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posted by rupsa
Gouenji Shuuya (豪炎寺修也), known as Axel Blaze in the dub, is one of the main characters in the Inazuma Eleven game, manga and anime. He is Yūka Gōenji's older brother. Originally the ace striker of Kidokawa Seishū Junior High, Gōenji transferred to Raimon Junior High. He becomes its ace striker, later Inazuma Japan's. His hissatsu technique is one of the strongest technique in the team. He is the grandfather of Gouenji Masato, meaning he was married to Natsumi Raimon.

* 1 Background
* 2 Story
o 2.1 Season 1: Football Frontier Arc
o 2.2 Season 2: Ailea Arc
* 3 Appearance...
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آگ کے, آگ Tornado

Element: Fire
Type of Hissatsu: Shoot Hissatsu
Evolution: Normal>Remastered(Kai)>True(Shin)>Tchyo
Debut in Game : Inazuma Eleven(Game)
Debut in Manga : None
Debut in عملی حکمت : Episode 2 (Inazuma Eleven Season 1)

Other users:
1) Goenji Masato
2) Goushu Flare (Game)
3) Arata Shimouzuru
4) Hepai En (Game)
5) Giallo Topazio (Game)
6) Okegawa Koremori (3DS Game)
7) Seidou Dan (3DS Game)
8) Tsutsumi Tomo (3DS Game)

How to Do It:

1/Jump up and spin from left to right while the legs are surrounded سے طرف کی a آگ کے, آگ vortex and the ball floats near them.

2/When it is high enough, the body must be in a horizontal...
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Dub name: Fireball Storm
Element: Fire
Type of Hissatsu : Shoot Hissatsu
Evolution : Normal>G2>G3>G4>G5
Debut in Game : Inazuma Eleven 2 : Kyoui no Shiryakusha
Debut in Manga : None
Debut in عملی حکمت : Episode 52 (Inazuma Eleven) and Episode 42 (Inazuma Eleven GO)

Other users:
1)Kurosaki Makoto(Inazuma Eleven GO)
2)Goenji Masato(IE2,3DS Game)
3)Shimozuru Arata (IE3 Game)
4)Nagumo Haruya (3DS Game)

Kenshin : Enma Gazard


~shown for the first time against Epsilon Remastered and scored a goal, destroying Drill Smasher, Epsilon Remastered's strongest keeper move.
~Goenji mastered it with the help...
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