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 Team Harry Potter?
Team Harry Potter?
Hi everyone, I had read both کتابیں and I would like to give my opinions on both of them. However, for those who haven't read it, go ahead and read it. آپ don't know what you're missing.

Harry Potter

The series was extraordinary amazing, because it's not predictable and J.K. Rowling invented whimsical words to make the story interesting and flow with the magical universe.
I am very happy that all of the 6 کتابیں were made into فلمیں that I could watch it again and again! I hope to read the 7 book when it comes to Malaysia.

The Chronicles of Narnia

When I first watch the Lion, the Witch and the...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Red with blood.
Red with blood.
Hi guys, I managed to finish reading this spooky novel because Halloween is coming. So, here is my review on Bram Stoker's horror classic.

The Story

The format is like a journal, chronicling the events of the story and the history of Count Dracula, whom he claimed to be a descendant of Attila the Hun. It was a bloodthirsty and chilling novel that I could not go to sleep in the end!
I also feel sorry for Lucy Westenra, having to die so young and to become a vampire all thanks to Count Dracula. Prompting Jonathan Hawker, Dr. وین Helsing and Mina to retaliate سے طرف کی killing the Count.

The Characters...
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posted by deedragongirl
 The Cover of the book!
The Cover of the book!
Hi guys, this is my 3rd novel that I had read from Cecilia Ahern, and here are my thoughts on the novel. Are آپ ready?

The Story

I feel that the story is very sad, because it's about Sabrina who wants to know about her father's past. It was very similar to Nicholas Sparks' "The Notebook" because it was like the past about her father's childhood to adulthood and that he is suffering from either Dementia یا Alzheimer's disease, most likely the former!

The Characters

Sabrina is a determine young girl, who tries to help with her father and to get to know him better. She uses his marbles to help...
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 Written سے طرف کی Anne Robillard, our new Tolkien
Written by Anne Robillard, our new Tolkien
Anne Robillard (the new Tolkien)
Original title: Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude

The Knights of مرکت, ایمرلڈ is a book series in the heroic-fantasy style, translated from French, written سے طرف کی the Québécoise Anne Robillard. The series numbers twelve books. Since their release, the کتابیں have become مقبول inside Quebec سے طرف کی the Éditions De Mortagne[1], selling up to one million copies. The first book has since been translated in English [2] and Polish. The book has also been edited in France, سے طرف کی the Éditions Michel Lafon. The first two کتابیں have sold 15000 copies there since June 2007.[3]

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 Lovely rose!
Lovely rose!
Hi guys, earlier on I گیا کیا پوسٹ about my review about Gaston Leroux's horror classic. So are my personal opinions about the book in general, I will also be including bits of the musical on which it's base on.

The Story

I was very familiar with the story, especially since I had heard many of the familiar songs from the musical itself. When I read the book for the first time, I was really amazed on how the story is partially different from the musical itself.
Surely, it was a very intriguing story that every night I would listen to the audio-book and I would cry at the end, because the Phantom is...
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posted by 1d_swift
Romeo and Juliet (1595?) is justly famous for its poetic treatment of the ecstasy of youthful love. The play dramatizes the fate of two lovers victimized سے طرف کی the feuds and misunderstandings of their elders and سے طرف کی their own hasty temperaments. Shakespeare borrowed the tragic story of the two young Italian lovers from a long narrative poem, The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet (1562) سے طرف کی English writer Arthur Brooke. Shakespeare, however, added the character of Mercutio, increased the roles of the friar and the nurse, and reduced the moralizing of Brooke’s work. The play...
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posted by O_The_Scientist
There's this book, Fablehaven. It's a series, as well, with over four کتابیں in it. It revolves around Kendra and Seth Sorenson as they go to their grandfather's Estate. They discover a secret magical preserve, which they quickly learn is in danger from the Society of the Evening star, an evil secret society. Brandon Mull is the author, and he uses a very good writing style. The کتابیں had a lot of action in it, and a shocking twist at the end of the سیکنڈ book was completely unexpected. If آپ are young like me (I'm 14) یا younger, (maybe 15) آپ should really like Fablehaven. It's nice and thrilling.
posted by deedragongirl
 The Wonderful Book Cover.
The Wonderful Book Cover.
Hi everyone, this is my third book review and only this time, it is Charles Dicken's novel Great Expectations.

