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posted by RayJamesRaywerc
Tommy Lee wakes up in a dark forest so that he not see his hands
thanks to his powers began to shine in white. he walked to his ہوم in Jasper. he saw a small sign it is written: do not look یا should it? Tommy Lee: Damn I hate riddles !! lorsuq he sees appear a tall, thin man with black tentacles. Tommy Lee is invincible under Slender Man it does him absolutely nothing. Tommy Lee: آپ want my تصویر Banana! Slender Man Attaqua Tommy Lee. Tommy Lee Tira sniper in the Slender Man headache and it is Death. Tommy Lee teleported ہوم of a shot Daria was concerned about his disappearance. Daria: Tommy Lee Where were آپ then? Tommy Lee: euuhh I was in the forest of Slender Man. Daria: can the important matter is that آپ self alive. It's the end of Slender Man.