fayline..." He said quietly but softly while lightly rocking both of them back and forth while he rubbed the back of her head a bit.

"Those surely must have been poofy then if there was stories told about those tails." Belial said, chuckling a bit before running one of his hands through her tails. He liked touching them. After all, it usually did take 15 minutes for her to get them all nice and pretty in the morning, so, he liked to make those 15 used up minutes worth it. "What are we eating today?" He asked, whispering in her ear. Her nose was much better than his, so maybe she'd get a whiff.

"Actually, I heard a lot of the Nagachika's were pretty crazy. I'm serious. Grandfather told my mom stories about how our family is the ones that killed Satan's first wife and are the ones that ended the final great demonic war." Naomi said, sounding pretty proud of that fact. "Even my uncle is...pretty up there. And the government uses his old research to power the city, so that's saying something" She said, thinking about Hei blowing stuff up. "I don't know anything about grandma's side. I bet I should ask sometime." She thought outloud before looking at the sky again. A nice flock of birds flew by above, making her think about things. How it was to have a family like that. Two tears streamed down her cheeks without her even knowing as she looked back down. She'd never have that.

"And the other countries don't want them so...we're all they have..." Mina said with a sigh. "Maybe we should let those civilian contractors build that...that couple mile addition to the city the were thinking. You know, for farmland and like a small village to have the farmers over there? Why don't we just send the American's over there and have them like, farm? They'd be away from people, they'd have a village of their own and they'd be growing their food." She said before shrugging slightly. "It's just a thought for a the future." She said before smiling.

Yurichi tried to hide the gigantic smile that was growing on his wife, but he couldn't. "Sweet, I'm glad to hear that." He said before trying really hard to get rid of it. Goddammit he couldn't and it was making him look dorky as hell. "Thanks for going on this with me, by the way, even if I was a prick in the beginning." He said with a smile.

"Well, let's see if we can get something other than wishes in your stomach." Virgil said before blinking twice, realizing how wrong that sounded. "And I mean food, by the way." He clarified before realizing that could be bad too. "I mean food from this stand." He said before buying a lamb leg from the arab vendor. Yes, and entire cut off and roasted lamb leg. Virgil took a bite, thinking it tasted pretty good before nudging Daliyah a bit. "Try." He insisted with a grin.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn smiled as she almost got an immediate reaction from Takao and she softly bites her lip as she reads his text. She guessed it was indeed a tad bit dirty. "I can't help myself. Thinking about you like that is just way more interesting." She replies with a grin. Dear god, she really couldn't wait to see him tonight again. Though it felt strange how quikly she got attached to him.

A big blizzard did not sound very tempting to Ichirou's ears. Especially since he already found it cold enough outside. "Let's not do that then." he says with a small laugh as they enter the oh so known fast food restraunt. Ichirou ordered a small menu since he never really had such a huge appetite and waited for Gilford to order as well so he could pay for it all for them.

Fayline closed her eyes as Joseph softly rocked them. She found the moving a tad bit soothing for some reason though it did not take her thoughts off of the events that had happend nor did it take her thougts away from the taste of the blood. It had tasted so good... But her stomach turned at the same time as she thought that. She clenches her fists tightly as she leans her head a bit more against Joseph.

Cecilia giggles a bit and nods. She had seen a drawing of her grandmother once. Those tails had been huge indeed and all the stories were true. At Belial's question she closes her eyes and sniffs the air. "Hmmm, I think daddy is cooking up a traditional Japanese lunch. Rice, fish, some vegetables. Nothing very special but it always tastes good when he makes it. Not as good at To-" She quikly coughed and cleared her throat to stop that name from leaving her mouth. "Dad isn't the best cook in the world but it still tastes good." She says, trying to cover her almost mistake up.

Yumi's eyes widen a bit at Naomi's words. Killed Satan's first wife? Holy shit. She could easily guess that the Nagachika's weren't very popular then both in the human and demon realm. But it was also true that the research done by them has been incredibly usefull still. She opened her mouth to speak when she saw the tears run down her friend's cheeks. "Hey.... You alright?" She asks worriedly though it was clear that she wasn't.

Souji smiled softly at Mina's plan. They all had been discussing this matter a couple of times and that always sounded like a solution. But still it would cost a lot of money, growing food will take time, there wasn't place for all of the refugees and they still needed to focus on health care and scolarships. Not every refugee was fit to work nor did they have the wits and smarts to do so. They needed alot of guidance and that would take time and money which they were both running out of. "I know honey. We just.... Need to think things through more."

Riza notcied the way he was grinning and raises one eyebrow. Had she made him this happy by just saying she would consider going out with him again? Judging by the look on his face she guessed she did. And the way he was smiling caused her to smile a tad bit as well. "You're welcome and it's okay...." After a short while they arrived at the entrance of the black market but instead of entering she stopped infront of the door. There was just one thought she couldn't shake out of her mind... Why the fuck not. With a soft smile she puts her hand into her pocket and takes a pair of keys out, her motorcycle keys. "Here-" She says as she tosses the keys at Yurichi. "- it is the black sports one with the deep purple linings. Take good care of it." And just like that she handed over the motorcycle people knew she was always so carefull with.

Daliyah giggles softly at Virgil's words. His mind was kinda all over the place she got the feeling. When he offered her the lambs leg she couldn't help but smile a bit more. It smelled like what her mother used to make. She didn't feel hunger but she did want to taste it. So without hesitation she takes the lambs leg and leans down to bite into it when an excruciating pain in her stomach made her collapse onto her knees before she had the time to take a bite. You shall fullfill the desires of others while never fullfilling your own. That cursed voice from the man that had cursed her. Reminding her once again her do's and don'ts. She guessed even this counted as a desire for her own. Slowly the pain dissapeared and she forced herself to smile up at Virgil. "I guess I truly can't eat." She says, trying to make the situation as light as possible.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Takao chuckled a bit at her response while blushing, before he noticed a protrusion coming from his pants. "You certainly leave a man to his imagination in your own way." He texted with a grin and he put his hand on his protrusion and pressed down, slipping it down so it would be down, although he did was to rub it a bit. "I can't wait to see you tonight." He said with a small grin as his heart started beating a little faster.

"That one please." Gilford said, pointing literally to the biggest burger in the place. That boy had an iron stomach. "It looks good." He almost said with a hungry growl. After the cashier put in the code for the burger, Gilford almost started panting out, ready to eat.

Joseph moved his hands over to Fayline's clenched fists and rubbed them both a little with his thumbs, making them loosen a bit before he slid his hands in and intertwined his fingers with both of her hands as he nuzzled the side of her face, still rocking them a bit. "It's okay Fayline. You're alright, so is everyone else." He said quietly. "It's not going to happen again, so don't worry..." He said quietly before kissing her cheek. "Maybe you should just occupy your mind with something else..." He suggested before he poked her tummy, telling her indirectly to 'Think about the possible pregnancy'

Belial's eyes narrowed a bit as he heard the 'To' come out of her mouth but it softened when she retracted. "Yeah, well, i'll enjoy it probably." He said with a grin before nuzzling Cecilia. "And it's okay, I noticed your slip up but it's okay." He said before rubbing her ears a bit. "So, do you feel impregnated yet?" He asked, poking her stomach. She usually could sense that sort of stuff pretty well.

Naomi nodded her head and sniffed, not realizing she had been crying until now. "Yes just...looking at the family of birds.." She said quietly. "It makes me jealous, kinda. Because I know I can never have that...a loving father...or a family that is all together..." She said quietly before wiping her tears away. "I'm fine. I really am, I just get sensitive sometimes I guess." She said before sighing.

"I know Souji...I know.." Mina said quietly before sighing a bit and getting back to work. "We just need to get the crime cleaned up so we can start actually using the money for the military and police towards other things..." She said before sighing deeply, knowing that crime was a lot of the reason things were tight around Cantenseel.

Yurichi caught the keys quickly, not even realizing what just happened before his jaw actually dropped. "Y-You're giving me your bike?" Yurichi asked, almost in disbelief. "I don't know what to say except..." He said, looking down at the ground before the biggest smile actually came to his face, revealing his always hidden, shiny white teeth that were wrapped in braces out to the world or at least to Riza. Nobody knew he had braces besides her now. "Thank you." He said excitedly before giving Riza a tight hug. "I can't believe you would do this for me but..thank you." He said quietly. "You're awesome. No, really, you are. You're the best." He said with a grin, letting her go as he realized he was squeezing her to death probably.

Virgil winced a bit as he saw that, feeling horrible for her. He wanted to help but...wait, he could. "Could I reverse you being a genie? So you could eat again?.." He asked before rubbing his head. "Would it be possible for me to wish you to be able to eat again? Or better yet, to be free?" He asked, feeling bad for her.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn giggles softly at the response she got. Her dad would be so pissed at these texts even though they were still rather harmless. As she bites her lip again she texts back. "I want to see you so badly." Which was very very true.

Ichirou's eyes widen a bit. Wow. That one was huge. They didn't have to wait long for their order to be done and Gilford's burger was almost three times the size of his. Geez, she had a huge appetite. He picks up the tray and walks to a table before sitting down. He smiles at Gilford. "Well, let's dig in then." Though he was sure, judging by the way Gilford was looking, he did not need to say that.

Fayline knew her sweet husband was trying his best to console her but it simply was not working since she did not find his words to be true. It was not alright. That maid is not alright. It could happen again so she couldn't just stop worrying. With a small sigh she softly rubs her stomach, knowing she should look at the bright side but she felt too guilty to do that.

Cecilia tensed a bit at his words but sighed in relief as he said it was okay. Geez, she should be more carefull with that now. At his question she pouts a bit as her ears flatten on her head. "Not yet. No baby in there yet. So you have work to do." She says with a grin, causing some of her sisters nearby to giggle as they heard her words.

Yumi reaches out and gently pats Naomi's head. She knew all too well what the girl was feeling since she had felt like that at times before. She had been lucky to find a new great family but sadly Naomi hadn't been that lucky... "I know it is not the same but... You can be part of my family if you want. I'll be your sister..." She suggests carefully with a small smile, not knowing how she would react.

Souji nods in agreement. If they cleaned up the crime than there would be space, time and money for the things needed more. But how could they reduce crime at such a fast pace... Perhaps he should take contact with Renald again. Together with Rex, he might have an idea on how to handle things. He wrote it down as a reminder for himself to call Renald later.

Riza smiled softly as she saw the look of disbelief on his face. Yeah, she couldn't really believe it either. But then her eyes widened a tad. Hold up, he had braces? Why hadn;t she seen it before? Perhaps he has never smiled like that before so she couldn't have noticed. But then she was pulled out of her thoughts by Yurichi, almost crushing her ribs and breaking her back with his hug. Dear god, how could such a scrawny guy be this strong?! She actually coughed a bit as he released her. "Yeah yeah it's fine. Just don't get suddenly touchy or squeeze me to death." She says as she finally got a full breath.

Daliyah's eyes widened at his words. He would... Do that for her? He was thinking about that? No one has ever asked her anything like that. No one cared enough but he... "You would... Really do that for me? For a stranger? A genie who's only living puporse is to fullfill wishes?..." Oh how badly she wanted him to wish for her freedom. It was the only thing she wanted. Out of this world. But she knew it would never be a reality. "Though I appreciate your thoughts, it would never work.... I can only fulfill the desires of others. Not being a genie anymore is my own biggest desire so it can never come true. I am bound to this life. And besides, it is a very grant wish, it could turn out disasterously wrong." She says with a small sad smile though she tried to quikly changed that into a normal smile. "So just focus on what you want, Master Virgil"
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Takao bit his lip a bit himself as he read the text message. "Oh my." He said to himself before he texted back. "Me as well. This time I'll make sure that you won't throw up." He texted her and sent before he started chuckling, pretty happy with all that was going on.

"Gladly. Thank you for the burger." Gilford said nicely before pulling the rapper of the burger and digging in, taking large barbarian like bites out from the burger, actually managing to bite out singular chunks with his mouth. Soon, the burger was half done and Gilford looked a bit fatter, with his stomach popping out. "Argh..." He groaned out. "So much..." He groaned out a bit.

Joseph continued to have his head on Fayline's shoulder, closing his eyes and continuing to rock them, humming some really old and ancient folk song that was stuck in his head as he rocked them both. "Tomorrow will be a better day, so just think about that." He said optimistically as he placed one of his hands on her stomach and rubbed it a little.

Belial blushed furiously as he heard her sisters giggle a little, making him feel weird butterflies in his stomach. Probably from embarrassment. "Well don't worry, we'll be working on that very very soon." Belial said before gulping a bit and forcing his blush to actually fade away before he fake coughed. "And I'll make sure you get many this time." He said while poking her stomach before moving his hand over to one of her tails and playfully grabbing it, playing a game of 'can you escape?' with her tail.

Naomi stood silent, looking back at Yumi, not knowing how to react before smiling. "I'd love to." She said quietly, taking it in a mature manner before she continued walking. "Come on, we came here to walk, didn't we?" She asked with a small side smirk as she motioned for Yumi to follow.

Mina nodded, thinking of ways this could be done. She realized however she wasn't finishing her current work at hand before continuing on, pushing the other things out of her mind as she worked diligently. That was a very good trait of hers, which was the ability to work for a long time.

Yurichi raised his hands in the air, showing he wasn't going to touch her. "Don't worry about that. I'm usually too afraid to touch you." He admitted with a small chuckle before rubbing the back of his head as he looked at the black doors of the black market. "So, back to work we go." He said before biting his lip, waiting for Riza to talk the first step down to the market.

"That is something I want though." Virgil said before smiling a bit. "I want to help the people who truly need it, even if it is one person at a time. Because I inside hurt, and I don't want others to feel like me.." He said before raising his finger. "I'll use the one wish I'll use for myself first though." He said before breathing in. "I wish to be able to speak and see my father, once a day, for fifteen minutes at a time of my choosing, which I will choose by using the phrase for the rest of my life." He said, making the wish extremely specific. Suddenly, after wishing that, his vision started to blur with blinding light. Something horrible was happening to him. In the spirit realm, Tiras's barrier that was holding him in there was starting to crack. He put his hand against it, only for him to see it shatter apart and lead to a purely white room. Virgil's eyes rolled back into his head and he fell against the ground, his head smashing lightly against the concrete, making his head bleed a little and forming a tiny little pool on the ground.