The Story

I was fascinated about Pip and his life, his relationship with his family and especially Estella. The love of his life, I always feel sad for both Pip and Estella after the latter married Pip's rival, Bentley Drummle. An abrasive and unintelligent young aristocratic.
The story is also about forgiveness, especially the ending when Estella redeems herself and reunites with Pip.

The Characters

My favourite characters are Pip, the lawyer Mr Jaggers, Estella and Abel Magwitch,...
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posted by serenacullen93
SHADOW FALLS - Amy Kathleen Ryan
Go Ask Alice, سے طرف کی Anonymous
Crime and Punishment, سے طرف کی Fyodor Dostoyevski
The Dark is Rising Series, سے طرف کی Susan Cooper
The Catcher in the Rye, سے طرف کی J.D. Salinger
The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, سے طرف کی barry lyga
Boy Toy, سے طرف کی barry lyga
Hero Type, سے طرف کی Barry Lyga
Star Girl, سے طرف کی Jerry Spinelli
How I live Now, سے طرف کی Meg Rosoff
MAGIC - Gail Carson Levine
Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand - Gail Carson Levine
Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly - Gail Carson Levine
Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg - Gail Carson...
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posted by deedragongirl
 The Book Cover.
The Book Cover.
Hi guys, I had read the book a few months پہلے and I was not at all impress about it for a number of reasons. So, here are my thoughts and review about it.

The Chapters

This was the number 1 reason why I was not very fond of, because the chapters were so confusing that I could not keep up with the story itself. It was like the مصنف was jumbling with the chapters, especially the story-line itself.

The Story-Line

Speaking of the story, it was very slow pace that I could not keep up with it! It also has to much repetition in it, could not the مصنف just get to the point of who is the killer? That...
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Novel's title: Anne of Windy Poplars
Genre:Children's novel and everyday life
Author:Lucy M. Montgomery
کریں شائع on:1936
Publisher:McClelland and Stewart
Amount of page:440 page
This novel is telling about Anne Shirley, the protagonist who had an adventure of life in the گزشتہ versions.In this version,she's already becoming adult people and work as a teacher during 3 years.
From the cover,i think it can دکھانا the situation in England's village at 19 to 20th century.It contain of beauty scenery and calm situation.
The writer can describe the situation in the story and tell about appearance and characters of the antagonists and other person clearly. She can دکھائیں Anne who feminine but brave for solving herself's یا her friend's problems and always have a solution about it.
1. DUMPPP TWILIGHT کتابیں IN THE BINNN (u can watch the movies)

ok today i will tell آپ about great کتابیں and there athors your CHRISTMAS LIST!!!

1.The vampire diaries saga

meet 17 سال old elena gilbert she is extreamly butyfuil and every boy is after her one دن a new boy starts school he is suuuuppppeeerrr hot his name is stefan salvatore and she like really likes him but she is yet to find out his dark secret (hes a vampire) and he has a (vampire) brother who is SUPPPPPPPPPPPPPEREEEEERRRERERER
hot to so she is torn between his brother damon and her boyfriend stefan

it sound crap but trust me its not i would rate these کتابیں 4 and a half out of five coz there really good DDEEEEFFFFOO put these کتابیں on your xmas فہرست and i know what your thinking they copied TWILIGHT but they dident stephine meyer copied vampire diarievamp diariess was wote years before twilight

thats part one
In مزید general sense management assignment writing is very important considering the different level of سوال that are asked in the case study

We'll see in the research endeavor explaining configuration whether a solid currency is great یا awful on the off chance that study term. Anything compelling is کہا well yet when we talk about any cash and monetary framework, influential can have unfavorable impacts for the entire financial framework.

