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posted by carthekid
Sorry who cared to read this crap I'm gonna dis continue this because I did have a story but me stupid iPad deleted it so now I'm raging! I might go back once in a blue moon یا so but right now I shall sing me national anthem.

O Canada
Are ہوم and native land
True patriot love
And all of us command
With glowing hearts
We see the rise
The true north strong and free
From far and wide
O Canada
We stand on guard for thee
God keep are land
Glorious and free
O Canada
we stand on guard for thee
O Canada
We stand on guard for thee
"no!" I کہا with blush on my face."c'mon don't آپ want me to kick some پچھواڑے, گدا for you?" he bribed but I knew what to do. He got on سب, سب سے اوپر of me.trying to struggle out of his hold, he succeed my phone."don't worry I'll make آپ watch everything and I'll be extra sexy!" he کہا with a wink. I glare at him. He went into the living room with my phone. He went to resent calls and dialed on are house hold phone.(you'll know why soon) "588-623-11burn in hell!" he sang. I enjoyed it when he'd sing, but most of the time I'd have to walk in on him singging. "why the Fu-""why the hell آپ pick on my bitch...
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I picked it up. " hello?" I answer."hi :smirking: is this (it's still a surprise)?" " yes. Now who the he'll are you?" I asked. "we-:smirking: I mean I'm runny brown. First name RUNNY, last name BROWN.:hardcore laughing: are آپ on speaker phone?" the affull sounding women asked." um yes why?" I asked. " because your speical پچھواڑے, گدا cream came in for those lumps on your پچھواڑے, گدا I HOPE آپ GET BETTER! Ahhaahaah!" they hung up. Wanting to cry I went upstairs,good thing everyone wasn't home. I sat in my room and pressed my face into a pillow. I was very self-concise of myself, even thoe I looked absaloutly...
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As soon as he picked me up, he dropped me. Looking at him with a stare that can kill, I looked where he was. I felt sins on my back. It was sans father, Gaster. We never thought of a good time to tell him that we were (it's a surprise so shhhhh!)
So we acted like we were just دوستوں around him so we wouldn't look sketchy. Using his wingdings, Gaster spoke. "sans I need آپ at the lab! It's very important" sans looked at him with distress. "here I'll catch up with ya later Kay?bye!" sans کہا to me. I heard him mumble something but didn't know what. All alone I went to see toriel. "hey Tori!"...
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