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posted by cutewoody
 Me and Woody
Me and Woody
ارے ya'll,

Woody is a great Sheriff I used to have a Woody doll and it always made me feel محفوظ when I'm with him !!!! I love Woody, always have ,always will !!! :) I also like watching Woody's Roundup with Jessie ,Bullzeye, and Stinky Pete And the 1 and only Sheriff Woody !!!!! <3 :) I am hungry for some Cowboy Crunchies !!!!!! I love a lot of things about Sheriff Woody like for example : Everything !!!! No one could hate Woody ,he is sweet,kind ,caring
Smart,amazing,smexy,and most importantly he understands آپ ,and will never let آپ go :)
Thankyou all for understanding Hope ya'll enjoyed
my مضمون !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :) :D ;)
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