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 ...about how Regular Show's ratings should be TV-14!
...about how Regular Show's ratings should be TV-14!
I've noticed that as great as a دکھائیں Regular دکھائیں is, a bit of controversy surrounds it. شائقین seem to be concerned with its current rating, TV-PG, and argue about which age group the دکھائیں is meant for. And all I can say is, please stop. You're missing the whole point of the show!

The content of this دکھائیں is really not all that bad, regardless of your age group. Words like "crap" and "pissed" are words kids hear all the time. And if not, it's better they hear them now because they'll end up hearing them their whole lives, once their parents unshelter them. Expressions like "How in the H are we...
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Srry it's short...
Rigby And Eileen (OneShot) MistleToe!!! 
~Eileen's POV~ 
I watched everybody party. They all seemed to be having a great time! Unlike me... I'm not much of a partyer. I spotted Rigby coming up to sit down,probably tired of partying. 
Me:Hey Rigby. Rigby:'Sup Eileen. Me:Partied too hard? Rigby:Noticed? Me:Well آپ came over here panting like آپ were running the 5k run... Yes I've noticed. 
He smirked. I guess he was pretty suprised of my sarcasm. I caught a glimpse of a blush from him,but he tried his best to hide it. Did this mean he liked me? Embarrassed,we both turned...
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