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My favourite شخصیات مشہور

1.Michelle Trachtenberg-She is just very cool and acts perfectly in 17 Again and Gossip Girl as Georgina :)))

2.Leighton Meester-She is a wonderful singer,great actress and woman and acts perfectly in Gossip Girl as Blair :)

3.Dreama Walker-She is a wonderful actress in Gossip Girl as Hazel.

4.Kate French-Love her as Nikki Stevens in The L Word :)

5.Rachel Bilson-Can I add more?An amazing woman,perfect actress,wonderful style,amazing way of behaviour and way of life.She is my role model

6.Bethany Joy Galeotti-She is great,acts perfectly as Haley in One درخت Hill,has some great songs and has an amazing character.

7.Maite Perroni-A great woman and a singer!
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Once there was a black Yoshi named Bob. He was new to town and didn't have any friends. He was a kind and caring Yoshi who had the power to heal. He went to school and saw a group of Yoshis. Bob asked the other Yoshis if he could play with them. The other Yoshis laughed and scoffed at him. He didn't get angry. He just walked away with his head to the ground. Then suddenly, a human was very very sick. She was taken to the hospital. The doctors couldn't admit her. There was nothing they could do. "Yoshi", he said. It meant let me heal her. Then out of the blue, Bob laid his hand on her chest and there was a light shining. Then the human was cured!!! "Thank you", she said. "Yoshi". (Which means you're welcome). The other Yoshis saw what was going on and they apologized to Bob in Yoshi. He forgave them and then they played tag. Then no one ever teased Bob again. He had new دوستوں and they lived happily ever after.
This movie series has been مزید یا less forgotten over time.. Probably only remembered because of Nostaglia Critics review.

[Ghost Rider ٹٹو video]

Anyway.. Lets start with the "bear suit" ہاتھی of the room.. Cage..

I grew up with the Natural Treasure movies. Which is basically like Mission Impossible.. So I never knew Nick as the "crazy lunatic" I know him as now.. I actually thought he was a ligitimentally good actor.. Even in Con Air..
When I got old I saw the other side of him.. I think Ghost Rider 2 was my first view of it. Cage was clearly having WAY to much fun.

Anyway.. Not sure...
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