Virgil opened his eyes, seeing himself in a white room. Was he dead? Where was he? It took him a minute to realize that the wish was in effect and that he was in the spirit realm. He turned behind him, only to see a face he felt like he had known his entire life. The man had long silvery hair and heterochromatic eyes that were yellow and blue. He was skinny, and had a long face. He had long fingers as well, and he wasn't that tall. He looked tired and older, maybe in his early fifties and looked as if he had been through many battles. "......"

Tiras stared back at Virgil, not saying a word. Time seemed to pass as they stared at each other before moving some loose hairs out of his face. "...Son?" He asked Virgil. "Are you a hallucination?..." He asked, having seen too many before.

"I....I am real." Virgil said quietly, almost not even knowing how to react now that he was seeing his actual father.

"You look so much like you mother.." Tiras said before sniffing a bit, walking closer to Virgil, putting has hand on his face and touching it, having tears come to his eyes as he realized the was truly the first time he had ever touched his son. "Virgil...I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am I...I wasn't there for you...and Remi...and...and Louisa..." He said quietly, knowing to a small degree how she was. "I never...I..." Tears fell down his face even more as he spoke.

"Dad..." Virgil said quietly, feeling him back as well, truly feeling him for the first time as well. "It's okay.....you died for us, I don't...I don't blame you." He said, feeling all the rage and anger he had possibly wanted to unleash on his father instantly drain away as he saw his fathers tears of regret. He opened his arms wide and hugged Tiras, crying a bit himself now as he hugged his father back. "I'm sorry father, I'm not that man you probably wanted me to be.." He said while crying. "I know, I'm weak, and a sorry excuse for a son, and I wish I could have been more but.."

"You are my son, and you are exactly perfect in my eyes." Tiras said as he squeezed Virgil. "You are not a sorry excuse for a son, you are a strong man, and you have the best traits of your mother in you. You are all a father could have wished for, and after twenty years of not seeing you, I am just glad I can see you." He said, still not letting go, as Virgil was not either.

Virgil cried a bit more himself, listening to his father. His father really was the caring and understanding man his mother had told him about. "Mother wasn't lying when she told me about you..." He said quietly with a small sob.

"Of course not...." Tiras said before wiping Virgil's tears away. "By the way, when you get home, play this song for your mother, it'll bring her good memories." He said before leaning in and whispering the name of the dance song he put on for when he first danced with Felicia. "How are you here anyways?.." Tiras asked.

"Long story, but I have a genie, and I get to see you fifteen minutes a day..." Virgil said quietly. "Which is almost up.." He said while looking down.

Tiras let Virgil go, smiling as he patted his back. "It's okay Virgil...i'll be here tomorrow." he said while waving at Virgil.

Virgil smiled back, waving as suddenly everything went black again and he woke up, seeing Daliyah right above him, possibly trying to wake him up or see what's wrong. "Huh?..." He said, completely dazed from the fall although remembering what had happened.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn giggles a bit louder this time but luckily the teacher was stupid and too engrossed in his own story to notice the small disturbance. Not trowing up this time did sound nice. But it wasn't really a point she had minded very much. Even though she had trown up and had felt awfull, the date had still ended pretty well. "Sounds like a plan to me. Eager to see where we are going and what we are going to do this time. ;)" She sends it but then blushes fiercely. Oh. That sounded very dirty actually even though she did not mean it like that.

Ichirou chuckles as he saw Gilford tear into the burger. Man, she really was hungrey he guessed. He, as politely as he could since he did not want to be seen as a gross icky guy, began to eat his burger as well though he was not such a fast eater as Gilford. At his comment he chuckles again. "Well, it is a rather big burger."

Fayline slowly moved her hand over his, gently holding it as he rubbed her stomach. She really hoped tomorrow would be better indeed. They could use some peace after these days. "I hope so." She says as she closes her eyes again.

Cecilia blushes as well and bites her lip as she giggles softly, her ear perking up a bit. Boy, that sounded good. Both the sound of them doing the thing very soon and the sound of having lots of children this time. She would love a triplet though she wondered if Belial would live through three little foxes, dashing around the house at the same time. Hell, Belial will probably survive though Rex might not. As he grabbed her tail she tries to escape his grip, it not really working out for her as she growled playfully.

Yumi actually sighed a bit in relief before smiling and following Naomi. She was glad since she had been afraid Naomi would react badly to it or so. "Actually, I thought we came here to escape those two idiots who are staying in the house." She said with a small grin.

Riza couldn't stop the grin from forming on her lips. Good, he should be afraid to touch her. They all should be. She felt more powerfull and in some way safer if they were afraid. "Back to work indeed. I guess I will see you around then." She says with a slight smile before opening the big doors and walking in to the place where she partly she had grew up.

Daliyah smiled softly at Virgil. He was a very kind man. She didn't have much noble or nice masters but this one was one of the nicer ones, actually wanting to use a wish to help others instead of going for his own desires. It was a very knightly thing to do. As he specifically said his wish she smiled more. Good, he was learning. And she snapped her fingers to grant his wish. Her mouth opened to speak but then her eyes widened in shock and terror as her master's eyes rolled back and he landed hard on the concrete. A strangled suprise sound escaped her mouth as she kneels down next to him. He was not dead. She knew that or else she would not be there anymore. Then what in the world did she do? "M-Master Virgil? Please s-say something." She says as she gently shakes his body but in vain. Wait, he said fifteen minutes. So that meant it would be alright in fifteen minutes? She prayed so. She takes off the coat he had given her and gently but most of all carefull puts it under his head. Minutes passed and still no reaction or no signs of waking up. But then, thank the gods, he slowly began to open his eyes. A huge wave of relief hits her as she smiles slightly down at him, trying not to show how shaken up she had been. "Wish granted..." She says quietly
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Takao widened his eyes a bit as he saw the text, blushing furiously himself before texting "I guess we will see ;)" back before the blush became worse as he realized how horrible that really sounded. "God I am a pervert..saying such things to a school girl." He said before chuckling a bit, not disturbed at all.

"Not anymore." Gilford said with a smirk as he looked at the half burger, which had now looked like as if a bear had mauled it. "I made sure of that." He said before taking a couple more bites. "How does yours taste?" He asked with his mouth partially full before swallowing, a bulge visibly going down his throat as it went down.

Joseph stayed silent with Fayline, just being there with her as they both slowly rubbed her tummy. He was excited, excited to feel the emotion he felt with Eadlyn again. It was so exciting, but frightening, and he liked it a lot. "I love you Fayline." He said before kissing her cheek.

Belial growled back playfully as he loosened his grip a bit, making her think he was going to let her go before he tightened it at the last second, not letting her move a single centimeter away. "Nope nope." Belial said with a grin before letting her go free, chuckling a bit as he saw her tail sway quickly in response. He sighed out a bit before chuckling a bit again. "This is one of the reasons why I'm not married to a royal demon." He said before kissing her cheek. "Among many other reasons that I cannot say in front of your father." He whispered in her ear so only she could here.

Naomi giggled a bit, nodding her head at what Yumi said. "They truly are idiots." She said before she saw a thing about Seth pop up on a monitor they had outside. "Whoa.." She said as she read it. 'CONTACT POLICE IF YOU SEE THIS MAN. SETH ROMANOV. REPEAT, SETH ROMANOV. HE IS WANTED FOR THE MURDER OF 11 PEOPLE AT THE HOSPITAL TERRORISM ATTACKS YESTERDAY." It read, making her gasp a little as she finished. "Could he really do that?..." She asked. "The rock lover?" She said, looking at the photo they had of him which was his school photo. He had a big goofy grin, with his hair in a ponytail and with a nice white dress shirt on. Oh how he had fallen so with his greasy long hair, dirty bloodstained shirt that was now partially sliced thanks to Louisa and his psychotic grin.

Yurichi got to position, still very happy about his date with Riza as he waited. He flipped his knife, not even dropping it once as he flipped it. He watched Riza walk by him as he had gotten to position first, a rather shady looking man with tattoo's that weren't of his clan following her. That's when he realized that man was of the clan Takao had destroyed. He pointed his knife, and just as the man had actually started to pull out a gun to shoot Riza, Yurichi stabbed him in the wrist, making the man scream as he was smacking Riza in the back on the head with the gun, accidentally failing to knock her out although making her hit the ground and dropping it. Yurichi then punched the man in his face with his free hand, only to get punched back, only much, much harder. Yurichi went blank for a moment, giving the man the chance to pick both of them up, throwing Yurichi through a stand, making him smack his head against the wall. The man pulled the knife out of his wrist and walked over to Yurichi, the crowds being too big for the other guards to shoot at him as he prepared to kill Yurichi with his own knife.

"Well you're a pretty face to wake up to." Virgil admitted as he go up, staggered a bit as he saw the coat he was letting Daliyah wear on the ground for his head. "Aww, thank you. But you must be cold honestly now." He picked up the jacket and wrapped it across her shoulders, buttoning it up for her as he smiled, although the throbbing pain was real. "The wish worked by the way, I met my father...and...it was...different. I can definitely see why Remi is so nice, and way Louisa looks like the way she does." He said before rubbing his eyes, yawning a bit. "Didya miss me?" He asked playfully while raising an eyebrow and chuckling a bit. Then, he saw his lamb leg on the ground and groaned a bit. Dammit he dropped his lunch.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn blushed furiously as well as she got his text back. Her hearts started to pound a bit faster as she got even more excited for the date tonight. Though she was glad her dad couldn't see these texts, he would've killed Takao for sure after reading these. She was about to text somehting back when the bell rang, lunch break. With a smile she gently shakes Valeryia. "Val, it's lunch break. Wake up."

Annelise made her way towards the cafeteria, a small blush on her cheeks and a smile on her face. Normally she would always pay attention in class because she needed it but this time it had been different. In first period she had sat down in the back of class next to Fillian, even though she didn't know exactly why, and throughout half of the class they had been passing notes to just talk. It had been fun. Sadly she didn't have second period with him but they have promised eachother to meet up at lunchtime.

Ichirou chuckles at Gilford's words. Really, that girl had exactly the kind of humor he liked. The thought made him blush as he bites into his burger. At the question he quikly chews and swallows before answering. "Tastes great! Better than the cafeteria food." He says with a wide grin.

Fayline gently reached up and ran her fingers softly across his jawline. "I love you too, Joseph." She said quietly before slowly leaning up and giving him a soft kiss. It warmed her heart a bit even though her thoughts were still troubled. It felt good to know he would be there with her forever through all the hardships. He really was the rock she could lean on.

When Cecilia thought she had managed to get her tails free she grinned widely but then pouted as he grabbed it again. No fair. Though when he let it go she purred and softly rubbed her cheek against his. She blushed a bit at his words and giggles before kissing his cheek back in return. "Are royal demons that boring?" She asked curiously. Belial was the only royal demon she has ever met and he was not boring or stoic at all but she heard some stories about royals that even got her tails on edge.

Yumi grinned but it quikly dissapeared as she saw Seth's face pop up with such news under it. He was the hospital shooter? He killed all those people? That idiot? Well, she guessed it could be true. He was not only an idiot but his eyes said maniac as well. It took only so little for people to snap and kill. "He probably could. He probably has done it." She says with a slight shrug. Though now she knew she should not be fooled by his idiotic behaviour and she should pay closer attention to him.

Riza had no clue of what was going to happen till she heard a man's scream behind her, though before she had the chance to turn around she felt something hard hit the back of her head, knocking her down. Her whole vision blurred and twisted but she was still concious although she felt extremely dizzy and nauseous. She felt herself being picked up and then she heard something crash through one of the stands. Slowly she lifted her head up, it feeling like a there was a huge weight strapped on her head, to see what was going on when her eyes widened. It was Yurichi. And the man who was carrying her was walking towards him, his intentions clear. As quikly as she could she reacted. Her armory gloves began to glow as she puts them on the man, shooting electricity into his body to stun him. Using this oppertunity she pushed herself out of the man's grip before landing on her feet infront of the man. She grabbed a small device out of her pocket which began to glow and turned into the battle staff she always fought with, the tip of it a razor sharp blade. She twirled the staff around at amazings peed and without hesitation sliced through the man's troath.

Daliyah had heard words like that a million times before. Men always told her how pretty, gorgeous or beautifull she was. Always with deeper intentions. But somehting in the way he said it made it sound really genuine, causing her to blush. "I am fin-" She started but before she had time to finish he had already wrapped the coat around her again. He truly was a gentle soul. Her eyes softened a bit as she smiled. "As much as a genie can miss her master." She said, not truly saying how terrified she had been when he had collapsed.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia grumbled loudly, not really caring and wanting to go back to sleep before her stomach growled loudly. "Goddammit." She said before standing up, stretching a bit with a small embarrassed blush. "Goodmorning. Or afternoon or whatever." She said while putting her backpack on and rubbing her eyes. "Did I miss anything interesting?" She asked with a yawn.

Raiden had his collar popped down on his jacket, not hiding his face and showing off his scars to the world, making people avoid him as if he had the plague, which was good. He was doing something on his phone while walking that he'd rather have nobody see. He was researching background data on Fillian and his entire family. You know, just in case he'd need it. He sat at the end of the table, pretending to be focused of his phone. He split his attention half and half, paying attention to Annelise and his phone.

Louisa on the other hand was sitting alone at her table, although she had invited Leia to sit back over with her and even though she did not like that, those too slimeballs were the closest thing she had to any other friends besides Annelise. Leia sat first, having a large pile of food with her. "Heya, hows it going?" Leia asked. "Did you miss me?"

"No not really." Louisa said with a rather serious expression.

Leia blinked a few times before her lip quivered a bit and she broke out laughing, thinking Louisa had probably been joking.

Gilford chewed up more of his burger, nodding his head. Cafeteria food did suck, badly. He could have sworn one of the lunch ladies were blind due to the way everything there was all slopped together and unevenly cooked. "It's unhealthy but good." He said with his mouth full.

Joseph smiled a bit and kissed her back, softly, doing it for quite a while before he pulled away and rubbed her back a bit with a smile. "You wanna nap Fayline? To try and see if some sleep would do you some good?" He asked, worried about her still but also wanting to sleep a little himself.

Belial gave a bit of an awkward shrug. "They aren't....but they are at the same time, if you know what I mean." He said before rubbing his nose. "It might just because I grew up with them, but what they do for entertainment gets boring after a while." He said before shrugging again, grinning as he nuzzled Cecilia a bit, putting his face against her warm neck. "You're just more fun than any of them could be. Your squeaky voice, fuzzy tails, personality and animal instincts all make you better than them." He leaned into her ear. "Among other things I imagine." He whispered before pulling away.

Naomi rubbed the back of her head, still in disbelief before she realize that technically, she was a killer too because of her father and all. "I guess it happens to the best of us, huh?..." She said before she stopped rubbing the back of her head and shrugged. "Want to continue walking?" She asked.

Yurichi sat against the wall in a gaze, seeing things as they went down. Takao had came out of his room and had ordered the market to be closed as he accessed the situation. In the end, he decided to put the summoning call out for criminals who were wanting to rob a bank, wanting to finally destroy the Yakuza's final frontier as he took the attempted murder on Riza where seriously. He looked at Riza and had asked her if he had done anything to try and help the man kill her. "Ugh..." He said and he tried to open his eyes a bit more before he got off of the stand, limping a bit from a knife that had stabbed into his leg that was on the stand.

"Well I'm just going to assume that means a lot, to make myself feel better." Virgil said before chuckling a bit, liking actually hanging out with Daliyah. He picked up the lamp which he had dropped and stretched a bit, groaning and popping his joints. Being unconscious sucked. "You look adorable in the big jacket by the way." Virgil said with a slight snicker while he continued to start walking again, thinking it was cute seeing her, who was a bit smaller than him in his large jacket.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
"Afternoon." Eadlyn said with a grin before standing up and slinging her backpack over her shoulder. "Not really. The story about samurai's was interesting but the rest was a bore. I made some notes for you but after awhile I got.... Occupied with somehting else." She says with a slight blush. "Come, let's go find Shiomi." She says as she leaves the classroom.

Annelise walked into the cafeteria and looked around, finding Louisa sitting at their table. She smiles as she makes eye contact with her friend before waving and walking over. But when she was halfway there she saw a certain pink haired boy walk her way, causing her to pause in her walking and blush a bit.

Fillian smiles a bit as he sees the shy sweet girl he had got to known more today and stops infront of her, his hands in his pockets. "Hey Annelise." She simply smiled and waves slightly as her blush deepend. He hadn't noticed it before but she did that alot though he guessed she was just that shy around people. "A friend of mine already found a table. Care to join us this lunch?" He asks as he motions at the table Dequan and Mei were already sitting. Immediatly he saw the hesitation in her eyes. Softly he chuckled and patted her head. "Don't worry, they won't bite. They are nice people. Nicer then me I can say." He says as he chuckles more. "You can decide wether you want to join us or not. I can understand if you just want to sit with your friends. But you can always come to us as well. If you don't come sit with us, see you in next period then." He said with a smile before walking to his table.

A soft sigh escaped Annelise's lips. Strange. She didn't even had to say a word and he completely understood. She actually wanted to go sit with him but there were two things holding her back. Those other people at the table and Louisa. She continous her way to Louisa's table though she could not help but glance at Fillian as well. As she arrived at her friend's table she smiles. "Hey Louisa."

"It is." Ichirou replied with a wide grin as he finished his burger and started drinking his ice cold milkshake. Sadly, it was colder than expected and he drank a bit too quikly, causing his brain to freeze. "KYA! Brain freeeeeze!" He said dramatically as he holds his head in his hands. He was not exaggerating, it really hurted alot.

Fayline thought for a second before nodding. A nap sounded nice and maybe it would calm her down more and clear her head. She kicked off her shoes and lets down her hair before crawling into the bed, pulling her husband with her as she cuddled against him, using him as her own body pillow.

Cecilia tilted her head to the side. They aren't but they are? No she did not understand. But she decided not to ask because she was afraid the explaination would be even more confusing. Though she smiles widely at his compliments as her tails swayed happily. She giggled and kisses his cheek. "You are such a naughty prince." She says while giggling more.

It did happen to the best of them. Even the best people could become killers and the worst people could become victims. It was a weird twisted world where justice just not seemed to exist and karma always got to the wrong people. The ones who did not deserve to go to hell went there and the hellish dogs walked to stairs to heaven. It was twisted. Yumi was so deep in thought that she jumped a bit as Naomi's voice. "Oh, yeah." She says as she continous to walk.

Riza looked down at the now dead man's body. Just great, another casuality. Though luckily Takao reacted quikly like the Boss he was. "Yurichi tried to protect me. He had nothing to do with the attack" She immediatly said, not wanting Takao to blame or suspect Yurichi from anything. As she heard Yurichi trying to stand up she quikly walked over, wrapping Yurichi's arm around her shoulders to help him stand. "Let's get you to a chair." She said with a more caring voice then expected from her as she helped him sit down in a nearby chair. She looked at the knife in his leg, it looked rather painfull and it was twisted deeply into it. "We need to get a docter for this.... How are you holding up?' She asked him.

Daliyah blushed brightly at his comment. This master had the urge to bomb her with compliments for no reason. Which felt strange but flattering. Quikly she followed him as she rolled up the sleeves of the coat a bit. Yes it was a rather large coat. "You have already used two of the wishes, rather quikly. Take your time to decide the last one." She said, both wanting him to really think deeply about it and not wanting to dissapear already. After he did his final wish she would be sucked back into the lamp till the next master found her and honestly, she did not want to leave yet.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia groaned a bit as she left the classroom with Eadlyn, her eyes a bit sensitive to the light. "Were you texting your boyfriend?" She asked with a yawn while rubbing her eyes, seeing it being clearly obvious with Eadlyn's blushing and all. Suddenly, she felt herself accidentally walk into something that was large, poofy and...and.."Achoo!" Valeryia said as she quickly sneezed into her hand before Shiomi turned around.

"Oh, hey you two." Shiomi said with a smile, still overjoyed from what had happened today. "How was class?" She asked.

"Hey." Louisa said with a frown before forcing herself to smile, not wanting to give away what she had in plan for Fillian. God did she want to smack Annelise too for even talking to Fillian in her jealous rage but she was being at least calm, so she was not. She wasn't saying too much though still, showing Annelise she was still pissed.

"Soooooooo, I see you talking to that boy." Leia said before winking. "You into the Asian persuasion Annelise?" She asked bluntly before winking her narrow eye. "Or is it the pink hair you're into?" She asked. "Or the abs..or those biceps and...mm~" She let out from her mouth, a faint blush gracing across her cheeks.

"Calm your thirst down, woman." Louisa said, shivering a bit in disgust at Leia before looking over at Raiden, who was waiting in line to get their food while studying at the ins and outs of the Zhang household at the same time.

"Uhhhh...jam your tongue into the roof of your mouth, quickly." Gilford said before taking Ichriou's drink with a sly smile and drinking it, leaning forward with his rather plump butt in the air to do so before sitting back down. God was he short. "It's not that bad." Gilford said before shrugging.

Joseph crawled into bed, waiting for Fayline to get in as he got warm. As she snuggled against him, he slid his hand down her thigh to her behind, squeezing one of her cheeks before he took his hand away and wrapped it around her while kissing her cheek. "Sleep well Fayline." Joseph said before closing his eyes and bringing her closer.

Belial chuckled a bit, raised his eyebrows a few times before kissing her cheek. "Maybe that's just because your prince is in the mood, dear." He said before winking a bit. "Although I really do mean it. You're the best, my fuzzy wuvy dovey lovey." He said, using his pet name for her as he put his hand on her thigh and squeezed lightly.

"What were you thinking about?" Naomi asked, noticing that Yumi had just gotten out of deep thought.

Takao nodded his head, understanding Yurichi was innocent before dialing his phone and calling Hei, seeing how injured Yurichi was. Hei groaned as he heard the phone before picking it up, answering. "Hello?" He asked with a yawn.

"It's time, Mr.Nagachika." Takao said calmly.

"I got it.." Hei said with another yawn. "Kierra." He said trying to wake her up. "Kierrrraaaaaa.." He whined, knowing she could probably hear his whining all the way into her sleep.

Yurichi inhaled shakily at her question, nodding his head a bit. "I'm...I'm okay, I mean my leg hurts and my head feels horrible, but I'm alright. I'm glad I made sure you were save." He said with a smile before he winced, feeling some more blood pump painfully out of his leg.

"I already decided, I'm not going to use my wish until I really need it, like if I need to save my life or something." Virgil said before patting Daliyah's head. "So no need to worry about me wishing without thinking." He said before rubbing his nose a bit. "I can't believe I wasted a wish though." He said with a sigh. "It's not like I'm ever going to use it" He said with a groan.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn blushes brightly before grumbling a bit about Takao not being her boyfriend yet and that they were taking it somewhat slow or so when Valeryia bumped into Shiomi. Obviously the fox was still in a overly happy mood, making her own mood lighten up as well. "A bore, as always. But as always, Val didn't experience half of it." She says with a chuckle before heading towards the cafeteria.

Annelise immediatly saw Louisa's mood, which made her nervous, though then Leia began to talk, making her blush the reddest one could be. She could even make tomatoes jealous. "I-I-I.... Was just talking!" She managed to squeek out. She really had been just talking! No further intentions.

Ichirou did what Gilford said, and it kinda helped. But then he saw what she was doing, blushing as he got a good view of her behind. Quikly he adverted his eyes down as he nibbles on a frie. "It helped." He mumbles shyly.

Fayline smiles softly and leans up to give him a soft kiss as her eyes began to droop. "Sleep well, my love." She says quiet;y before falling into a light sleep.

This time, Belial spoke to loud, causing all the sister to hear. Some blushed a bit while other giggled and laughed softly. Cecilia blushed brightly at her sister's reaction. "Oh please, as if you all are holy virgins." She said in her defence, causing them all to laugh more.

Yumi shrugged as she puts her hands in her pockets, the cold getting to her abit. "How twisted this world is. How everything is unfair. That the good guys get punished and the bad guys live happily ever after.... Just that sort of things." She knew it were gloomy thoughts but those were the ones she had.

Kierra groaned a bit in annoyance as she was forced out of her sleep. She looks a bit grumpy at her husband as she rubs her eyes. "What? Why you got to wake me up like this?" She asks, hating it when she was pulled out of her sleep.

Riza was a bit alarmed by the amount of blood leaving his leg and the fact that his forever pale face was even paler than before. Still it suprised her he could still force himself to laugh through the pain. "Thank you for that..." She says quietly with a soft smile, realizing now how he had just risked his life to save her. It was no secret that Yurichi was never the strongest, nor did he have powers, but still he had put his life on the line for her. Gently she holds his hand and squeezes it a bit. "Thank you but don't do things like that again. It was rather reckless of you."

Daliyah smiles a bit. That was a wise decision of him. Normally people spared their last wish so it was good he did too. But at what he said next her smile faltered a bit. It was true he had wasted the first though it had been her fault kinda. She should've explained it better. And it wasn't like he couldn't use his first wish... "You could use it if you want too." She suddenly says. "I feel bad that you, in your mind, wasted a wish while in truth you could still profit from it.... I know you probably don't want to use it for various reasons but don't just not use it because of me. Many masters have wished similiar things and you really won't be the last. So if you want you are may to use it." She says, admitting in some way that she had been used against her will for stuff like that before.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia grumbled a bit. She didn't do it that much for it to be usual. "It's just so boring..." She said with a yawn. "He just needs to retire." She said with a yawn. Shiomi's tails swayed happily, making people's hair blow slightly as she walked by them. Valeriya blinked a few times, surprised she could feel windflow. She reached over and grabbed one of Shiomi's poofy tails, making her shriek a bit, causing Valeryia to let go as they continued to walk, eventually reaching their table.

"Talking, eh?" Leia asked with a raised eyebrow before winking. "You sure you weren't trying to go for some of this?" She asked, pressing her tongue against her cheek and making a jerking motion with her hand to symbolize a blowjob.

"By the gods woman have you no self respect?" Louisa asked, slightly shocked.

"Oh no, I do. I'm just a dirty dirty girl." Leia said before winking again. "I feel like you are too, inside." Leia said with a grin. "Or am I wrong? Are you an innocent little flower?" She asked Annelise.

Louisa shook her head, not believing she was friends with a woman like this. If she could even say they were friends.

Gilford looked at Ichirou and blushed severely, blinking his eyes a few times. "D-Did you enjoy the view?" He asked, having seen Ichirou look at his behind in the window reflection. "I don't mind but..." His pale face got incredibly red. He was embarrassed. "It's flat though." He said as he got even more red, even though it was looking impossible to become as he was by that point.

"At least she's had sex with only one man in the last twenty years." Belial said defensively as he brought Cecilia closer to him and kissed her cheek, feeling her ears as some pride came through him. Proud of his loyal wife. "At least she's actually married. And actually has a kid. That's more than any of you can say." He said before kissing her cheek again.

Naomi shrugged a bit before sighing. "It's best not to think of those things Yumi. It hurts your brain and makes you feel worse." She said before looking at a rice shop. "That 's why you think about rice, and soy sauce. It makes you feel great." She said before grinning.

Hei groaned a bit as he started to get his clothes on for work, although he looked rather disheveled. "They're...calling for me, and I have to go." He kissed Kierra's cheek. "Sleep okay? You'll probably be just waking up when I get back, okay?" He said before smiling.

Yurichi nodded his head a bit before sniffing. He felt like he was turning pretty damn pale. "No...I think my recklessness and clumsy is always going to be part of me. Plus...I saved you from getting shot..possibly being killed, and if I can save you from that...well, it's worth it. I don't have any powers, and I'm not strong, nor am I anything other than human, but if I can use my awareness of my surroundings to help you, or another person I would miss if they were gone, then I would do it. " He said before shrugging. "It does kinda suck though. I'll admit it, this hurts like a bitch." He said, seeing the blade sticking out of his leg.

Virgil leaned in and kissed her forehead before pulling away and shaking his head. "No. I'm not going to use a wish like that to have sex with you. You're beautiful, in fact, you're gorgeous, but if I am going to have sex with someone, I'm going to work for it, and I'm going to make damn sure they want it too. Not just because they have an obligation due to a wish, but because they want it." He said with a strong tone in his voice. "I won't do that to you, okay? I'm not like those other sick men. I wouldn't take advantage of you like that, and I won't." He said, having his hands on both sides of her head and his forehead against hers, looking straight into her eyes, their breaths lightly touching each-other as they both breathed.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn completely agreed that that man should just go retire, right now. But sadly, old dinosaurs like that stayed forever and never left. At the interaction between Valeryia and Shiomi she simply giggles before sitting down at their table. She took her lunchbox out of her bag. Yes, she always brought her own lunch. The school lunches here were awfull.

