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The Rowdyruff boys were playing football when three boys came crashing down from the sky BUTCH: Oh God not the rowdyrock boys BANDIT: Yah it's us آپ stupid red head! BRICK: Hey! BULLET: ارے Butch Burnt your Hair? BUTCH: ارے thats not nice! BAILIT: ارے آپ stupid blonde BOOMER: Hey! BANDIT: Well boys آپ know what i'm going to do don't you? BULLET: Yeah BAILET: Yeah BANDIT: [picks up sharp metal peice and throws at bricks head] [Hits Bricks head causing him to get knocked out cold]BOOMER: Brick? BUTCH: He got knocked out cold thats all UH OH. MOM!! BANDIT: Boys we better leave. MOM: Butch what happend? BUTCH: Oh the rowdyrock boys knocked out brick BOOMER: Brick dosen't look too good MOM: Oh we gotta take brick to the hospital LOOK FOR PART 2
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posted by ppgFireball
Radio: *troll face* *continues playing JB music*
Brick: make it stop. *laying down on the floor*
Boomer: please stop. *is rocking back and forward*
Brick: we gotta get rid of this thing. TO THE STORE!
Brick and Boomer: *fly away*
meanwhile with Butch...
Butch: Brick, Boomer, where are آپ guys? they ditched me. man, I am so gonna get them for this.
At the store...
Boomer: the good thing is, we can turn the radio off.
Blue: hi Boomer! :D
Brick: oh great Boomer, it's your clone. *is not amused*
Boomer: we're like twin brothers! except he wears a baseball cap.
Blue: oh, ارے Brick. *is not...
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posted by ppgFireball
Blossom: why is Dora here?
Dora: CLONES, ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Butch: is that our family?
Brick: RUN!!!!
*PPG and RRB fly away*
Buttercup: what the hell was that?!
Boomer: an army of Doras right?
Brick: can we fight?
Butch: yeah!
Blossom: whoa, whoa, whoa. since did we agree to team up with آپ guys?
Brick: we need too!
Buttercup: OH, HELL NO.
Brick: آپ wanna die یا not? they'll probably force us to be like her... FOREVER.
Buttercup: آپ know what, let's fight. Bubbles, distract them.
Bubbles: *saying spanish stuff* Translation: Dora, you're adopted and no one likes you.
Dora:... آپ SON OF...
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posted by ppgFireball
Brick: this دن is going to be awesome. what to do first...oh yeah! مککا, عجیب الخلقت Boomer in the face. ارے Boomer.
Boomer: yeah?
Brick: *pinches Boomer in the face and laughs* (troll face)
Brick: اگلے i'll troll the internet! >:D
back at home...
Brick: i'm only 5, so everyone knows i'm immature.
Brickcool: (internet name) *types* carebearluver19 u suck! >:D
Brick: ROFL
carebearluver19: STFU!
Brickcool: you're probably a 45 سال old living in your mother's basement XD
carebearluver19: i'm 13 years old, dumbass.
Brickcool: i don't give a shit.
rockerdude56: trolls, these days. just block him.
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