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posted by lano500
"Margeret, Margeret," Mordecai cried running towards Margeret.
"Mordecai, Mordecai," Margaret cried running towards Mordecai.
They ran into each other's arms.
"Oh it's so good to see آپ two being friends," Pops said.
"POPS??" Mordecai screamed.
"Oh it's so nice to see آپ two in love," Pops sighed. "I was just writing a poem,
Birds are sweet
Bees in a sheet,
Isn't it nice
To keep the beat?"
"Uh... That's nice Pops."
"I know. Oh it is so nice to see آپ Mordecai. Where is Rigby?"
"Rigby went with Eileen to the singing festival."
"Oh I love to sing!"
"Maybe آپ should go شامل میں him."
"OK I will."
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Mordecai continued to the highway, but while they were doing that, Benson was infuriated.

Muscleman: I can't believe those guys چرا لیا, چوری کی my car!
Benson: I can't believe they RAN US OFF THE ROAD!!!! Now we have a flat!!
Mordecai: *drives past*
Muscleman: HEY!! Get back here آپ thieves!!
Mordecai: *does a burnout*
Benson: I am going to آگ کے, آگ them when we get back!
Muscleman: If we ever get back.
Aaron: *stops nearby*
Benson: Oh great, help.
Aaron: Are آپ two trying to stop two guys driving a '54 Cadillac?
Muscleman: Yeah dude. How did آپ know?
Aaron: I heard آپ shouting at them.
Benson: What do آپ want...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Mordecai continued driving until he saw a billboard.

Mordecai: ارے check it out! Sonic Forever available at gamestop, 150 miles away, exit 42. آپ got that?
Rigby: Yeah man. I can't wait to get that game!
Mordecai: Yeah, me neither.
Aaron: *honking horn*
Mordecai: What is with those guys in the Prowler?
Rigby: I don't know, ارے wait a minute! They're those guys from the poker game!
Mordecai: I wonder what they want.
Aaron: GIve us your car!!!
Mordecai: Oh dude, we can't let them have this!
Rigby: Then drive!
Mordecai: Alright *floors it*
Aaron: *follows*
Mordecai: *drifts*
Aaron: *nearly hits car*
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posted by katetekiku
"Hey Mordecai, guess what?" Rigby called. Mordecai was lying lazily on the couch, watching Dig Champs: The Movie. He sat up, turning around to see Rigby, and he knew exactly what he was about to say right before he strutted into the living room.
"You got a beard!" Mordecai exclaimed, standing straight up as Rigby stood with a perfect, brown goatee emitting from his chin. Rigby chuckled happily at the declaration.
"Yep! I am a man now!" Rigby exclaimed, raising his arms and flexing them as if he had muscles on the puny arm of his. Mordecai groaned. Rigby would never be a real man, He thought....
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J.G. Quintel and Cartoon Network have put together this video in honor of 1 million Facebook fans. It's so awesome, it can only be described with three letters: R-A-D.
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A bunch of baby ducks, send 'em to the moon!
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