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Sam was in her room listening to her "Victorious"CD.
"And one day!I'll have آپ begging on your knees for me!Ya one day!I'll have آپ crawling like a centipede."Sam Sung."KEEP IT DOWN!!!"Aaron yelled.
"So oh mister player,do آپ feel like the man now?And I bet your nervous,'cause this song makes آپ freak out."Sam whispered."SAM!YOUR FRIEND CHLOE IS HERE!"Mom yelled."Coming!!"Sam ran to the door.
"Hey Chloe whats" "Shut up,shut up for just a minute!Look at this!"Chloe interrupted."Hello to آپ too?"Sam said."Go to your room!My mom showed me the Christmas gifts they'll have at school!"Chloe told Sam."Cool!"Sam کہا as they went in her bedroom."Look!A backscratching machine!A TON OF CD!"
Chloe said."OH!Look!A ڈالفن necklace!!!!My mom would love this!!!!"Sam said."Oh!Sorry Sam,but...A thousand of orders of those are online!My mom saw,she is a teacher."Chloe said."I don't care!I'm gonna get that ہار even if it killed me!"Sam said."Well good luck!"Chloe said."Just imagine,My mom opening the box,seeing the necklace,Her face!"Sam said."Wow!You're really into this!"Chloe said
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I don't use a mac but,i found that funny
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the mean kitty
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-I was at Hogwarts in a swimming pool, dancing with Ron Weasley with a straw up my nose

-My class took a field trip to a playground, and the only piece of equipment was a big statue of Discord (MLP) sleeping. It was HUGE. Everyone climbed in and on it (it was hollow inside), and I fell asleep on his nose. Then he woke up and turned out to actually be Discord. He discorded me and forced me to trap all of my friend inside of him. GOD THIS DREAM SOUNDS SO WEIRD

-I was in a mansion, but apparently the only bathroom was in the kitchen, and the door only closed a third of the way. Anyway, I had to...
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