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Sam was in her room listening to her "Victorious"CD.
"And one day!I'll have آپ begging on your knees for me!Ya one day!I'll have آپ crawling like a centipede."Sam Sung."KEEP IT DOWN!!!"Aaron yelled.
"So oh mister player,do آپ feel like the man now?And I bet your nervous,'cause this song makes آپ freak out."Sam whispered."SAM!YOUR FRIEND CHLOE IS HERE!"Mom yelled."Coming!!"Sam ran to the door.
"Hey Chloe whats" "Shut up,shut up for just a minute!Look at this!"Chloe interrupted."Hello to آپ too?"Sam said."Go to your room!My mom showed me the Christmas gifts they'll have at school!"Chloe told Sam."Cool!"Sam کہا as they went in her bedroom."Look!A backscratching machine!A TON OF CD!"
Chloe said."OH!Look!A ڈالفن necklace!!!!My mom would love this!!!!"Sam said."Oh!Sorry Sam,but...A thousand of orders of those are online!My mom saw,she is a teacher."Chloe said."I don't care!I'm gonna get that ہار even if it killed me!"Sam said."Well good luck!"Chloe said."Just imagine,My mom opening the box,seeing the necklace,Her face!"Sam said."Wow!You're really into this!"Chloe said
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It hurts.It hurts.
My body.My mind.
All taken over سے طرف کی pain.
Refusing for me to gain.

Evil cutting me down.
Good not raising me up.
It's like being damned.
Almost like being jammed.

I'm lame.
I'm weak.
I'm taken over سے طرف کی hell.
My future is unable to tell.

What am I doing?
Why am I lame?
I not weak!
Acting like my future is so bleak!

I مککا, عجیب الخلقت evil in the face!
I mustn't let evil force cut me down!
Good is raising me up!
Evil smaller than a damn cup!

I'm forever strong!
Forever long!
I'm bold!
And I'm forever cold.
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I'm sorry to brag for all of the Sega یا Sonic the hedgehog شائقین who love Sega's classic game,but I'm excited. When I went to Family Dollar, I saw a Genesis system for $40. Did آپ read that? $40 for a genesis console,but I didn't have enough money. So I went ہوم and bought $4 out of $39, and saw in my receipt; This Saturday on Nov.8, get a product over $25, $5 off. I became excited and told my Stepfather to take me to Family Dollar to buy the Sega Genesis Console $5 off. This means the price will be $35. This gaming console contains 80 sega games on the system. I'm so excited. Got news,brag about it.
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Candy Bars, High Fives, & Cold Spaghetti! #TableTalk
candy bars
high fives
cold سپتیٹی, اسپگیٹی
Hanna Soundtrack-Chemical Brothers-The Devil Is In The Beats
hanna soundtrack
chemical brothers
the devil is in the beats
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