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posted by wavequeen
Hey! Just posting my summer playlist, yes I know some of these songs are so last century, but I still love them... This is what I'll be blasting non stop this summer:
1. P.L.U.R. سے طرف کی blood on the dancefloor (my official summer song!! and don't look up any of their other songs cuz they are dirty, but this one is fine)
2. Teenage dream سے طرف کی Katy perry (of course)
3. Perfect Weapon سے طرف کی black veil brides (love this one always)
4. Soul sister سے طرف کی train (so summerish)
5. I was made for loving آپ سے طرف کی kiss (a classic)
6. The morticians daughter سے طرف کی black veil brides (so beautiful and cute)
7. Fireworks سے طرف کی Katy...
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posted by Pixeletta
Ever since I starred in my kindergarten musical, I have had a passion for singing. It is such a beautiful thing, and I love all sorts of music. My پسندیدہ singer is Taylor Swift, and she has inspired me in so many ways. I have never been interested in country-ish موسیقی until I heard Taylor. She has a beautiful voice and she uses no auto tune. I have began to write my own songs and I play guitar, piano and clarinet. My dream is to be just like Taylor, and sing as my profession. In fifth grade, I was the female lead in the graduating play, suessical, and I played Gertrude McFuzz. Not the most glamouros part, but it was so fun and everyone loved it, it made me feel like a star. I am glad موسیقی came into my life, یا I would not know what to do.

~Long Live <3
This Awesome Singer Christina Perri Expresses Her Emotions Of Love In This Song It Is Very Moving And Also The Video Is AMAZING!!!
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