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Had to make this. I just had to, And I may have got this subconcously got these somewere, but as far as I know there either general یا made up سے طرف کی me یا possibly my friends. but I should start!

1. ((You sometimes us ooc during normal conversations over im))

2. آپ sometimes forget your name, thinking ur name is that of a character you've been useing

3. This rp club shuts down when your gone for a while

4. آپ stay up till 2am cuz everyones on and آپ don't want to miss anything even though آپ have to get up at 7. and: آپ refresh the page until there some type of response on the rp. (Credit: Southern-belle)...
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There are 12 among us. Saving us from humanity for a god damn living! They make peace and unite us together until they vanished. 1,00 years later,violence carried on. On the Mid Night گھنٹہ of New Years,2120.....evil will raise from it's hiding places. The 12 warriors are weak and old and can't carry on to save humanity. Through their spiritual animal gifted to them from the Great Duke Esmond,will pass down to 12 wise ones to continue there quest for freedom and peace....If not,the fate of the world will burn in destruction and pain.
Ashton,Kate,Henry,Bailey,Danny,Beth,Lucifer,Victoria, David,Elle,Chase, and Naomi will do there duties to save the world with intelligence they got.

The Special 12....

(Hope آپ follow the series and hope آپ like it too....)
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This Roleplay is open for signups, آپ may شامل میں link


The man could do nothing but stare. She had beautiful wavy black locks flowing down over a sweet and innocent yet mysterious and foreboding face. Her skin was porcelain, white as snow, and her frame was delicate. She wore a dress that reached about five inches below her knees made of a purple and gray fabric that seemed to be neither solid, nor liquid, nor air. However, this dress was torn at the bottom, and her arms and legs were...
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1) What do آپ consider your greatest achievement?
I won a boxing championship in my High school! College boxing didn't seem to work out for me...

2) What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Livin' it up like Muhammed Ali!

3) What is your پسندیدہ occupation?
If آپ hadn't guessed already, I like boxin'! Most of my income comes from amateur boxin' but I really want to go professional. Not all of it's legal, though. آپ saw that one movie, right?

3) What is your most treasured possession?
My fuckin' fists, that's what!

4) What یا who is the greatest love of your life?
My greatest love is dead.

5) What...
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Full Name: Bellona Taylor
Meaning: Tailor of the Warrior
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Current Residence: Boston, Massachusetts
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: Light Weight
Blood Type: B-Positive
Nationality: Irish
Birthday: August 7th
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Compatibility: Dragon, Horse, Pig, Sheep
Greek Zodiac: Leo
Ruling Planet(s): Sun
Element: Fire
Hair Color: Ginger
Hair Type: She would dye her hair with a strand of blue in her bangs
Eye Color: blue
Eye Sight: 20/20
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: She has scratches on her arms and some lightly on her face, ear pierced in the lobe, and got one...
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