Rapunzel and Flynn This is the ONLY animated movie of this decade that

LisaForde2 posted on May 25, 2011 at 03:27PM
Isn’t cheesy or cringe worthy. I was amazed by how good this movie was. Sure some scenes were boring, others were kinda depressing and silly(girl’s hair glows and the guy freaks out)but having said that I really loved this movie. I could watch it every day. Plus the princess had A LOT of attitude(plus she had a frying pan) and her love interest wasn’t girly or irritating I was laughing my butt off every time Flynn Rider(or otherwise known as Eugene Fitzherbert)says something sarcastic or something funny like Oh mama I should get me one of these or hi how are you doin. Plus his hot.Also the film wasn’t predictable for example you wouldn’t say oh let me guess irritating princess falls for a bad boy gets married blah blah blah and I never knew that Rapunzel’s hair was brown I was like WHOA she’s a brunette LOL her hair is similar to mine in the end except mine is kinky while hers is straight and layered. The villain was hilarious LOL she looked like Susan Sarandon from Enchanted. Plus I never cried while watching an animated film since The Lion King (Eugene’s death) T:T I was like come back Eugene don’t die. Im sorry im blabbing about this movie non stop sorry but that’s what I like about this movie.

Disney welcome back my old dear friend(claps).
 Isn’t cheesy یا cringe worthy. I was amazed سے طرف کی how good this movie was. Sure some scenes were borin

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