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posted by Lorajonas
I try my hardest not to look
I try my best to just avoid
All آپ tell are lies,False information.
آپ make me want a disguise

آپ only see skin deep,
آپ only see the outside of me
آپ don’t care who آپ hurt
آپ have no heart, آپ have no soul,
You’re inconsiderate

Why do آپ do this?
Why don’t آپ care?
I’ve never hurt آپ I’ve never even tried
I’ve wanted to, oh yes, I have
But unlike you, I fear
آپ tell me how to look, آپ tell me who to be,
I fear what might happen if your not there.

آپ reflect who آپ think i am,
But that’s not me,
Who is that person staring back?
Why do آپ do this?
Why don’t آپ care?
آپ stupid old mirror