Annelise turned a fierce red. No she was not trying to get anything like that! It hadn't even crossed her mind at all! It was embarressing to even think about! "I-I am not. I-I-I...." God, her face turned even a darker shade of red. She really just wanted to walk away and get away from this girl.

Ichirou's eyes widened and he blushed softly. She had noticed him staring.... W-What was he supposed to say now?! He had clearly embarressed her! Stupid stupid stupid of him! "It's not flat." He suddenly says. Damn his big mouth! "I-I mean, it is really not. Not flat at all. It is nice and round and it looks good and..." He bit his lip hard to stop any more words coming from his big mouth.

Cecilia smiled softly as she cuddeles closer against him, feeling her heart swell with love. This is one of the reasons why she loved him so much, he always protected her from anyone and anything. It made her feel so safe and loved. She kisses his cheek as well as her sister's pouted a bit, finding truth in Belial's words. Just then Perygrine walked in and asked some of his daughters to come help put lunch on the table. Within a few minutes the table was set, all kinds of traditional Japanese foods on it. Cecilia almost began to drool at the sight. It looked delicious.

Yumi couldn't help but grin a bit. Rice and soy sauce? "I think that was the most Japanese thing you have said to me." She says with a light chuckle.

Kierra immediatly woke up a bit more as he said 'they'. She knew who he meant and she was not happy with it at all. With a small sigh she softly pulls him down to kiss him on his lips. "Okay honey. Just be carefull okay?" She asks him, clearly worried.

Riza smiled a tad bit. Even though Yurichi did look shady and was clumpsy as hell, he was still a good guy secretly. "I can imagine it hurting." She said, looking at the blade in his leg. It looked very painfull. "But hold on a bit longer. There will be someone here to help soon. Just keep breathing and keep yourself calm." She says, not knowing how else to help him at the moment. There wasn't much she could do for him.

When Virgil leaned in Daliyah thought he was giving in and that he was going to kiss her. So when he only kissed her forhead it suprised her. But what suprised her even more were his words. He... Wasn't going to do it? No one before had ever resisted the temptation before but he... He was truly something else. A small blush covered her cheeks as she felt his breath on her lips. He was so close but still he wouldn't do a thing... It brought a smile to her lips. "You are so kind... Pure hearted even." He was so close that she only spoke in a whisper. And perhaps for the first time, she wanted someone even closer. So without hesitation she closed her eyes and closed the small distance between them, for the first time in forever kissing someone because she wanted to.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
"I bet there's escargot in that lunchbox." Valeriya said with a shiver, pulling out a giant block of ice she had in her bag and unfreezing it, showing her lunch, which was literally just a tuna sandwich and a soda. She carried around an almost thirty pound block of ice everyday in her bag for just a sandwich and a soda. "There's always escargot..." She said while narrowing her eyes before biting into her sandwich.

"Again, that's probably why you are beastly strong." Shiomi said, referring to the giant block of ice that Valeryia had whipped out like it was nothing.

Leia giggled in a deep tone as she saw Annelise's reaction, almost having tears come to her eyes from it. "I'm just teasing." She said, her face turning red from not breathing as she laughed. Yes, this was her entertainment. Torturing poor shy girls and boys with the idea of sex, in all forms.

Gilford had just blushed even more, blinking as his face turned a deep shade of red. Well then, now he was turned on, just a little bit. But, then Ichirou stopped talking and Gilford gulped, his face returning to normal. "Good to know." He said simply before finishing the rest of the burger. "You know for a guy, you look pretty good." Gilford said with a light blush as he drank from Ichirou's milkshake again, having to stick his booty in the air again, shaking it a bit teasingly for Ichirou before he sat back down, completely stuffed from the burger. "Thanks for the food." Gilford said with a grin.

Belial smiled a bit, seeing that his wife was happy and that the sisters knew he was true, which in truth brought him just a small amount of satisfaction inside. As the food was brought out his stomach growled, excited to eat some of the food. As it was set out in front of him, it took every fiber of his being not to go savage on the food and eat it all at once. "It looks great." He said while staring at the food.

"I have my moments every now and then." Naomi said with a slight giggle, referring to her saying Japanese things. "I'm just waiting for you to have one too." She said with a grin.

Hei kissed her back and nodded, knowing he'd be alright. "I will Kierra." He said before kissing her lips again before reluctantly pulling away. "Goodbye, my love. Try to sleep. I'll be back soon enough." He said, leaving the bedroom and then leaving the house before he headed to the black market. He knocked on the door and then was allowed in before he was led over to Yurichi. Boy that leg looked bad.

"Well...calm is all I can do so I'll do it.." Yurichi said, breathing in a bit before he saw a guy in a lab coat. Oh great, they had to get a crazy looking doctor. It was very reassuring.

"I'm going to need you to sit still for a moment." Hei said.

"Why?" Yurichi asked.

"So I can get you to the office without hurting you." Hei said before suddenly, he wraped his tentacles around Yurichi, not touching the knife and keeping him off the ground as he got him into the office they set up for him. He sat him on the table, before checking the syringes in the room and using one of them on Yurichi, knocking him unconscious. When he woke up, he was hooked up to a bunch of machines and his leg hurt even more. Yep, it was probably out now. "Ugh..." He groaned, hurting.

Virgil smiled back and nodded his head. "I try.." He said, having some truth to his words. He really did like being the way he is. It..It was so different from how a lot of the world acted. The world was usually selfish and self serving, but not him, usually. He liked being good like he was. He was surprised when she kissed him so without hesitation, but he liked it. He wrapped his arms around her strongly, kissing her back passionately, feeling his heart race a little. They both wanted it, and he liked that. It made it feel all the better. "You're a great kisser." He mumbled into the kiss as they kissed, holding her and making sure she wouldn't fall as he leaned her down a bit to kiss her more deeply.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn folded her arms and 'Hmphd', just like Joseph sometimes did. "No, there is not always escargot. Don't assume just because I am partly French that I always eat that. True I like it but I do not eat it every day." As if trying to prove her point but sadly it did quite the opposite since this time it did have escargot in it. "Well.... Today I just felt like eating it. But not every day."

Annelise rubbed her arm, not liking Leia's form of 'teasing' at all. It was just too dirty while she really only just wanted to talk to Fillian. Speaking of which. "Oh Louisa, do you mind if I go have lunch with a boy from my class today? He asked me to have lunch with him." She asks as she smiles a tad bit, still amazed by the fact he wanted to go eat lunch with her.

Ichirou blushed even more at Gilford's words. H-He looked g-good?! That was something he had not expected to hear. He almost thought he was being hallucinating but he hoped he wasn't. "N-No problem." Was the only thing he managed to say as he hid his face in the scarf he wore. God, he couldn't even look at Gilford anymore!

Perygrine smiled a bit at the compliment while Cecilia giggled as she heard her husband's stomach growl savagely. She knew exactly what was going on in his mind. After wishing eachother a good meal they all started to eat. Cecilia even moaned a bit, loving the familiar taste of her father's cooking. Man she had missed this. Her father's cooking, her sisters around her, even the smell of the house. She had missed it so much. The only thing missing were her brothers, argueing and discussing god knows what. The memory of them made her ears slightly droop though she tried hard not to let it show.

Yumi grinned as well. For her to say something Japanese? Like what? It was not like she was brought up in a Japanese way of living. She was even so isolated that she doesn't even know alot of Japenese customs and stuff. Only small basics. "We shall see when that happens." She says with a shrug.

Kierra sighed a bit as she nodded, knowing that she just needed to trust him. As he asked, she tried to go back to sleep but she just couldn't sleep anymore so instead she puts the tv they had in their bedroom on and watches some series.

"Stay down. The docter used some heavy stuff so you might be dizzy." Riza said, sitting next to Yurichi on a chair. Not once she had left his side. Not even when Hei asked her to leave. She just wanted to make sure everything will be alright with him. She hated to admit it but she had started to care, even if it was just a tad bit. "How are you feeling?" She asked though she could guess the answer.

Daliyah sighed softly in delight against his lips as he kissed her. A kiss had never felt this good. But she guessed it was because of the person who she was kissing. There was something about him different than every other man she had met. "You too." She mumbled against his lips before he deepend the kiss. She puts one hand on his cheek as she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into his, passionately exploring his mouth as she moaned.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
"That's what you said yesterday." Valeryia said teasingly as she narrowed her eyes. She knew all about Eadlyn's escargot addiction. It came from Joseph, obviously. She knew Fayline wouldn't touch the stuff. "And the day before...and the day before..." She said, emphasizing how much so that she ate the escargot. "If you don't eat only escargot, what else do you eat then? Hmm?" She asked, only noticing escargot really in her lunch.

"Yes. Go." Louisa said a little harsher than she meant to. "I mean go have fun." She said with a fake smile, although it was believable. She was going to be on her best behavior of course, as she knew what was going to be done tonight. Her faithful servant was going to handle this well.

Gilford sat back and stretched, his joints popping a bit as he leaned back into the chair. "So, we probably should get back to school at some point, lunch is almost half way over." Gilford said as he looked at the time on his phone. He hated raining on their parade with the time, but it was something he couldn't control.

Belial started chowing down on his food, moaning a bit as well as he ate it. It was a foreign taste to him, as he didn't eat this sort of food, but it was great. It was much leaner tasting than what he usually ate, which was usually fatty things. "Thank you for the food." He said after swallowing some of his food. "How are you doing?" Belial asked, seeing Cecilia's thinking face before he started eating again.

"It'll happen. Trust me. You're more of a Jap than I am. It'll come naturally." Naomi said with a small grin. She was proud of her heritage, very much so, but she liked even more so talking about it. It made her even more proud. "I sure wouldn't mind some rice and soy sauce though....." She said as her stomach growled loudly.

Hei had already left the office, telling Riza everything she needed to know about what was going on with Yurichi and what to do in worst case scenarios before he left. He came back through the door, seeing Chidori and the kids watching television downstairs. "Hey Chidori and the kids." He said while rubbing his face, taking off his lab coat. Chidori tried to say hello, but of course the children's voices drowned her's out as they said "Hi Uncle Hei!" before focusing back on TV. Hei smiled and said 'Hi' back before he went upstairs, going into Kierra and his room. "Hey honey I'm home." He said with a yawn.

Yurichi turned his head slowly over at Riza as he heard her voice. "Heavy drugs?..." He said, the meaning of the words not hitting him until a little bit passed. "Ugh...my head.." He said, feeling a bit woozy. He laid his head back, closing his eyes before he realized he didn't hear her leave. "Oh..you're still here.." He said in a little bit of surprise. "Is there more you wanted to tell me?" He asked, not realizing she may actually have wanted to be there.

Virgil widened his eyes a bit as her tongue explored his mouth, not expecting that. He put his hand on her cheek as well, being pleasantly surprised by the sweet taste of her mouth as he tangled his tongue with hers as they kissed, massaging her tongue with his ever so lightly. As they kissed, he opened his eyes to look at her, moving the hair out of her face so he could get a look at her crimson colored eyes. He found them beautiful and as his heart raced, he even felt lucky. Lucky to be deeply French kissing this beautiful genie that he by chance discovered.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn pouted more and more as she came to realize that her friend was right. Maybe she had been saying it every single day.... But she couldn't help it! It just tasted good. With a grumble she starts eating, trying to ignore Valeryia's words. Tomorrow she will take something else with her to school to prove her wrong.... Or atleast she'll try.

Annelise flinched a bit as Louisa's harsh voice but when she changed her words she smiled softly. She guessed her friend was still rather annoyed at Leia. "Okay, thanks. I'll see you after classes." She says with a wave, knowing they did not have any classes together. With a pounding heart she walks over to Fillian's table where two other people she regonized from yesterday evening sat as well.

Fillian smiled widely as he saw Annelise stand near them. "Hey, decided to come join us?" The sweet shy girl only nodded as she rubbed her arm, making him smiles a bit more. He stood up and gently rubbed her back, trying to make her more comfortable but did quite the opposite, making her blush fiercely. "Annelise, these people are Dequan and Mei. They are kinda my family." He introduced them.

Dequan smiled softly as he nods at Annelise. He regonized her from yesterday but still he found it a tad bit strange Fillian would go all the way and talk to this girl. Normally he wouldn't really do that and deffinantly not invite someone over. "Hello." He greeted kindly.

Ichirou groaned. School. Great. He did not want to go back. Though he knew he would have too. No choice. It was already bad enough that they skipped a class so they should really head back. "I guess we should." He said with a pout, really really REALLY not wanting to go back.

Cecilia smiled softly as she heard her hubby wubby moan in delight. Perhaps she should try to cook like this once in awhile as well. Even though she was not the greatest cook, she could try. She never really had to cook. She always had her father and Tomoe for those things. At his question she forced her ears more up as she smiled. "Great." She says as she continous to eat.

Yumi raises one eyebrow. Hold up. She was more of a Jap than her? That did not seem right. In her mind she was far from Japanese but she wasn't going to start a discussion. As Naomi's savage stomach broke through the sound barrier she laughed loudly. "Okay okay, we'll go get somehting to eat. I get it. No need to grumble at me." She says before sticking out her tongue.

Kierra sighed deeply in relief as she saw her husband, unharmed, walk through the bedroom door. She stands up with a smile before walking over and hugging him tightly. "Hello, my love." She says before kissing his lips. "How was it?" She asks, wondering how his first ever Yakuza job had went.

Riza observed every movement Yurichi made, just to make sure he would be alright and not pass out or so. He did look less pale. He was kinda at his normal level of paleness again so that was a good thing. "Yes I am still here. Is it that suprising?" She asks, hearing it in his voice though she guessed it could be suprising that she would willingly stay. "And no, I have nothing more to tell." That was the only thing she said. She did not want to say that she was staying because she was worried for him.

Daliyah slowly opened her eyes as she felt him move her hair away and she blushed deeply as she saw him staring straight into her eyes. Her stomach did a small flip. When he looked at her like that she had the feeling that he desired her for different reasons normal man desired her. It made her feel happy. She closed her eyes again to let her fully enjoy this experience. One hand softly tangled into his soft hair as she moaned in delight once again. He was truly skilled at this. But then she remembered they were still in the streets, were all the people could see. Softly she pulls away, words failing to come out as the kissing just left her dizzy and breathless.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
"Don't pout." Shiomi said teasingly as she looked at Eadlyn with her pouty face. "You look like your dad when you do that." She said before snickering a bit, knowing that joke was something easy to tease Eadlyn with since she hated it so much.

