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The moon was going down as the last couple of drunken bar-hops stumbled out of The Rock Inn. It was named The Rock Inn because of it's tattered decor of posters of Elvis and the few Les Paul guitars hanging. The only real performance آپ got around there was the old 60s موسیقی that hummed out of the juke box.
My head had been pounding all night. Fed up, I grabbed the bottle of aspirin that sat on the dusty wooden shelves under the bar. Pouring myself a shot of scotch and took them. "They say آپ shouldn't mix those together," I heard Mallory call over my shoulder. I glanced back at her.
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posted by Flickerflame
1.His height (6'4) :D
2.His gorgeous, droolworthy body
3.His hair - the length and how it curls sometimes
4.His eyes
5.His smile and dimples
6.The few random birthmarks he has on his face
7.He's one of the few characters whose reasons for wanting a normal life I can actually get!
8.His sex scene with Madison in Heart
9.He's got a dark/tainted side
10.His powers/visions
11.He's sweet and caring
12.He's brave and heroic
13.He jumped into hell at the end of S5 to stop the apocalypse
14.His relationship with Dean, just in general and all of it
15.The way he and his father can barely have a conversation without...
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posted by shomill
-is filled with hate, but capable of دکھانا deep love.
-is proud and stubborn, yet sensitive and compassionate.
-is a follower, but wants to be a leader.
-has immense physical strength, but not as much inner strength.
-is tough and masculine, but emotionally sensitive.
-is selfish, but caring.
-wants to live his own life, but cannot separate himself from his family.
-wants to be like Dean, but is afraid of losing his individuality.
-hates the monster inside him, but respects himself as a person.
-knows his limits, but pushes himself to do more.
-is basically honest, but lies to protect himself and his family.
-knows right from wrong, but often pursues wrong paths to do what's right.
-is far from perfect, but he's perfect in my eyes.
posted by TheMikiInside
Heres a taste, hope آپ guys like it, im not all that good with storys but anyways....

Ruby's blood floods his veins, so strong and powerful as Sam releases the demon's wrist. His lips brush against her skin slowly, and he hears her hissing but doesn't pay attention. Not now. Not when he feels so good.
“It’s not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive
If آپ don't have it you're on the other side”
Yeah … alive. That's exactly how he feels. So alive. His body feels so sensitive, like his skin was too stretched, too thin and he can hear his دل beating hard and fast in his chest, pumping his and...
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posted by karlyluvsam
SO finally being all catched up with SPN i can say it forever & ever im 100 % Samgirl

Each season i had Some random reason for liking Sam مزید .

Season 1 it was the visions . Ive always loved Characters with them cause .. they have an unnatural reason to want to help people مزید . Then when He actually moved that dresser with his mind .. i fangirled to the دیوار . LOL then the part with him shirtless !! sooooooooooo sexy !! oh for some reason i loved that he had that thing with Meg .. casue its all forbidden love so its always sex lolz

Season 2 . as always visions ... THEN i found my self...
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posted by lilylove89
Sam was born on May 2, 1983 to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. He is the couple's سیکنڈ child, four years younger than his older brother Dean.[1] He is named after his maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell.[2]

When Sam was only six months old on November 2, 1983, his mother Mary was killed in his nursery سے طرف کی the demon Azazel, whom his mother walked in on while he was standing سے طرف کی Sam's crib, feeding him demon blood. Infant Sam is saved from the ensuing آگ کے, آگ when his father takes him out of his پالنے, پالنا and gives him to a four سال old Dean, who then carries him outside while their father...
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posted by 67impala
Fansites are funny places! When I joined this site in February, I found so many exciting things to do, to تبصرہ on, to look at, and great people who shared my undying love of Supernatural! But I also found something that I was not expecting - a fanbase tipped so heavily in favour of Dean. Now, I love Dean. He's hot, funny, all that stuff, but he was starting to irritate me a little with his seemingly indifferent attitude towards the breaking of the seals - certainly not his fault, but the story arc was starting to drag. I found myself really wishing he would make up his mind already, sink...
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posted by genyva
5 months after Sam crawls out the whole he see that Dean is doing what he asked was wasn’t ready to tell Dean everything, he thinks that Dean would look at him different he still had he's demonic abilities and like the season finale he seems pretty demonic [the whole light flickering thing]. So he travels south and finds him self in Valentine, Texas where he meets Kayla [played سے طرف کی Hayden Panettiere]. Kayla is the opposite of Sam when it comes to hunting. All she wants is to be a hunter with her brother and father. The one thing that torments her the most, the nightmare of her mother dieing....
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well I finally made it to my first con ever back in jun and let me tell ya sam is so fricken handsome the man is simply georgous,and Jared the man that protrays sam is so friendly and sweet to all his شائقین I was so high the whole weekend I had the most amazing time ,I am trying everything possible to go to another con already with a friend I meet wish me luck!if آپ havent ever been to a con آپ should definaltly go sometime آپ will have the best time of your life I did thats why Im so hiped up to go again.the karaoke party was a blast,matt cohen is lookin preety sweet,the guys was so funny that hosted the karaoke party,loved the j&j panel these two are a blast,I almost fell to the floor when I got my first look of sam(Jared padalecki, look out sam winchester we are comin back!!!heheheheh big fat Samlover!
Had to give it some thought before deciding what is going to happen in this one. Tell me if آپ like it!

Sorry if it sucks...

Short I know, sorry, writer's block. I wrote most of it at like.. 3am. It isn't my best work. Sorry.

A buzzing sound woke me up. Groaning I looked around. I saw Sam laying اگلے to me, his arm over me. I had no idea where I was. I knew it was an old abandoned warehouse... یا house. I didn't know what time it was, but it was morning. I could see the sun raise peaking through the wooden boards for the ceiling and walls. I still couldn't اقدام anything... All I could...
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posted by debie24
this goes out to everyone thats participating in this event!spn fun دن is for everyone who wants to have alittle fun!if your not sure about details just ask !videos are to be گیا کیا پوسٹ septmber 9th ,no later. آپ must make sure آپ include everything on your videos.if آپ need to know whats on the ویڈیوز let me know!there is a فہرست گیا کیا پوسٹ on the supernatural spot so check it out!but if آپ need anything just ask!!and so on to spn fun day!!!!
posted by debie24
sam omg I love how that name just tickles my tongue hahaha sam well ,sam is so amazing he is filled with concern for those around him,he would do anything and everything for his big brother dean,he is so secentive,he cant help but wear his دل on his sleeve,but he also is very heroic and brave,he jumps right in when آپ need him,I love those adorable کتے dog eyes ,and cant resist that boyish sexy smile,he is now a full grown man and wow did he blossom he grew up very handsome !!!!!!sam lover!!!!
posted by genyva
Chapter 2
“Mom,” I called when the TV started to flicker. I when into the living room when she didn’t answer there was a tall man looking at her then he looked to me and had black eyes.
“Kayla get out of here” she stuttered. The man looked at me and his eyes were jet black and he smiled a smile that made me shiver, he then looked at my mother. He looked back to me and with a smug smile; he ripped a hole in her chest. I screamed so loud as my dad and brother busted thought the door and the black smoke engulfed me causing me to pass out….
My phone rang waking me up I didn’t bother...
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