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posted by rusher29
~These facts are not mine~

1. Ross loves Japanese chewing gum.

2. Ross has a Girl Sean Malto deck, which is a skateboard.

3. Ross is an adrenaline junkie.

4. Ross once spent three hours at Pedlow سکیٹ park.

5. On Ross's 15th Birthday he played hockey with Joe Sakic from the Colorado Avalanches.

6. Ross is homeschooled.

7. Ross's پسندیدہ فلمیں are Romeo and Juliet, & Avatar.

8. Ross's پسندیدہ color is bright yellow.

9. Ross loves everything to do with flying (e.g. kites, paragliding, RC planes). He is waiting desperately to be old enough to get his flying license.

10. Ross has to wet his hair...
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