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posted by twiggy13
 him skating
him skating
Sheckler was born in San Clemente, California. When he was just 18 months old, Sheckler found his dad's old-school skateboard. Sheckler taught himself to push it around using one knee, and eventually stood up on the skateboard.

From age 6 on, he has spent up to 22 hours a week practicing tricks in his backyard سکیٹ park, which includes a half pipe, میز, جدول tops and several grind rails. He developed his own trick called the Sheck-lair - an indy kickflip flyout.

Sheckler has appeared in the فلمیں Grind, Dishdogz, and MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate. He also starred in his own MTV reality دکھائیں "Life...
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