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posted by autumobile
                        ‘PAUL’                Written by: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
Movie Review                                    Directed by: Greg Mottola
By: Laura Higginbotham

I’m writing this review to post...
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Simon Pegg was a British actor, writer and comedian who rose to fame in the U.K. as سٹار, ستارہ of the مقبول twenty-something slacker sitcom “Spaced” (Channel Four, 1999, 2001). Pegg frequently collaborated with other talent from “Spaced,” forming a hip new clique of British comedians who eventually found widespread appeal with international audiences. He co-wrote and starred in the cultishly adored zombie spoof “Shaun of the Dead” in 2004, earning a U.S. following that ballooned to full-blown stardom in 2007 with the action flick send-up “Hot Fuzz.”
Simon John Pegg was born in Gloucester,...
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I thought آپ might like to know that Simon Pegg is getting involved in a celebrity charity art campaign this year.

The campaign is called ‘Pushing the Envelope’ in aid of the National Literacy Trust. Simon Pegg as well as lots of other celebrities, have designed art work on an envelope and provided words of inspiration. I thought it might be an opportunity to let Simon's شائقین know that they can buy his envelope and inspirational words via public auction on eBay NOW. But be quick as the auction ends tomorrow (22nd March) at 2pm. All proceeds go the National Literacy Trust - so آپ would be supporting a fantastic cause!

The link to the eBay auction page is as follows: