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YAY! Rochelle's first webisode! FINALLY!
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Age: 415

Killer Style: Being from Paris, I love to mix the rot iron and stained glass together. It gives my look a certain timeless quality, does it not?

Freaky Flaw: I am very protective of my دوستوں and sometimes I get in the way when they do not have a need for my protection. I also have آپ say..."chip on the shoulder."

Pet: A gargoyle griffin. She is called Roux and she is mine from the time she was hatched.

پسندیدہ Activity:Sculpting

Biggest Pet Peeve: Pigeons

Fav School Subject: Architecture. I have spent much time on and around buildings.

Least Fav Subject: Swimming. I sink like the stone.

پسندیدہ Color: Grey.

پسندیدہ Food: Hard rock candy.

BFFs: Ghoulia Yelps and Robecca Steam
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Do not think آپ can read my diary without me seeing you!
10 septembre
Headless Headmistress Bloodgood asked me today why I want to be a student at Monster High. So this is what I told her. Gargoyles have eyes that are sharp and heads that are hard. It can take many years for us to make up our minds about even a little thing. That is why when I made the decision to leave my old school and transfer to Monster High. Mama and papa knew it was not a decision made in the haste of the moment so I have their support. I had, in fact, been watching the school for many years and I liked what I saw....
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