"Hello!" Mei said as she waved, rocking back and forth in the chair. "Are you the stupid bird's friend?" Mei asked, using the embarrassing nickname that Fillian hated right in front of her. "Oh, and I'm Mei, Dequan's sister." She said with a grin as she lightly bonked her head against his shoulder.

Gilford groaned a bit. It sucked, yeah, but they had to go back. "Trust me, I know the pain Ichirou." Gilford said with a sigh before he stretched again. "Can you get out please?" Gilford asked politely, not wanting to be rude but also not wanting to climb under the table to get out.

"Great." Belial said with a smile as he continued to eat, glad his wife was happy. "So, what do you say about after this you know..." He winked, hinting for them to do a certain activity they have been planning on doing for a while. "It would be really erotic in your father's own home, you know." He whispered quietly in her ear before he went back to eating, awaiting her response.

Naomi blushed furiously, a frown coming to her face as she tried to hide it. "Y-You bastard." She said simply as Yumi stuck her tongue out, not used to getting teased like this. "I hope your stomach growls soon too." She said as they started to walk in the direction of the shop. "Then you'll understand my struggle." She said with a small chuckle as she wrapped her arms across her stomach.

Hei blinked a few times before hugging Kierra, hard. "Oh god it was...ugh. He had a knife in his leg so deep that I had to drug him heavily , like, really heavily, to even do the procedure." He said with a slight sigh. "I'm just glad I'm home." He said with a smile before kissing her cheek.

Yurichi nodded a bit, still in shock. "Well...just a little." He admitted. "I'm surprise you're still here...honestly." He said quietly before coughing quietly. "Have my charms won over you?" He said tiredly as he looked over at her and gave her his goofy grin, showing off his braces once more.

Virgil was a tad breathless himself, amazed by how good of a kiss that actually was. She was beautiful, she could kiss, and he imagined she could probably do all sorts of other good things. "We should probably get home first before we do that again." He said before leaning in and kissing her cheek before standing straight again. "Shall we go?" He asked with a smile, holding out his hand a little.

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. Why did everyone HAVE to compare her to her father while they were really not that much alike! Ofcourse they had some things in common, logically since they were still family, but not that much things! "I do not look like my father when I pout." She grumbled out as she started eating.

Fillian glared at Mei as she used that oh so dreaded nickname. Did she really have to do that infront of this girl? Couldn't she just keep her mouth shut?! But then he heared Annelise giggle softly as she held her hand infront of her mouth. That sound, musically light, actually managed to soften him a tad bit more, even causing him to grin a bit. "Yeah, very funny nickname."

Annelise softly bit her lip to stop her giggling. Yeah, it was funny. It was a weird nickname but still funny. "Hello." She said quietly as she sat down at the table, Fillian sitting down next to her.

Ichirou knew Gilford felt the pain too. Every schoolkid felt the pain of having to go to school. Though at her question he frowned a bit. Get out? What did she mean? "Uhm.... You want me to leave without you?" He asked, clearly confused why she would ask something like that. Did he do somehting wrong? God he hoped he didn't!

Cecilia was glad Belial could not see into her mind and see all the emotions and thoughts she was secretly hiding. Being here in her old home just brought up too many memories. Though at his question she blushes softly. Yes, it would be erotic but... She leans in and whispers very softly in his ear. "No, we are not going to do that. Foxes have great ears and I do not want them to.... You know."

Yumi simply chuckled as Naomi blushed and frowned. She was really terrible at hiding things up. Though her words only made her grin more. "I am not that hungrye so my stomach won't growl like a beast." She said teasingly as she followed her to the shop. It did smell very good which spiked up her hunger a tad bit.

Kierra actually squeeked a bit as he hugged her so tightly. Geez, he really did sometimes forget how strong he was. But when she heard what he had to do she sighed in relief. Good, it was just a normal, not dangerous, procedure. That did made her feel better. She leaned up and kissed his lips softly. "I am very glad about that too." She says with a smile, trying to ignore the fact that he was kinda crushing her ribs.

Riza folded her arms and leaned back a bit more in the chair. Yeah, she understood his suprise. She was kinda suprised she was still there as well. Though at his remark her eyebrow twitched. "Your charms couldn't win a goose over." She said, his charms ofcourse hadn't won a thing over. But still her voice wasn't as harsh as before and her eyes looked softer towards him. Probably because of the fact he had saved her and that their date did kinda make her warm up a tad bit to him. Only a tad. "Now, go get some sleep. You need it."

Daliyah blushed softly at his words. So that meant he would do it again. And she really liked the fact that he would. "We shall." With a soft smile she takes a hold of his hand as she lets him lead her to his house. She was quiet for a short while before saying. "I do not know who you are living with but it is best that you tell no one about me. People might hurt you to get to me. They will force you to use your last wish so they can claim me as my new master. So you should be carefull." She says with worry in her voice. She had seen it happen many times before.

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi's tails swayed a bit. Lies. Lies, lies, lies. That's what that was, but she wasn't going to say. "Fine, you look like a very pouty rich French vampire." She said, using vague descriptive words that would be used to describe Joseph on her. "So, have you planned a date tonight?" She asked, quickly shifting the topic to Takao.

"So, who are you?" Mei asked Annelise, rocking where she was sitting side to side, bumping her head against Dequan's shoulder again to playfully bug him, wanting his attention just a far bit.

Gilford widened his eyes a bit and blinked a few times before shaking his head."Uhmmmmm, noooo. Did you forget we are sitting in a booth together and the only way I'm going to be getting out is if you do first?" He asked, thinking it was completely obvious and not understanding Ichirou's reaction.

Belial grinned and shrugged a little before leaning in a bit. "They've probably done it to you a lot of times Cecilia. Why shouldn't you do it back to them?" He whispered in her ear, knowing he was probably right. If any of Cecilia's sisters were anything like her when it came to the bed, then he was most likely right.

Naomi's narrowed eyes lightened as she smelt the food, her stomach growling even more. "I can't wait till I hear a growl." She said with her frown beginning to return. "When I hear it, prepare to get teased very badly." She said with her grin returning. "Seriously, you'll never hear the end of it." She said with a small giggle.

"So, how was your nap?" Hei asked with a smile, believing she had just woken up. "Chidori and the kids are up too." He said gently with a smile, rubbing her shoulders before sitting down on the bed with her. He saw the look in her eyes though and could tell she had been worried. "I'm sorry for worrying you.." He said quietly.

Yurichi smiled a bit, seeing through all that roughness that she cared, even if it was just a little bit. And that made him happy so looking over at her with a smile on his face he nodded, sitting straight on his bed on looking at the ceiling. "Tell my mom I'm not going to be home tonight, okay? She doesn't care about me really, but the idea of her losing another kid drives her insane and she gets crazy when I don't tell her if I'm gonna be gone a night." He admitted before he closed his eyes. "Thanks, and I'll rest. Night." He said before yawning, ignoring the pain.

Virgil smiled a bit while holding her hand as it was incredibly soft and nice feeling to him. As they stopped, he looked over at her, curious before nodding his head. "I know. That's why I already told myself I wasn't going to tell anyone about you." He said with a smile before squeezing her hand lightly. "Let's go on." He said, walking with her the most of the distance before he stood at a place where the camera's of the mansion wouldn't see them. "I'm going to need you to go in here, okay? I'll say 'Clear' when it's time to come out." He said, opening the top of the lamp and pointing it towards her, watching as she was sucked into it. He held onto it tightly, not letting go as he walked through the gates and then into his home. He kicked off his shoes before heading towards his room, evading the maids before he came into his room. He set the lamp on the desk before he quickly straightened his room, setting books up straight in his bookshelf, fixing the crooked photo of him and Louisa as kids and making his bed before he took off his socks, throwing them into the laundry bin of his. "Clear." He said, rubbing the lamp a bit before he crashed down on his bed, stretching on it and groaning a bit as his joints popped.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Those words were actually accurate so Eadlyn had nothing to complain about. When Shiomi asked if she got an other date planned she blushes softly and nods with a smile. "Yes I have. Though I don't know where we are going yet but that doesn't matter." She says as she takes a sip of her soda. "So, do you got any plans tonight with your boyfriend?" She asks with a grin, obviously talking about Rex.

Dequan smiled a tad bit as he patted Mei's head, giving her the attention she wanted. Annelise blushed a tad bit as the attention was focused on her. "I'm Annelise.... Fillian's classmate." She says quietly, not completely comfortable yet with all the new people. Though they looked very nice, just like Fillian had said.

Ichirou looked at their seats and realized indeed that they were in a booth and that Gilford couldn't get out if he doesn't stand up. He blushes in embaressment before quikly standing up. "S-Sorry! I wasn't really paying much attention." He says as an apology as he rubs the back of his neck while blushing even more.

Well, some of Cecilia's sisters did but she was different. She did not like the thought of her sisters hearing everything she and her husband were doing. Even in the past, long long ago, she made sure that there was no one in the house or she would just go somewhere else. She shook her head. "No, not gonna do it." She says stubbornly as she folds her arms, showing him she was not going to change her mind.

Yumi chuckles a bit more as she grins. "You will have nothing to tease me with since it is not going to growl." She said smugly as she they enter the shop. They sit down and she looks at the menu. "So, what are you going to pick?" She asls curiously. She hoped the food here was just as good as the pizza from yesterday.

"I didn't take a nap. I couldn't sleep so I watched tv. And I heard Chidori and the kids wake up. It was hard not to hear." Kierra says with a light chuckle, remembering all the little footsteps run up and down the stairs with Chidori telling them to calm down. "And it's okay honey. As long as you are safe it's fine." She says as she kisses his cheek again. She really hoped that she wouldn't worry like this every time he got called away but she knew she would never stop worrying for his safety.

Riza smiled a tad bit and nodded though she did not like what he had just said. She doesn't care about me. It was strange that he cared for someone who in his eyes did not care a thing about him. But she guessed that was the bond of family. "I will. Night." She says quietly as she pats his shoulder softly before leaving the room. She did not know his mother's number so luckily she was good at pickpocketing. She takes a cellphone out of her pocket as she scrolls through the contact list. Yes, perhaps she had pickpocketed Yurichi and hacked into his cellphone but what else was she supposed to do? She didn't know the woman's number and he'll get his phone back anyway. She found his mother number and called her. When she picked up she spoke. "Hello, this is a... Friend of Yurichi. I just called to say he isn't coming home tonight."

Daliyah was relieved by the fact he knew not to tell anyone. That way he would be so much safer. She followed him into a street full with big houses. So he lived in one of these? At his instructions she nodded before she was sucked into the bottle. This was ofcourse a way better plan than the one he had come up with before, climbing windows and stuff. She waited patiently when he called her out. Pink smoke came out of the bottle and swirled till Daliyah was standing there, in the middle of his room. Curiously she looked around. So this was the place he called his home. "It looks nice." She says with a smile as she takes of the coat he had given her before sitting down on the bed.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi blushed a bit, covering her face with her tails as she nodded yes. "That's not something you ask a fox woman. Our love live's are sacred. Between just man and woman." She said a bit while hugging her poofy tails to her body. They were truly were huge, poofy tails and it was a wonder how hair didn't burst everywhere when she hugged them, although it was most likely her careful grooming that explained it.

Mei smiled and stopped bouncing around in the chair now that the attention she had been begging for had been given to her. "So, how did you two meet? Did you kiss?" She asked out of curiosity.

Gilford shrugged, not seeing a need to say sorry. "It's cool. There's no need to say sorry." He said while patting Ichirou's back. "Do you wanna do this again sometime, or maybe do this sometime after school?" Gilford asked with a small smile. "And it doesn't have to even have to be at a McDonald's. It could be me hanging out at your house or something." He said with a smile.

Belial pouted a bit for a little while but then quickly got over it as he started eating again. He couldn't really win a lot of arguments against her when she didn't want something, so he had learned to get over it very, very quickly. "Are we still going to visit my dads later though?" He asked Cecilia before eating some more food.

Naomi narrowed her eyes a little at Yumi's comment. "Oh it will...it will." She said, for sure it would happen before she looked at the menu, seeing what she wanted. "Oh, just yakisoba. You?" Naomi asked, seeing what she wanted.

Hei grinned a little bit, imaging the little footstep tromping around himself before he shook his head and listened to Kierra, his facial expression softening some more. "Alright Kierra...Remember, if you get too worried, you can always call me, okay? If I don't answer, it'd be because I'm operating." He said quietly before kissing her lightly. "I'll stay safe." He said with a smile before rubbing his face. "So..what do you want to do now?.." He asked.

Yurichi's mom reluctantly picked up her phone, sighing as she answered it before realizing it wasn't Yurichi. She grumbled a bit as she heard he wasn't coming home before sighing. "Good. I can finally have a night of PEACE finally without him disrupting it. Thank you for the head's up." She said, not even asking why he was going to be gone before hanging up the phone.

Virgil rubbed the back of his head a little while laughing sheepishly, not admitting he had literally cleaned it seconds ago. "Oh thanks, I try my best you know." He said as he rolled around on his bed, finding it comfy. "You can look at the picture's on the wall, if you want." He said with a smile. They were mostly photo's of himself With Remi, Louisa, Felicia or Kane, although there was one of his actual father and Felicia together.
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Eadlyn grins a bit more as Shiomi hid so shyly in her tails. Teasingly she pokes her tail, finding it incredibly soft, like expected. "Don't get shy now. I was not asking about dirty things. I was just asking if you had plans? It could be simply dinner plans as well. But I guess you do have dirty things in mind if that is the first thing you think off." She says as she grins more.

Annelise's eyes widened and blushes deeply as Fillian almost choked on his soda, coughing loudly and banging his fist a bit on his chest. As he calmed down he glares at Mei. "You were there yesterday when we bumped into her and no we havn't kissed. And besides-" He suddenly grabbed her cheek and pulled. "-that is not something you just casually ask." He said with a light growl, scolding Mei because he already knew how shy and quiet Annelise could get after such things and he wanted her to be comfortable.

Ichirou smiled softly as Gilford patted his back but then his eyes widened a tad bit. S-She wanted to do this again with him? Well, not the skipping school thing but the hanging out thing with him? She even wanted to go to his house?! He blushes as he rubs his neck with a sheepish grin. "Sounds great! I would love to hang out with you more."

