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This Is Benson's Ultimate Rage Ever.
huge rage
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"UGH,This is SO LAME!Can't we play Strong Johns instead?",Rigby asked annoyedly."No dude,I told you,I want to see Margaret.",Mordecai answered."Ughhh,whatever.",Rigby said,positively bored.They entered the coffee دکان and sat down at a table."Hey guys,what can I get you?",Margaret asked them."The usual.",Mordecai answered back.Rigby just sat there silently,just wanting to play Strong Johns when he heard the گھنٹی, بیل on the door sound."DUDE!I wanted to check out the arcade first!",said a clearly annoyed voice."I was craving coffee badly,don't judge me!",a voice answered back.Rigby turned around...
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"Ugh! I hate raking!" Rigby groaned as he picked up a rake and started scraping up leaves.
"Dude, we have to do it," Mordecai reasoned, raking his leaves into a fairly small pile. It was the beginning of fall, and the jobs got harder and harder, including raking the leaves. "Benson told us to, and i'm not gonna let him tell us we're slackers!"
"But why can't he do it himself?" Rigby rudely asked, adding to the small leaf pile. "If we're slackers, then he's a huge slacker." Rigby still complained. Mordecai glared at him, and then started raking again.
Soon enough, the pile was big enough to...
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