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posted by Missprinceton1
Nikki POV
so mindless behavior and me and my friend's went to the mall for a bit just relaxing
End of POV
Ray; finally we got out of that house how long haven't i been outside
Prince; کرن, رے کرن, رے آپ go outside evry 10 mins
Ray; misfit
Prince; What?
Nikita; کرن, رے lets go over there to look at those cool shoes I have to have
Ray; anything 4 u
*princeton looking jealous*
so we wnet to the store and grabbed the shoes
Nikita; oh damn I left my wallet at home
Ray; don't worry I will pay 4 u
Nikita; awww u dont have 2 u no
Ray; no no It's ok
Nikita; r u sure
Ray: yes I am sure
Nikita; ok I will pay u back
Ray; no Nikki...
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posted by rayrayrox
آپ were in the bathroom for about 20 منٹ trying to sort things out. Once آپ stopped crying, آپ opened the door and slowly walked to the living room.
Roc: Oh there she is. ارے YN, آپ ok?
YN: uhh y-yea im fine.
Prod: Well come over here and introduce yourself to Rays new girl.
YN: sure…ok.
Even though آپ wanted to run out of the house and go home, آپ didnt want to be rude to the girl. آپ decided to give her a chance. Maybe you’ll like her…
GF: Hi, im HN. (her name)
YN: Hey, im YN.
GF: I dont think ive ever hurd of آپ before. کرن, رے doesnt talk about آپ like he talks about the others.
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posted by RayRaycutie
at home
???-btch where the h3ll hav u been?!
me-i was at school!
???-no i mean u sneek out evrynight!!!! where 2?!
me-i go 2 chrystal's house
me-mom y dnt u trust me?!
mom-dnt u giv me tht tone! u knw wat! giv me ur fone!
me-no! i pay 4 ths fone n evrythng else in here cuz u dgad about wat i do!
mom-*comes ovr n puches me*
me-*hides in my pain*
me-owwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes 2 studio*
???-hey ur mom do somethn?
me-u hav no idea!
???-tell me about it
me-mkay *we sit dwn* randy i gtta ask u somethn
me-do u hav a good family?
ray-me? my dad? h3ll no.
me-but u کہا he teaches...
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posted by Kaylan123
Princess:look lee i thank u for talking to me but i have to اقدام on
lee:ur welcome,if i was u i would bet him
princess:i know i should but its just rong
lee:yea but look ur with a better man,and he iz to cute
princess:i know and he know not to cheat on me
lee:u know thats rite
lee:so where iz he now
princess:hez out getting us some food
lee:oh ارے y dont we get together at my for رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا
princess:thats great so i'll call diggy andtell him to bring the food to ur house
[princess call diggy]
princess: ارے baby
diggy:hey baby umm im going to be late comin ہوم tonite
princess:y we were...
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Ok I'm going to try to make it longer so yeah . Niyah pov next.

Niyah pov:

~After school~

School was over and I ask Roc سوال he got mad tho but calm down and کہا "could I tell leah and Kyle" I ask . Got off my بستر and کہا “ARE آپ NUT!!! Wanna get me killed" he کہا . I was so piss that I yelled back“ Well Their My دوستوں I Tell Them Every thing" he hates to be yelled I do to but he's pretty angry so I backed up I was pretty scared. “Chris calm down" اگلے thing I know it went BLACK

Roc pov: OMG noo she will kill me and I would die .......again ill just wait to she wakes up.

Leah pov:...
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okay so کرن, رے went on tour n victoria was at ہوم one day. lets a=say...a week b4 he came back
*knock on door*
me-*gets up 2 get it n opens it* wat r u doing here mickie?! *annoyed*
mickie-ur bf was a fake
me-*fake laugh* lol okay!
mickie-no look really! *hands me fone in a rush looking back ovr he shoulder tapping her foot gttng impasionte سے طرف کی the half a second*
me-*reads txt tht says,(frm ray) ارے mickie. im so freakn bored wudda bout u? n wat about victoria? lol she really thght i likd her! she's stupid. im surprised she's evn an honer roll student. crazy rite. anyway i got 2 go work on #1 girl....
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posted by its_kristi_rae
آپ were walking ہوم on your way to school happy because your best friend just told آپ that Mindless Behavior was coming to your city and they were staying for a whole week. and on سب, سب سے اوپر of that آپ got a brand new phone for getting decent grades on your رپورٹ card. آپ were texting your best friend when a guy ran into you.