Cecilia smiled a bit in victory as she noticed that Belial had dropped it. Good husband. She had tought him well. At his question she smiles and nods "Ofcourse. We are not here to only go to my family. I am sure you would love to see yours as well. And I actually want to see them too." She says with a wide smile.

Yumi looks at the menu as well, not sure what to take since she did not know all of the things on the menu. She hesitated alot but then said. "You know what, I'll just have what you are having." She said with a smile as a waiter walked up and she ordered for the both of them.

Kierra nods before lightly kissing him back. She probably wouldn't call since she wouldn't want to disturb him while he is working but it was a nice thought that she could always call him. At his question she simply smiles and shrugs. "I don't know. We hadn't had a day off in months so I honestly have no clue what to do with the time." She says with a chuckle. "What do you want to do?"

Riza was truly stunned. She could not believe the kinda conversation she had with this woman. Was this woman really so cold hearted? Did she really care so little? While Yurichi was still thinking about her comfort? It brought such a sudden rage up that it even suprised herself. Oh, how she would love to go to that woman and give her a piece of her mind and maybe her fist. But for Yurichi's sake she wouldn't.

Daliyah looked curiously at the pictures. They looked like a rather happy wealthy family. Though not a very big one in her eyes. She used to have 7 siblings so Virgil's family was considered small in her eyes. "They all look nice." She says with a smile and she runs a hand through her hair as she looks back at him. Not exactly knowing why she felt the urge to kiss him again as she looked at him, causing a small blush to cover her cheeks, but she didn't kiss him yet since she was slightly confused why she was feeling so strongly towards him.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi shrieked a little as her tail was poked, causing her to hide in her tails even further. "I-It's not dirty things!" She squeaked out as her face got even redder. "It's just me going to bed spending time with him." She said quickly to get them to stop asking about it.

"Dirty time?" Valeryia said with a teasing grin.

"I will bite both of you." Shiomi said threateningly as her completely red face was revealed from the tails as she tried to eat some of her lunch.

Mei had completely forgotten they had met Annelise yesterday, probably due to how spontaneous her thought process was. When he pulled her cheek, she shrieked a little before pulling away, tears in her eyes. "Bad birdie!" She said before rubbing her cheek a little. "Dequaaaaaannnn...Is it red?" She asked, moving her hand and her red hair out of the way.

"Sweet." Gilford said as he flipped a thumbs up before he started walking back with Ichirou to the school. Soon, they were back, and they were in the building now as if nothing had ever happened. "Wasn't that exciting?" He asked with a grin.

Belial smiled a bit, glad that Cecilia wanted to see them too. "Good, I'm glad. I'm sure my brothers and sisters have missed me as well." He said before rubbing the back of his head. His family was pretty large he'd said. Well, that was an understatement. It was massive, as it was the royal demon family after all. Satan had a lot of children over the years. Of course there were other royal families too that would come to the palace, looking to get married to one of satan's kids, but those were just the families of Satan's favorites so the royal children never really would be to into the idea of marriage with them. "When do you wanna go see them?" He asked, before suddenly something hit him. His old suitor was there probably, at the royal palace.

"Good. You're getting the best stuff then." Naomi said proudly as she waited. Oh yeah, she knew the difference between good and bad Japanese food and what she got of course was always the good. Why have any of the bad when you're getting the best? "Did you eat any food like this in the bunker? She asked quietly.

Hei kissed Kierra's cheek before booping her nose cutely and smiling. "I want to be with you, honey." He said with a large smile before he unbuttoned his shirt and threw off his socks. "So let's just be lazy together, for the first time in months."

Virgil let out a small chuckle at that, knowing Daliyah didn't know better. "Yeah, they are, except my twin sister, Louisa. She's satan." He said with a serious look on his face before looking at Daliyah blush, making him raise an eyebrow before he blushed as well. "W-What?.." He said quietly. The way she was looking at him was making odd sensations go throughout his body. Especially his stomach.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn chuckles as she got threatend though it sounded more cute than scary thanks to Shiomi's tails and blush on her cheeks. "So that is a yes." She says, also with a teasing grin as she continous eating her lunch. Shiomi was playing innocent but everyone knew she would pounce of Rex when she had the chance, especially now since they were dating.

Dequan simply sighs as they were starting a fight again which will end up with Mei in tears and Fillian being annoyed as hell. He looks at her cheek and nods. "Yes, it is red." He says while Fillian folds his arms, grumbling something about not being a stupid bird and about that not being his fault since Mei was being annoying again.

As they arrived back at school Ichirou was amazed that they had actually skipped part of the day and no one came out to scold them or to bring them to the principal's office. Skipping school was easy! "It was! And easier than expected." He says with a wide grin, probably going to do this again sometimes.... When his parents weren't in school ofcourse.

Cecilia smiles a bit more. Her family was big, but Belial's family was just massive and she really liked that. She loved buzy families though even after 20 years she still did not know all of his brothers and sisters names. "After lunch." She says without hesitation. They had been with her family for long enough. Well, she would want to stay longer but she also knows that Belial wanted to see his family as well so she would not let him wait for too long.

Yumi thinks about it for a second before shaking her head. "Well, we did have rice and stuff but not fresh vegetables so it didn't taste bad or so but never like the real foods up here. I am not complaining though. Dad tried his hardest to make it the best for everyone." She says with a smile, remembering every single time he was experimenting with the ingredients to make it taste better.

A frown started forming on Kierra's face as he booped her nose but her expression softend at his words. Smiling and blushing a tad bit she lays down in the bed, pulling him down next to her before cuddling up against him. "Good, since that is all I want." She mumbles softly as she buries her nose against his neck.

Daliyah giggles a bit. She knew siblings could have a love-hate relationship but calling ones sister Satan was a tad bit over the top. Seeing him blush actually made her blush a tad bit more and she wasn't sure how to reply to his question. "N-Nothing... Just..." She started out quietly though she could not find the right words to say. So instead she gently caressed his cheek before leaning down and once again claiming his lips in a soft sweet kiss.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi bit her lip a bit as she thought of pouncing on Rex a little, making the odd tingling sensation she had inside of her return as she buried her face in her tails, having a somewhat lewd expression on her face. "Yes~" Shiomi said quietly, making accidentally a very lewd noise while giving her response. Valeryia looked rather uncomfortable towards her response, although she still looked like she was about to laugh.

Mei whined a little, hugging her older brother for protection. In her eyes, he was her big giant that would save her whenever bad things came. He was like a big hero to her, kinda like her mother, except bigger and a little less scary. "Protect me." She shrieked a little, not wanting to be pinched again.

"Some days it's easier than others. Today was a very easy day." Gilford said with a grin as he walked in front of Ichirou, his hips swaying a little bit. "So, what's your next class?" He asked, looking behind him with his sky blue eyes.

A big smile came onto Belial's face as Cecilia said after lunch. It was going to be so soon and that made him happy, as he too missed his family, even if all of them were assholes for the most part. Really, all of them were. "We'll come back here after that of course." He said with a smile before kissing Cecilia's cheeking, knowing she'd want some family time after that too.

Naomi smiled a bit, seeing how good of a memory it was for Yumi. "It sounds like he really cared for you and grandma and wanted to make sure you guys had the best in the situation you were in." She said with a smile before her food came. As it was set down, she prepared her chopsticks, ready to eat it quickly.

Hei cuddled against Kierra, rubbing the back of her head as he turned on the TV, watching random shows with her as he continued to cuddle her, occasionally kissing her. "It feels good being lazy..." He commented after a while before yawning. Of course he knew however his wife wouldn't allow him to in a million years.

Virgil blushed even more as she caressed his cheek before kissing him. He kissed back, reaching over and grabbing her a bit, pulling her down lightly onto the bed with him without injuring or being rough with her. "Might as well have you hear so we can connect our kiss better." He said while putting his hand on her bare back, sliding it down and touching her behind before he wrapped it around her and started kissing her softly, enjoying the connection of their two lips together.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn blinked once, twice, three time before bursting into laughter. Oh dear gods. Poor Rex. Or maybe lucky Rex. The great powerfull leader of their still new war free country is going to have to face long, probably steamy, nights with his foxy dirty girlfriend. After she calmed her laughter down she even wipes a single tear out of her eye. "Easy foxy. Don't look so lewd yet. Spare that for the evening" She says with a teasing grin.

Dequan was ofcourse very used to Mei being clingy and begging for protection. Not that she really needed it in his opinion. But still, to play to good strong protective brother, he flicked Fillian's forhead as if to punish and warn him. "There, he won't do it again." He says while patting the top of her head.

So that meant Gilford sneaked out regularly? Ichirou found it very brave actually that she did that. He wouldn't dare do such things. The only reason he did it this time was because he knew his parents weren't in school or else he would have chickend out. At her question he groans. "History." He says, dreading the hour long history lesson already.

Cecilia's heart warmed up as she saw her husband smile like that. Seeing him smile like that truly brought her light in every darkness they could ever face. Happily she snuggles her nose against his neck before leaving a small soft kiss in the same spot. "Sounds like a plan to me." She says with a big smile before digging back into the delicious food she missed so much.

Yumi smiled softly as more memories flooded her mind, all happend in the same room but all were happy memories. One in particulair blinked out. It was the memory of her father trying to make her toys. When she was younger there was nothing she had to play with since ofcourse the bunker didn't have toys or so in them. So her father took it as his mission to make her toys to play with even though he failed miserably alot of times. Though the thing that made her smile out of happiness were not the finished products, but her father trying so hard to make life better for them. He always did that. She was pulled out of her thoughts as the food arrived, the amazing smell claiming her attention. With a smile she grabs the chopsticks and takes a small bite, immediatly moaning since it was obviously delicious.

Kierra couldn't help but agree with that. Simply laying around, enjoying eachothers warmth and company, kissing sometimes with no kids around, it just felt very relaxing. But she also knew she was too much of a buzy person to do this every day. For one day was fine but she needed something to keep herself preoccupied with. "For one day, this is truly great." She mumbles softly before kissing his cheek.

Daliyah's blush intensified as she was pulled down onto the bed, his voice sending a pleasant chill down her spine as his hand on her back did quite the opposite, sending a wave of heat through her. She returned his kisses, her eyes closing to let her fully enjoy this again. He was right. Kissing like this was way better. Her hands started to caress his chest through the fabric of his shirt but even though he had his shirt still on she could feel the muscles beneath. In a moment of boldness she grabs his shirt and gently guides him to lay on top of her. "Like this it is even better." She mumbles against his lips before kissing him again, her tongue softly rubbing against his lips to ask for entrance.
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"Oh this is just the beginning.." Shiomi said ominously with a grin before she hid her face again as she realized she still was talking about having sex, making her blush again behind the poofy tails. "What about you and your boyfriend?" Shiomi asked with a raised eyebrow. "What has that mouth sucked that we don't know about?" She asked as her tails spread, revealing her face with it's raised eyebrow and ears, with one flopped down and the other pointing up.

"Yay." Mei said with a smile as she grinned happily as Dequan rubbed her head, happy she had gotten the attention she wanted and happy Fillian got flicked. "Yay yay yay." She said while rocking back and forth in her chair energetically.

"I have my language class, Russian." Gilford said with a groan as he rubbed his face. "I already know it, but they don't know that, so I'm in the class to get an easy A." He said before grinning a bit, feeling quite clever and sly over that. "If you know another language, you should do that because it looks good on your transcript. Especially if it's a complicated language." Gilford said with a grin.

Belial shivered a bit as she kissed his neck a bit, making him smile even more before he went back and finished his food before he laid down, leading over and placing his head on Cecilia's lap. "Hi there." He said while looking up at her, chuckling a bit.

Naomi widened her eyes a bit as she heard that moan before giggling a bit at her reaction, finding Yumi's reactions to food the best. "Are you alright?" Naomi asked while giggling still, a slight Asian sounding accent coming out when she spoke while giggling. After calming down, she took her chopsticks and started to eat more, finding it utterly delicious.

"Yes it is dear." Hei said before kissing her cheek as well before he snuggled her a bit, watching TV with her as he kissed her cheek again. "I love you Kierra." Hei said with a smile as he leaned his head against her shoulder. He simply adored his wife, and it wasn't a hidden secret in the least bit. Everyone knew how much he really loved her.

Virgil let her tongue in his mouth, massaging it well as his hands played his her shirt, managing to get it up to where her bare breasts were exposed and pressing against his chest. The pale color of the breast themselves and the light color of her nipples turned him on quite a bit, making his hardened member pop out of his sweat pants by accident, it now against her crotch as he rubbed her breast and kissed her, enjoying the sweet taste of her mouth. "Your amazing." Virgil said with a slight pant as he pulled away from a second. "I can barely think when I'm doing this stuff with you." He admitted before he continued a bit, kiss and rubbing his tongue against her while sensually rubbing her breasts as he grinded his member against her, poking her occasionally with his hot and throbbing almost eight inch member every now and then.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn now new for sure Rex was going to have some rough sleepless nights but then she chuckles at her friend's reaction. How could one change from being ominous to being so shy in just a second. She was about to comment on it when Shiomi's comment made her shut up, forcing a deep red colour to her normally pale skin. She cleared her throat before speaking. "First of all, he is not my boyfriend yet and second we have certainly not done anything such vulgar on out first date." She says, her voice strong like how a queen would speak, daring anyone to question her.

Dequan chuckles softly while Fillian rolls his eyes before smiling as he continous polite conversation with Annelise, who occasionally blushed. Though Fillian could not shake off the feeling that he was being watched the entire time and he already had an idea who that might be. The bitch Louisa herself ofcourse. He had the urge to glare into that direction but for all of their sake he did not.

Indeed that was a very smart thing of Gilford to do. Just like Ichirou took science class. He already knew everything but it was an easy A. With a bit embarressed grin he rubs the back of his neck. "I am not that good with languages... Nor history... Biology... Sports... Honestly, science is the only thing I am good at" He says with a light laugh. And drawing ofcourse but that was his little secret.

Cecilia giggles softly as she softly plays with his hair. "Hi there indeed." She says as she lovingly looks him in the eye. Though she was pulled out of her stare by her father clearing his throat for obvious reasons. Cecilia blushed softly before smiling shyly and shrugging. She just couldn't help it. She looked back at Belial. "I guess we should go now since we are both finished."

Yumi raises one eyebrow, not understanding why Naomi was giggling and really not understanding why she was asking that question. "Uhm... Yes, why?" She asks, clearly blind to the fact that she once again moaned as she tasted something new and delicious.

