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SEASON 1********

1.My first day
2.My mentor
3.My best دوستوں mistake
4.My old lady
5.My two dad's
6.My bad
7.My super ego
8.My fifteen minutes
9.My دن off
10.My nickname
11.My own personal Jesus
12.My blind date
13.My balancing act
14.My drug buddy
15.My بستر banter and beyond
16.My heavy meddle
17.My student
18.My Tuscaloosa heart
19.My old man
20.My way یا the highway
21.My sacrificial calm
22.My occurrence (part 1)
23.My hero (part 2)
24.My last day

SEASON 2*********

1.My overkill
2.My nightingale
3.My case study
4.My big mouth
5.My new coat
6.My big brother
7.My first step
8.My fruit cups
9.My lucky day
10.My monster
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 Cox and J.D helping a patient
Cox and J.D helping a patient
Scrubs has many unique personalities like the sex-obsessed Todd, The needy J.D یا the protective Carla. However, there are two characters that everyone loves but they shouldn't because the make fun of J.D, the main character. They are Janitor and Dr. Cox and even though they are similar, they have different ways of teasing J.D.
Dr. Cox teases J.D سے طرف کی calling him girls names, ignoring J.D affection to him, such as never giving him a hug یا denying that he is his mentor although he acknowledges it and saying how he doesn't care about J.D's personal life. The reason this seems O.K is that he does...
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my therapeutic ماہ
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