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posted by RuruLovesSelena
Umm. I doubt if آپ still remember me ! But i do !
you're still the same person close to my دل !!
I miss آپ a ot ! Its been ages since we talked last time ! I'm sorry i cant really come over here !
Im messed up to be honest !!
I came here cuz its your دن today ! You're 16 WOW ! Days went so fast !
I remember when it was my birthday and Now i really want a party studded full of harry potter and daniel stuff !
I miss آپ ! Hope you're happy and awesome !
Be strong and Don't really let anyone to let آپ down ! آپ always have my back ! Even tho i dont come on here often ! Just message me :(
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selena new song.......
201) How much spam میل ای do
you tend to get a week? 202) If آپ could learn any
language fluently what would
it be?
203) What historical Figure
would آپ love to see in 21st
centuary life? 204) As a kid were آپ ever
frighted of a monster under
the بستر یا in the cupboard?
205) Do آپ like clowns?
206) Do آپ prefer BBC یا ITV?
207) Have آپ ever been surfing?
208) Have آپ ever been
209) Who was better, the
Beatles یا Elvis Presley?
210) Whats your favourite type of foreign food?
211) Which Foreign country do
you dislike the most?
212) Do آپ like your music
loud یا easy listening?
213) Whats your...
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101) What do آپ typically
have for breakfast?
102) Do آپ like scary movies?
103) Whats your favourite
Milkshake flavour? 104) Have آپ ever been in a
105) How long can آپ balance
on one foot?
106) Have آپ ever fired a
gun? 107) Have آپ ever tried
108) Whats your favourite
109) Whats your favourite
clean word? 110) Whats your favourite
swear word?
111) Whats your least
favourite word?
112) What was the last film
you saw? 113) What football team do
you support?
114) Whats the longest you've
gone without sleep?
115) Whats the tallest building
you've ever been up? 116) Do آپ have any...
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1) Whats your (full) name?
2) How old are you?
3) Whats your Birthday?
4) What starsign does that
make it?
5) Whats your favourite colour?
6) Whats your lucky number?
7) Do آپ have any pets?
8) Where are آپ from?
9) How tall are you?
10) What shoe size are you? 11) How many pairs of shoes
do آپ own?
12) If آپ were prime miniser/
ruler of the world what laws
would آپ make?
13) If آپ were a super hero what powers would آپ have?
14) and what would your hero
name be?
15) and what outfit would you
16) What was your last dream about?
17) What would آپ do if you
won the lottery?
18) Would آپ like to build/...
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