Kierra smiles sweetly down at her husband before kissing his lips. "I love you too." She says as she snuggles more against him. She could snuggle with him forever. Sadly for them, her cellphone rang, breaking the bubble they were in. With a sigh she picks it up, seeing it was the substitute teacher. "With Kierra, is there anything wrong...." She was silent as she listened but then her eyes widened. "Are you sure he was not there?.... Thank you for the message." She says as she hangs up. "Ichirou wasn't in sience class the previous hour..." She says. It could mean two things. Or he was hurt or he had skipped class.

Daliyah's stomach did strange jumps as she felt his tongue against hers but then she felt something else which really heated her up. His hands on her chest. Followed by his hard member against her crotch. It felt like steam was coming out of her ears as her body heated up to what felt like an impossible level. O-Oh my. She had not expected him to act so fast. But strangely enough she didn't mind at all. She even wanted more. She wanted to say something in return but her mouth was silenced by his and her thoughts were send swirling again. To let him know how she felt she grinded her hips up against his, making herself moan in delight as she began to get wet with need. This was the first time she truly wanted this. It was truly thrilling. Knowing he would not succeed with taking them off, she began to take off her armcuffs, hand jewerly and ofcourse the rose necklace tied to her neck, letting them drop to the ground without caring where they went. After that her hands quikly found their way to his shirt, taking it off of him to see his well toned body, making her blush even more as she looked at him.
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Shiomi's ears stood up a bit at Eadlyn's seriousness, almost a tad surprised at how authoritative she had became. "Okay..." She said while nodding, feeling like saying something under her breath but not due to fear of Eadlyn hearing it and pulling one of her tails. "Do you want him to be your boyfriend?" She asked curiously.

Louisa cracked a knuckle each at a time as she saw them, feeling quiet but vehement rage as she saw it. Oh how she hoped Raiden would hurt him. Perhaps Raiden would threaten to rape the little girl, or better yet actually do it, or to kill the family, or perhaps to hold him at gun point. The possibilities were endless and each one of them rubbed well against some sadism she had hidden inside of herself.

"Just like me with Russian." Gilford said with a slight chuckle before they walked into a rather quiet and private area, with nobody really around them. Gilford rubbed the side of his head a bit, yawning a tad before he asked "Do you want my number?" With a slight smile.

Belial smiled up at her, sitting up when she said it was time to go. "I suppose so. It was nice seeing all of you again, and I hope to come here more often." He said before walking to the door and getting his shoes on, waiting for Cecilia to finish up with her family before coming to him.

"Because you're making really really loud noises." Naomi said with another slight giggle before she ate some of her food to, moaning a tad to it herself as she found it really really good. "Don't you say anything." She said while narrowing her eyes.

Hei narrowed his eyes a bit before sighing. "He has picked up the trait of trying literally everything for a woman he likes." He said before sighing again. "My dad started us off down that path when he got a tattoo of my mother's name on his arm. He's doing this probably to impress that girl he likes." He said with a grumble. "Let's not scold him too badly, but let's remind him that school is more important." He said quietly while nodding his head.

Virgil moaned a bit as she rubbed her hips against him, rubbing just perfectly against the tip of his member, making it twitch a bit as she started taking off her clothes. He allowed her to take off his shirt, quickly kicking his pants off so they both were pretty much naked. He looked up at her, breasts in his face before he grinned a bit and continued to kiss her, bringing her down a bit as he used his tongue and rubbed it against hers, rubbing his rock hard member against her and pressing it hard occasionally to tease her, although he wanted to go inside of her quite badly himself. He rubbed her breasts, loving the feel of them a bit as he continued to kiss her although eventually he pulled away to breath, looking up at her and blushing slightly at her intimacy. "You're just as beautiful underneath all those clothes as I though you'd be." He said with a small smirk as he looked up as, digging his member against her just a small bit.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn softend at that question, her stomach doing a strange flip at the thought of Takao being her boyfriend. She smiles slightly as she nods. "Yes... I really do want him to be my boyfriend." She says, thinking about the possibility of them together just made her... Happy and excited. True there were going to be some bumps in their relationship thanks to her father and his Yakuza, but she believed they could make it work. If Takao wanted it as well ofcourse....

Fillian could simply feel the rage being directed towards him and it got more annoying each freakking second that passed. He was doing nothing wrong. That woman had no right to keep glaring a hole in his back. So he turned around to face towards Louisa and gave her a warning glare in return. As if to make her even angier he puts a hand on Annelise's should and pulls her closer towards him, causing the sweet girl's face to go red, before he leans down and whispers something in her ear, causing her to blush even more and even bite her lip.

Ichirou's eyes widened and a bright red blush covers his cheek. W-Was she really.... Serieus about this?! He was going to get her number?! It was almost like a dream. First she talked to him, then went out with him and now they were going to exchange numbers?! "Y-Yes I-" He squeeked out but quite he cleared his throat, trying to sound atleast a bit like a boy and not a toddler. "I would love too!" He says with a wide grin.

It took some time for Cecilia to say goodbye to all her sisters. All wanted a hug and to say something to her. Almost all of them asked when they were going to visit next, her answer always being 'as soon as possible'. She saved her dad for last, hugging him tightly and even kissing him on his cheek before waving at them and walking to her husband. Quikly she puts on her shoes before wrapping her arms around his left arm. "Lead the way." She says with a big smile.

Yumi thinks about it. Did she make loud noises? She couldn't really remember... But then Naomi moaned as well, causing her to grin and even grin more at Naomi's words. She holds her hands up in surrender. "Fine, I won't say a thing." Though it was very tempting to do so. But instead she just continoud to eat before it got cold.

Kierra raises one eyebrow. Her son skipping school for a girl? Nah, that just didn't sound right. But she guessed her husband would know better than her. "How can you be so sure it was for a girl?" She asks curiously. True it could be a possibility but he seemed to be death sure about this, not even thinking about other things that could have happend.

Daliyah couldn't help but look down at his body as they were now undressed and boy, the sight of him would make any girl drool. Her heart picked up a pace as the aching down below got worse with each second he waited. Everytime he pushed his tip against her she held her breath in anticipation but each time he pulled away. At first she was confused why but then she realized he was teasing her, taking his sweet time with her, which was very different from what she was used to. She ran her own hands over his body, kissing him back with as much passion and heat she could muster. She panted as he pulled away to speak, his words bringing tears to her eyes. Those words have been said to her before, just like she has been touched and kissed many times as well, but with him it just.... Meant something. She wanted to speak but she was afraid her words would cause her tears to fall down so instead she pulled him into a kiss, putting all her longing for him into that kiss, almost begging him to take her already.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi smiled a bit, seeing how Eadlyn talking about him so. She must have really liked him to be like this, and she hoped that he'd ask her out soon enough because Eadlyn never just liked any guy. "It'll work out for you Eadlyn, I know that." She said with a smile as she reached over and rubbed Eadlyn with one of her fluffy tails.

Louisa let out a small laugh as he looked at her and hugged Annelise closer, making her facial expression twitch a bit as she scooted closer to Leia, talking to her a bit as she tried to get her mind off it all but there was only one thing on her mind. Utterly and totally ruining Fillian's life.

Gilford chuckled a bit at how red Ichirou got, finding it surprising but also interesting. He wondered if Ichirou....was like him. He wrote down his number for Ichirou before looking at him a bit and blinking a little before clearing his throat. "In case you don't like it...well, don't tell anybody.." Gilford said quietly before giving Ichirou a nice kiss on the lips, thinking that Ichirou liked men, kinda like he did, instead of thinking that he was actually a girl. Gilford pulled away afterwards, blushing furiously as he felt some sort of excitement down below, although because he was kinda small it didn't really pop out of his pants. "That was an interesting first.." He said before gulping while blushing.

"Sure will, my foxy wife." Belial said, squeezing her hand a bit as they walked towards the direction of the royal palace. After kinda a long walk they arrived at the demonically decorate gates that were opened the moment he arrived. He opened the palace doors and walked in, seeing his father on his throne asleep and his siblings walking across the halls not really caring. The only person in there was a woman with black luscious hair, red leps, red eyes with a nice tight dress that fit her curves perfectly. "Ooooh, Belial, it's been quite the long time." She said poshly. "I've missed you.." She said quietly, winking a bit at him.

"Yeah see.....I'm just going to go away now." Belial said, quickly taking her hand and running to his old room, locking the door behind him as he panted a bit. "It's...Camilla....the girl I was arranged to marry..." He said while panting a bit.

"Yay." Naomi said while finishing up her food, loving it when Yumi actually listened to her since she knew that when Yumi wanted to, she could be worse than Satan himself with teasing and it was not a joke.

"Because he's my son and I know how all men in this family work." Hei said, most sure of what Ichirou had done before yawning and leaning his head against her shoulder. "Don't worry....our boy won't do it again after I have a talk with him." He said with a yawn.

Virgil saw tears forming in her eyes, rolling them over and getting himself ontop of her before she kissed him deeply. He placed a hand on one of her creamy breasts and the other on the bed for a grip as slowly, he slid himself inside of her, first his tip getting in..then half of his shaft and then finally, he got all the way to his balls. Eight inches he had put inside of her slowly. Then, just as slowly he pulled out a bit before going in a little faster and after a while before he knew it, he was thrusting into her hard, panting a bit as he rubbed her breast as well, unable to kiss now because of him needing to breath. His hips thrust into her hard, creating a loud slapping noise from his balls hitting her rear as he went all the way inside of her, hard but not in a painful way.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn blushed softly and nodded, really hoping, praying, it would work out between them. But she was going to make it work. If she had to make efforts for it she will. "I really hope so." She says with a smile. But hey, it also worked out between Rex and Shiomi so she guessed if that could happen, anything could happen.

Fillian didn't feel the glare on his back anymore. Good. So he had shut her up. For now atleast. With a soft smile he continoud his gentle conversation with Annelise, getting to know the woman more and more as they talked. But then the bell rang, causing him to sigh. "Guess I have to go now." He says, knowing they both had different classes to take. "Well, I'll see you soon then." He says as he pats her head and walks off with Dequan and Mei.

Annelise blushed once again as he patted her head, a small happy sighs escaping her lips as he walked off. It had been really fun talking to him. And she noticed it was getting easier by the second so she was kinda sad that the bell had seperated them.

Ichirou felt extremely giddy as he got Gilfords number and carefully puts the number away in his pocket. Though at his words he frowned a bit in confusion. What did she me- OH. THAT was what she meant. A kiss. His cheeks turned almost to flames as his lips tingled with the sensation of her lips on his. This was.... His first kiss! And by such a beautifull girl! Oh dear oh dear oh dear! "I.... Did like it." He says with a wide grin before quikly looking around, no one here yet. "C-Can we-" He gulped. "- do that again?" He asked quietly.

Cecilia had always found the palace such a beautifull place. Dark but beautifull. She happily walked inside though the greeting they got here had been different than from her own family. Which she kinda had expected. But then she saw that woman. She kept on smiling, not thinking to much of it, not even when the woman winked at her husband. Belial was handsome and a Prince, ofcourse woman would be after him. She knew that. She followed him into his old room, not understanding why they had been running, and opened her mouth to speak when his words silenced her. That had been.... His ex... Fiance? Her ears flattend and her tails drooped. He had been engaged? And he never told her.... Her heart clenched a bit but she forced herself to smile. "Oh, was she? Well... I guess... Okay then..." She tried to tell herself the past meant nothing, they had eachother, but still her stomach couldn't help but clench.

After Yumi ate the whole bowl she leans back with a content sigh as she rubs her now slightly grown stomach a bit. "Man, that was worth it." She says, sure of the fact she was't going to be able to walk for the next 15 minutes or so.

Kierra smiled softly. She guess he did know everything about his boy so she would just leave it to him. No need for two rampaging yelling parents. Softly she stroked his hair and kisses his forhead. "Are you tired, honey?" She asked sweetly as she noticed him yawn two times.

Daliyah bit her lip as he finally pushed himself in, stretching her in a way she hasn't been stretched in quite awhile. He kept on pushing in, which made her wonder how long he actually was and when he was finally all the way in she softly moaned in delight, loving the feeling of him completely filling her. In the beginning she roamed her hands over his body, gently pushing her hips against his. But quikly their pace got faster, her hands clenching in the sheets as she tried hard to keep up with the pace. Never had she experienced so much pleasure it was probably of the fact of how skillfully he was claiming her and that this time she truly want this. Moans and pants continously escaped her lips, his trusts turning her into a moaning sweating mess beneath him. Her walls clenched around him as she felt a release building up.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Shiomi smiled at her friend, her tails swaying. "I know so." She said before the bell rang, making her tails and ears droop. She hated that damn bell. "Well, I'll see you all later." She said, getting on her fours and running to the next class quickly.

"Bye Eadlyn." Valeryia said with a smile, having been rather quiet the whole time.

Raiden followed Fillian a bit, seeing how they walked, how they listened to things, how quick they were, everything. His analytic eyes watched them without them even noticing, being almost a shadow within the crowd even though he was most noticeable. That's why people never expected him coming.

Gilford blushed even more at Ichirou's reaction, glad he was happy before he nodded. He kinda liked this himself. He leaned in again, giving Ichirou another kiss, this one much longer before pulling away after the bell rang. "Oh no.." Gilford said quietly with a small chuckle, knowing their time was up. "I don't think we have anymore classes today. Call me after school, alright?" He asked with a smile.

Belial sat on the bed, pulling Cecilia onto his lap before he kissed her cheek, nuzzling the side of her head a bit. "Don't be like that my fluffy hubby wuvy lovey dovey." He said quietly as he rested his head on her shoulder. "You are my wife, I have had my only child with you, you are the only woman I am attracted to and I wouldn't take that woman in a million years. She terrifies me." He as he pushed her down slightly onto his crotch a tad.

"It was...." Naomi said quietly as she didn't get up from her chair, putting her head against the table as she actually started to fall asleep, the wonder of good food setting in quite well in her.

"Just a little..." Hei said quietly before kissing her forehead back, smiling as he looked over at her. "We sure made the car shake today earlier. Are you sore?" He asked with a small smile, having enjoyed that little time with her quite a bit.

