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Hello Mentalistas & Tunnies,

As last year, i'm doing a Bday project for our Lovely Robin Tunney.

It will basically be the same as last year.

The rules:

آپ have to take a video of yourself. In it, آپ tell whatever آپ want to Robin and of course, wish her a Happy Birthday.

- It's a non verbal video. You're supposed to write to her, whatever آپ want; what do آپ think of her, what's your پسندیدہ movie.... being as creative as آپ want.
At some point, آپ have to write "Happy Birthday".

- The video have to be 15sec maximum (20 if آپ REALLY can't do otherwise)
so keep your message short, Robin has to be able to read it.

- OR, آپ can do a photo, dawing, fanArt... (1 to 3) pics depending what آپ want to say, number of persons on the pictures...) talk with me in that case, like that i can presicely tell آپ how many pics آپ can send.

Just don't be all doing only pics, i WANT ویڈیوز more. the final video need to be dynamic.

- Deadline: June 1st

- If you're interested in being a part of this project, آپ MUST let ME (@totorsg) know on twitter, tumblr, Robin شائقین project site یا send an میل ای to saying آپ want to be a part of it.

- Send the video, photos... to with your name, country and twitter name if آپ have one. (If video is too heavy, آپ can لوڈ اپ it to a sharing site such as rapidshare یا mediafire and send me the link).

- *OPTIONAL*: Send me a 2nd video یا record of your voice saying "Happy Birthday" in english یا your own language یا both. Not sure i'll use it this سال but just in case.


I'm taking into consideration the suggestions to choose the موسیقی for the video.

Everyone can participate, even the shy one, some used thei dog last سال so.... of just filmed themslf from behind writing the words.

hope you'll be as axcited and motivated as last سال :)

Reblog, retweet, tweet, link, Spread The Word!

don't hesitate to message me if needed. (twitter, tumblr, the site...)

Robin is our Queen <3