guy: yo my bad shawty

you: I an't yo shawty. ughhh OMG look what آپ did. I just got this phone.

you picked up your phone to examine it and make sure there was no cracks and that it still worked. آپ also picked up your پرس, تھیلی but a piece of paper fell but آپ didn't bother...
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posted by RayRaycutie
we wlk dwn a pathway of roses n end up coming 2 a lake tht was crystal clear n blue with honeysuckle all around it
me-OMG RAY-DAMMIT! *starts moving back slowly. cuz wen tht boy make a promise, he gon keep it!*
ray-i wont count tht one against u
me-whew ty soooooooooo much!!!!
ray-*takes off his shirt*
me-*omg tht boy has a body of a model!!! i swear on my livng soul!!!!!!!! i nvr really knw i was looking at him n i nvr really knw he was tlkng 2 me n i nvr really knw i was touchng him!!!! its lik i freakn blanked out یا somethn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
ray-*shakes me*
me-*snaps out of watevr i was...
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posted by RayRaycutie
*at wedding coming in l8*
mom-*runng towards me n slaps me*
me-im sorry i got lockd in a closet
mom-*slaps me again* stop lyng! where were u?!
me-i was helpng sumone study 4 a test 2mrw
mom-4get about being smart Mariah! ur not going 2 collage n if u dnt shut up, Josh is gnna make sure u do!
me-yes ma'am
me-*walks ovr n helps her*

ray(at ہوم layng on his bed)
roc-dude! get up! its time 4 رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا we hvn tacos
ray-ill be dwn there
roc-?! ray, tacossss
ray-i knwwwww
roc-wats rong with u?! ur not...
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I was sooo mad yesterday because I wrote Chapter 7 and it got lost!!!!!!!! Ooooo..anyway on wit the story :)

Ray Ray's P.O.V:::

I got up out of my نشست and slowly made my way to the door because I was still sore. I had a small limp while walking down the hall. Soon I made it to the lunchroom. Noise from the students instantly crowded my ears. I went to the lunch line wondering what I was going to eat. Out of nowhere I heard laughing. I turned my head in that direction. It was Nikol. Mm, now I know what I want. A slice of supreme pizza, with a side of western fries (wedges), and a...
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posted by RayRaycutie
mom-*coming upstairs n opens my door* mariah?
me-*layng in بستر wtchng tv* yeah?
mom-i hav 2 work ovrtime 2nite at the office so i hav 2 go okay?
mom-i luv u mariah
me-lol i luv u 2 mom!
mom-good nite!
me-*still wtchng tv n about 15 منٹ l8r i feel lik dancing so i go 2 the studio hopng nobdy is there*
me-*thnkng out loud *FINNALLY!!!!!!!!!!*
me-*starts dancing 2 Shakiria hips dnt lie. so u knw i was gon belly dance n stuff lik tht i dance 4 lik 5 منٹ replayng the song cuz...OMG ITS MY SONG!!!!*
???-wow i hvnt seen dancing lik tht since evr!
me-*stops immediatly n turns...
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«Nikol's P.O.V»

Today's moving day!! Yayy!! *sarcasm* not. My parents are making me اقدام because my dad got a promo AND transferred to L.A. *sigh* I told them I could stay with Nana because she lives in this part of Maryland. But my mom کہا "You knows she getting out old and she can't keep up with you...." blah, blah, blah gettin old my butt. She be hitting Club Choices every night. Hmm I ain't stupid. If I know anybody, I know my gramma. I had just got finished packing the last box of my room and was about to take it downstairs with the rest of 'em until my douche of a brother got in my...
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We've met یا characters so let's see how it all began!


Oh no another دن of school! I wish I could just die I can't stand school everyone is so mean, I was wide awake just laying in bed, I seemed to be lost in my thoughts when suddenly my alarm went off! I got my with a jump, made my bed, took a shower, got dresses went down stairs. I found my parents happily having they're breakfast with little brother, Nathan. I gave my mom and dad a kiss each and ate my breakfast we talked about school for a while and then I went to get my stuff we were off my dad dropped me off at school. I went to...
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 A sorta حالیہ pic of me (August 2015 tho lol)
A sorta recent pic of me (August 2015 tho lol)
Wooooow lol, it's been 3 yrs since I wrote the first chapter of this. I am currently 17 ! (\(^-^)/) Grown and sexy lls jk jk.

