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posted by tiana991
Hello my name is tiana and i love all grown up my پسندیدہ دکھائیں i have a آپ tube check my out "99tiana" i remake the دکھائیں as آپ know they are all دوستوں but i made it that they are all مزید than دوستوں for example angelica goes with tommy lil goes with phil and so on it has alot of drama added to OH and plus they have kids THE RUGRATS thats right the babys to so check it out THATS 99TIANA ON YOUTUBE ALLGROWN UP ME AND MY KIDS CHECK IT OUT ;) P.S and if آپ guys subscribe to me i PROMISE i will add آپ into an episode so plz plz subscribe give me your تفصیل of آپ character and if آپ have any suggestions یا ideas PLEASE let me know it will mean alot to me so guys i will keep آپ updated on the latest and new episodes i will also need pictures i need anyone that can draw the characters doing different things i want them to do THANKS GUYS ;)