Virgil grunted and moaned at the same time while going into her hard, feeling a pressure of his own began to build inside of him as he held it in, not wanting to finish quite yet. He grabbed the sheets, going as absolutely hard as he could as sweat beads came down from his forehead. He continued going, shaking the entire bed as suddenly, he finished inside of her, hard, throbbing violently as he poured his hot seed into her, panting as he did so. He pulled out of her slowly before going to her right side and pulling her into a cuddle as he panted still, pulling the blankets over them a bit as he pulled her rear to his crotch and put one hand on a breast, the other playing with her hair as finally his breathing calmed. "That...was..amazing." Virgil said quietly before kissing her cheek, having had the best sex of his life with her, right there.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn smiled as she waved at Shiomi. "Bye!" She says with a light chuckle, finding it funny that Shiomi once again showed her foxy side. But then she frowns a bit. Hmmm, only now she noticed hwo quiet Valeryia has been while she normally was rather chatty. "Hey, somehting wrong?" She asks as they together make their way over to their classroom.

The hair's on the back of Fillian's neck raised slighly as he felt he was being watched and followed. It wasn't really a danger warning yet but it did get his attention. He tried to shake it off as they brought Mei to here classroom and then proceeded to go to his own.

Ichirou closed his eyes and kissed her back, his heart jumping and the voice in his mind screaming in joy. God, he wanted this to last fo- FUCK THAT BELL. He sighed and pouted as she pulled away but at her words his smile returned. "I-I sure will!" He says, making a mental note to immediatly call her after school. "See you soon." He says as his grin even widens.

Cecilia pouted at first but then her smile slowly reappeared and she even giggled at his words. That woman terrified him? "Awww my poor Prince." She says as she rubs her cheek against his and wraps her arms around him. "I will protect you from the scary lady, okay?" She says sweetly before kissing his lips, the foul mood that had threatend to appear after hearing about the old engagement completely dissapeared.

Yumi chuckles as she watches Naomi but then softly starts to poke the girl's cheek. "Hey, don't fall asleep. I don't want to have to carry you home. You are not really that light weighted." She teases with a grin.

There was a firm knock on Takao's door before Riza walked in, a slight frown on her face and a telephone in her hand. She was covering the microfone so it was clear someone was on the other side, waiting to be talked to. She closed and locked the door just to be completely sure as she walked over to her boss. "Takao, there is this man who wants to speak to you. His name is Sora Cruz but we found no records of him nor can we trace the phone. He says it's important." She says quietly before handing over the phone to him, sitting down in a chair to wait and see what this was all about.

Kierra blushes softly as the memory of this morning was brought back to the surface. She softly runs a hand through his hair as she nods. "Yes, not that much but it still feels sore. It isn't somehting I will be forgetting anytime soon." She says with a grin.

The sounds Virgil was making were making Daliyah very happy. Those sounds made it clear that he was enjoying this just as much as she was. She bit her lip as she tried not to let her moans get louder as she got closer and closer to her release. She tried to hold back but the combination of the sounds, the feelings and the extremely erotic sight Virgil's expressions made it impossible to hold back. Whole moaning his name loudly she released as well, her mind being fogged over as the only thing she could focus on was her breathing and the slowly fading pleasures. Before she realised it he was already out of her, hugging her from behind. She couldn't agree more with his words. "It truly was." She said quietly, wanting to say so much more since she was feeling more than she had ever felt before with a person. But she found no words to describe the things she was feeling. So instead she just layed in his embrace with a content happy smile on her face.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia shook her head a bit before smiling, twirling her hair a bit in her hand. "No....I just didn't have anything to say. It's not like I have a boyfriend." She said quietly before looking down a little then looking up. "Not that I'm sad...I just won't fit into the conversation.." She said quietly with a small fake smile.

Gilford waved at Ichirou with a small smile, turning around and walking forward, his nice hips swaying as he walked, his butt still popping out of his pants as he did so, going to his classroom as he though of Ichirou, grinning a bit about their kiss as he sat down in his seat and got ready for class.

Belial kissed her lips back, bringing her on top of him as he went back into the bed, rubbing her back and sliding his hand down to her behind, spanking it lightly as they kissed. "You know, nobody in this home could hear it if we did it." He mumbled into the kiss as his hand went down her pants, rubbing her a bit as his member hardened and rose from his underwear.

Naomi pouted a bit at Yumi's comment, narrowing her eyes. "What's that supposed to mean? Are you calling me fat?" She asked with a pout still, sensitive about her appearance.

Takao raised his eyebrow, expecting this to be someone responding to the message he sent out, asking for any and all to help rob a bank. "What are you calling here for?" Takao asked gruffly, not giving any hint that he was yakuza, just in case he was a police officer since he was very cautious in his line of work.

Hei grinned back, leaning over and nuzzling her neck, his nose rubbing against it as he hummed, tickling it a little. "Me either Kierra. That was some of the best we have had in a while." He said quietly as he reached over with a tentacle and rubbed her precious little toes, shivering a bit as he felt them, loving the soft feel of the soles as well.

Virgil laid there with a content smile of his own as he rubbed one of her breasts slowly with his hand as they laid together, having fun touching her and not believing he was with a woman this beautiful. "You're the best I've ever had.." Virgil said quietly before kissing her cheek, running his fingers through her hair as well. "You're so gorgeous, and the very idea that I got to do this with you, and you wanted it, makes me feel good inside." He said with another grin. "I can't wait to have more fun with you, honestly, because you're amazing." He whispered huskily into her ear, nibbling on her earlobe as he pulled away.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn could see straight through that smile and immediatly felt guilty that she and Shiomi kept on rambling about their boys while they knew what Valeryia felt about this all. Gently she puts a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Don't worry about it. You'll find someone sooner than you think. Just don't search for someone, let it happen." She says with a smile hoping to give her even the slightest bit of hope.

When Gilford was out of sight Ichirou punched his fists in the air. "YES!" He almost screamed out before doing a small happy victory dance. But when he noticed people looking he quikly stopped, cleared his troath and walked away like nothing happend. He sat down in class, not being able to keep still, he kept rocking his chair back and forth.

Cecilia smiles happily into their kiss as he layed them down on the bed but then yelped and blushed as he suddenly spanked her behind. Well, that certainly got her attention. Her ears perk up at his words and then they lower a bit as he began to rub her through her pants, sending small waves of need up her spine. She bites her lip and giggles before kissing him deeply. "Lucky us." She mumbles as she runs a hand under his shirt, up his chest.

Yumi immediatly shakes her head. Nah, she had been just joking. "You are deffinantly not fat." She says with a smile. Everyone who would call Naomi fat was either really blind or really stupid.

Sora grinned as he heard the Yakuza's leader's voice and leans a bit more back in his chair, kicking his feet onto the table. "Good day to you as well, Mister Sesshoumaru." He starts, not bothered at all by the gruff voice. "As your collegue probably already said, my name is Sora Cruz, and I am actually calling to reply to your request. The one of the bank robbery ofcourse. It suprised me you asked so openly for volunteers. I am not suprised you want to rub that bank though. They are weak at the moment but that is not the real reason you want to rob that bank right? I would want revenge too if anyone dared attack my adoptive daughter. Riza is her name, am I right? Oh and I am sorry to hear one of your employees got hurt." He says with a wide grin, knowing he had the man's attention now. The attack had happend in the black market so no one besides the Yakuza should know about this incident, especially not an outsider. "I am sure you are thrilled to hear I am willing to help with the robbery. Me and some of my friends ofcourse. But there is only one small problem. It is not really like I want to help you. It is more like I want to politely ask your help to rob the bank. Switch of position, you see? With us having the major cut out ofcourse with atleast 75% of the profit. And before you cut me off or call me an insect who should crawl in the dirt infront of your feet, I must compliment you on your gorgeous girlfriend." He says as he picks up a picture of Eadlyn in school, laughing with two friends. "Eadlyn was her name I thought. True eye catcher. Long black shimmering hair. Eyes that could stare you into a grave or lure you into a bed. Vampire nontheless. Dangerous but I assume you find that thrilling." He chuckles as he puts the picture down. "Though it suprised me she is still a schoolgirl. One of my friends is actually rather close to her now. One push of a button to make my friend go have a nice chat with her. Now, don't think I am trying to threaten a Yakuza boss, I am not that stupid. I am just trying to reassure my position." His voice had been light, friendly, almost as if he was talking about the weather the entire time but now he voice suddenly turned darker and serieus. "But I truly need that money and you are going to help me with it. It is a good deal right? You want that bank gone so I will provide you with some soldiers. And I need the money so you let me have 75% of the share. So, Takao Sesshoumaru, do we have a deal? Or are you going to risk things you really shouldn't risk."

Kierra blushes softly and nods in agreement. It had been indeed very very good. She giggles a bit as it lightly tickled her feet before wiggeling her toes for him. She leans her head on his shoulder before closing her eyes, just enjoying his closeness and the way he rubbed her feet.

A soft blush covered Daliyah's cheeks constantly as he fondled with her breast so casually, though ut felt really nice. Her blush even deepend at his sweet words, he once again calling her gorgeous and even saying she was the best he had ever had. Well, he was the best she ever had for sure as well. But at what he whispered in her ear she actually had to bite her lip to stop the moan from coming out, her body getting hot already at the thought of more things they could do together. "I can't wait for it either." She admits softly.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک IAMYOURENEMY said…
Valeryia let out a slight awkward chuckle before she looked over to the side, biting her lip a bit. "Maybe so..." She said quietly, thinking in the back of her head that they all were liars before she sighed a bit. "I'm just over thinking a bit.." She said quietly before looking over at Eadlyn and smiling, showing she was kinda okay.

Belial bit his lip a bit as he felt her soft hands go up his chest, moving his up her curves a bit himself, rubbing her breasts through her clothes. He kissed her back deeply as well, getting his tongue into her mouth and savoring the sweet taste of it as he got her pants down, shaking his down as well before kissing her even more deeper before pulling away, smiling as he looked up at his beautiful fox wife, with her ears, and sharp little canines he could see when she panted and of course her tails. "Show me how much you love your prince." He said with a grin as he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, flopping around his semi hard member as he moved one of her hands to it. "Your prince needs a bit help with that too though." He said quietly, almost a little embarrassed that he wasn't totally hard yet.

Naomi pouted a bit, having been called names like 'Baby fat' before because she has chubby cheeks, which she hated a lot. "Alright.." She said quietly, poking her cheeks a bit out of insecurity.

Takao listened, being the businessman that he was. He was ready to propose a deal, up until Sora mentioned the events and then, mentioned Yumi. His heart started pounding faster, afraid this was a member of the other clan or even worse, a police officer trying to get a cut in on the action. As soon as he mentioned Eadlyn however, anger brewed within him and fear. Sweat started going down his forehead very quickly, almost panicking a bit. "Yes, you have a deal." Takao said quickly, his accent coming out a bit. "I will leave a stash of weapons and armor in a dumpster behind blackmarket. There will be a password on the lock. It will be 1738. You can keep the weapons as well as the armor and after the robbery, you can place whatever share you choose to give me in there afterwards." Takao gulped a bit before sighing. "How many people will I be getting weapons and armor for?" He asked quietly.

Hei shivered as she wiggled her toes for him, liking that quite a bit. He enjoyed being wrapped around her, rubbing her feet. He added another tentacle, rubbing both of her feet softly, being of course turned on by touching her feet. "Did I ever tell you how much I love playing with your feet?" He asked, hardening even more as he bit his lip. "I'm a total slave to them.." He admitted quietly, telling her things she already knew while touching them.

"It may come sooner than you think." Virgil said with a small chuckle as he hardened again a bit as he fondled her breasts, poking her in the rear as he throbbed against her cheeks rubbing her breast even more. "You're so attractive, I can't help myself calm when I'm with you." He said with a small chuckle before he nuzzled her head a bit lovingly, kissing her cheek as he laid his head against hers. "What do you wanna do?" He asked quiet, sliding one of his hands down her thigh.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Mirra1007 said…
Eadlyn smiles slightly in return. "Yes, you are..." She said quietly as well, truly thinking Valeryia had the habit to always see the hidious things in herself and not the beauty she held. They entered the classroom, both sitting down in their usual seats before she took her books out of her backpack, readying herself for what probably will be another uneventfull boring class.

Cecilia moaned softly as his tongue skillfull caressed her own, sending warmth down her lower regions and lust throughout her whole body. Dear gods she needed him badly, as always. And to think there was a big chance of her getting pregnant just made her all the more excited. She grinned her most sly and sexiest grin down at him as she slowly wrapped her hand around him. "Oh, I surely will show my Prince how much I love him. I am always willing to give my Prince a helping hand." She whispered in his ear before biting his earlobe as her hand began to move teasingly slow while whispering naughty things to him.

Yumi frowns a bit and tilts her head to the side. What was Naomi doing? Looking at her posture she almost looked... Insecure? That was strange. "Hey, something up?" She asks directly with one reaised eyebrow.

Sora couldn't stop the wide grin for forming on his lips as the grand Yakuza boss so quikly agreed to his terms. Oh, now he knew for sure he could use the 'Eadlyn' card whenever he need something from this man. He couldn't blame the man though. For love you do crazy things. "Splendid!" He said as he began to count how many people were going. Louisa and her two friends. Seth probably. Alexander perhaps. He was hesistant about letting Yumi go but just in case he counted her in as well. "For 6 people. It may not seem alot but trust me, there 6 are more than enough." He said with a chuckle. "Well then, I guess everything is done now. Just send me the time when you will be robbing the bank and place where my people can join in with yours to this phone. Don't think about tracing it though, it is untraceable, already made sure of that and I am sure your lovely adopted girl had already tested that. Now, it was a pleasure doing buisiness with you and say hi to your sweet French lover girl when you see her on your date tonight." He adds with a grin, showing him once again how much he knew. "Bye bye, Mister Sesshoumaru." He says before hanging up.

Kierra sighs softly in delight as he rubbed her other foot as well. It had been weird in the beginning but over the years it had gotten more and more enjoyable as well. No woman would complain about so many foot rubs. No woman. "Yes, you have. Almost every single day from the day we got officially together." She says with a grin though she ofcourse did not mind hearing it over and over again.

Heat and wetness immediatly traveled down to Daliyah's lower regions because of his words and ofcourse the feeling of him against her. But her heart warmed up as well, a feeling she didn't have with other before when partaking in these kinds of actions. At his question she bit her lip as she supressed a moan. God, his hand was distracting her from thinking straight. "I don't know..." She breathed out before softly moaning, her legs rubbing against eachother a bit to relief the ache a bit. "I am your slave, Virgil. Just do whatever you please."