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Ross Lynch first caught our eye in Austin and Ally, and he's making شائقین love him even مزید in the Disney Channel's movie, Teen ساحل سمندر, بیچ Movie. Since he has so many female شائقین vying for his attention, we were shocked when he admitted a secret: He has never asked a girl out!

Ross explained that with his busy schedule, it can be difficult to give a girl all the attention she deserves. "It's hard looking for a girlfriend when you're working," he explains. "Especially if I really liked the girl, I wouldn't want to complicate things. If she comes along, great. I'm مزید than happy. But I don't want...
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~These facts are not mine~

1. Ross loves Japanese chewing gum.

2. Ross has a Girl Sean Malto deck, which is a skateboard.

3. Ross is an adrenaline junkie.

4. Ross once spent three hours at Pedlow سکیٹ park.

5. On Ross's 15th Birthday he played hockey with Joe Sakic from the Colorado Avalanches.

6. Ross is homeschooled.

7. Ross's پسندیدہ فلمیں are Romeo and Juliet, & Avatar.

8. Ross's پسندیدہ color is bright yellow.

9. Ross loves everything to do with flying (e.g. kites, paragliding, RC planes). He is waiting desperately to be old enough to get his flying license.

10. Ross has to wet his hair...
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Ross Lynch is a backup dancer in this موسیقی video.
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I love Ross but I am also his biggest پرستار and I know everyone else is too. Ross inspired me soooooo much I can't never hear his voice. He built my dream of being a really good singer, dancer, and actor. I always wanted to meet Ross but I know it will never happen cause to everyone I am a nobody so I write this to say he is the best and well always live in my heart. Love آپ Ross! I also wanna say if I got to meet Ross in real life I will be really grateful and never forgetting that memory so Ross if u r out there and your reading this I will be the happiest person in the world.
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