I just wanted to come and let everyone know that I am still here lol Alive and well and I'll trrrryy to write another chapter. Been having writer's block for the longest, even on my Wattpad account (@KissMy_SwaqBixh btw ~-*) I couldn't think of anything to write.

But I am here and open for suggestions. Just I.B. me and I'll try to get to it as soon as possible.

TTYL YALL (\(^-^)/)
Ok my stuff got lost for the سیکنڈ time but I'm listening to موسیقی and I'm good.

Leah pov: I can't believe it I'm here kissing Jacob.
I had to stop it since I got to heated. Before I got up I کہا "I gotta go"

And I left with.out him saying a word.

I step in my car and dialed
Kyle's number.

It ringed 2times and then she picked up.

*phone convo*
Me : Hey, Kyle I wanted to know if I can come over.

Kyle : yeah just let me get my self together first.

Me.: Together? What are آپ doing?

Kyle : this is grown folks business. *hang ups*

*phone convo end*

I laughed as I was driving to her house.

Niyah pov : I was...
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posted by gottalovemb2
Imagine . Last time I made a episode with lexi کرن, رے and raenae
Well this is a different character with a princess name Dana .RANDOM. Lets start.

Dana pov: My mother always say I'm stupid and never get a true Prince and I believe her I am 15 have 2 sisters that is so mean my room in in the basement I have دوستوں that works in the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ but they want the best for me.

Mother: clean the house up and down no SPOTS Nia Lia lets go to the mall come on.

L_n: O.K

Nia: dont forget to do my homework S.A . Hahaha

I cleaned the hole house I was so tired I got out side to see this boy with 2 braids and with...
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کرن, رے ray: کتیا, کتيا what the hell u going at Me; u don't need to know where I'm going at bitch. Alex: mom and dad can y'all both stop fuse. Me: Alex shut up کرن, رے get your hand off me don't touch me I'm not play with آپ I'm for real. کرن, رے ray: bae I'm sorry Me: I'm sorry too don't touch me umm nooo don't touch me کرن, رے i not play. کرن, رے کرن, رے : why are u steal mad at me i told i was sorry. Me: i know i just telling u don't touch me Alex: well I'm glad y'all stop fuse in. That fuse drive in me crazy. کرن, رے ray: lol. Me: what so funny.? کرن, رے ray: noting bae. Me: alright see آپ don't wanna tell me what u laugh....
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Ok so in the story terian and me are having a dance competition and we do like 3 dances i am going to put لنکس ok
at me,terian,rayray,and princeton house
ray:so keke are آپ feeling better
me:yea i feel alot better
t:so u ready for the dance competition
prince:what dance competition
me:oh we have a dance competition every سال and we won 10 years in a row
prince:can u دکھائیں us a منظر پیش of the dance
the dance
princeandray:that was so good
at the dance competition
this is our dance
our other dance
backstage with just me
me:singing ارے i just met u...
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And..... He puts the papers he was collecting on the pile I had made! How stupid was I to think a guy like that would kiss ME!! After collecting my papers I went to sit down, I sat in front of Rae, yay me:(! کرن, رے کرن, رے was still standing in front of the class. Our French teacher Madame (we just call her madame because her surname is too hard to pronounce) کہا someone had too دکھائیں کرن, رے کرن, رے around the school and everyone was happy to do it except me, I had to study! And of course she just had to choose ME! (P.S she's actually happy she gets to do this but won't admit it!) I felt someone pinch...
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posted by rayraymrzright
Mb:ok we are looking for 4 # 1 girls.
Yn and bffs:us us us us
Mb:(sees آپ and point to all of u.
Skip to endof show.
Roc:I saw آپ in the crowd cutie
Yn: blushing awwww thank آپ ur fine too
Roc: come on tour wit us u and ur freinds so what s ur name
Yn:it's yn roc royal
Roc: no call me later
On bus btw I'm in the story too as bahja
Yn and roc hear moaning and faster faster
U and roc walk in both: ewww.
Ray:gtho: get the he!! Out.
Bahja: heyyy get out
That's part one two coming. آپ were wearing this