Secret Garden - The K-Drama Reunite the Amazing Couple: A Petition for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won to have a project again

insouciant posted on Feb 16, 2019 at 02:04PM
Hi there!

I've been a big fan of Korean Entertainment, including the Korean series and actors that play roles in it. Just like you, I'm a big fan of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won from Secret Garden. Though many years have passed since the drama aired, I'm still completely in love with these two. Since Hyun Bin just made a comeback drama, 'Memories of the Alhambra', which showcased his talent for the action genre just like what he did with 'Confidential Assignment' and other past projects, I was hoping for something that would make all SeGa fans happy and could become something that would bring them together.

I'm thinking of having a petition for them to have a project again. This time, I'm hoping for an action/crime film of them together, somehow adapted from the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". This is something I think both actors are passionate about since they've been doing action for the past decade of their careers, and they've done extremely wonderful works and stunts which has put audiences in awe. I really think that the project idea will suit them as they've got the chemistry that will make everyone swoon. Until this day, many viewers from all around the world are waiting for them to reunite and have a big project together, so I guess a film/drama starring these two will be highly anticipated and possibly become a major blockbuster hit.

A petition may sound strange (I don't even know how to start one), and I don't even know it it'll work but there's nothing to lose in trying, right? I'm asking for your support in this and that we may use your website's influence to active SeGa fans (new and old) and your connections in fan cafes of HB and HJW to make this happen. Let's make the amazing couple reunite again through this project!

Thank you so much and I hope you have a good day!

With love from a big fan of SeGa from the other side of the world,

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