Any budgetary framework that is exchange centered can have extremely antagonistic impact if their currency is appreciating. The most vital purpose...
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My first language isn't English so please excuse my mistakes.^^
As a Emma Watson پرستار I saw the trailer of the movie "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" and immediately fell in love with the story so I decided to buy the book.
After two days reading I finished the book yesterday. (the book is not that big, so I probably would have finished it in one دن if I had مزید time^^) At first, it took me a while to find my way into the story and to understand Charlie (the main character). That was mostly because I wasn't used to the kind of structure the book had. It contains the letters Charlie writes to...
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We hear a lot about sexism against females, and some people think this extends to books, which it probably does. A lot of کتابیں have no females in them, یا only have weak female characters, like damsels in distress which are just there to be saved سے طرف کی males. But recently, there has been a lot of strong, resourceful new female book characters. Here are my favourite strong heroines- and two of them are from کتابیں written سے طرف کی male authors, so well done men for realising that females can be string too.

1) Kestrel Hath, from The Wind on آگ کے, آگ series سے طرف کی William Nicholson.
Most of آپ probably haven't...
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Daniel J. Levitin, 2008, 354 pages

Could موسیقی unlock the mystery of who we are and how we think?

An unprecedented blend of science and art, Daniel Levitin’s bestselling debut, This Is Your Brain on Music, changed the way we understand how موسیقی gets in our heads. Now, in what is being called a tour de force سے طرف کی leading scientists, he presents his audacious theory of ‘six songs,’ the key to how موسیقی shaped humanity across cultures and throughout history.

Preserving the emotional heritage of our lives and of our species, موسیقی from its very beginning, was allied to dance, as the structure...
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posted by 1999jacko
1:Grass سے طرف کی catherine Macphail
2:Worse than boys سے طرف کی catherine Macphail
3:Rick Riordan books
4:Game of thrones
10:fear all سے طرف کی michael grant from 5-now
11:Hunger games
12:the enemy سے طرف کی charlie higson
13:D4rk inside
15: Skulduggery Pleasant
17:Dusk سے طرف کی kenneth opal
18:The Mediator سے طرف کی meg cabbot
19:any other کتابیں سے طرف کی Catherine Macphail
20:Deception point سے طرف کی Dan brown
21:The hounds of the Morrigan
22:Enid Blyton Books
23: Roxy's Baby
all of these کتابیں are epic check them out and enjoy them
posted by moodystuff449
Thing are going round and round my head, یا maybe my head is going round and round in things. -(Diana Wynne Jones)Howl's Moving Castle

Sophie, I'm dying of boredom in here, یا maybe just dying. -(Diana Wynne Jones)Howl's Moving Castle

"You must admit I have a right to live in a pigsty if I want." — Diana Wynne Jones (Howl's Moving Castle)

"’I think we ought to live happily ever after,’ and she thought he meant it. Sophie knew that living happily ever after with Howl would be a good deal مزید hair-raising than any storybook made it sound, though she was determined to try.

‘It should be hair-raising,’...
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posted by HouseofNightRox
My Favourite کتابیں (In no order)

1. Glass Houses سے طرف کی Rachel Caine
2. The Dead Girls Dance سے طرف کی Rachel Caine
3. Midnight Alley سے طرف کی Rachel Caine
4. Feast of Fools سے طرف کی Rachel Caine
5. Lord of Misrule سے طرف کی Rachel Caine
6. Carpe Corpus سے طرف کی Rachel Caine
7. Fade Out سے طرف کی Rachel Caine
8. Kiss of Death سے طرف کی Rachel Caine
9. Ghost Town سے طرف کی Rachel Caine
10. Northern Lights سے طرف کی Phillip Pullman
11. Marked سے طرف کی P.C and Kristen Cast
12. Betrayed سے طرف کی P.C and Kristen Cast
13. Chosen سے طرف کی P.C and Kristen Cast
14. Untamed سے طرف کی P.C and Kristen Cast
15. Hunted سے طرف کی P.C and Kristen Cast
16. Tempted سے طرف کی P.C and Kristen Cast
17. Burned سے طرف کی P.C and Kristen...
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 Lasting Happiness
Lasting Happiness
She stared anxiously at the pot of water on the stove, compelling it to boil. Though the old axiom warned of its counter effect, she had long since دیا up on trying to look away from the pot, unable to tear her eyes away. Tapping her foot impatiently, she began to sing quietly to herself to pass the time. It was a merry song, the one she always used to entice travelers from the road to come to her window. As she sang she only wished her tune could charm heat into the water of her pot the way it charmed most of the passerby. The thought only seemed to bring her further impatience. The impurity...
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