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Everytime i watch the movie of my idol song joong ki, it makes me happy and inspired.As a working mom, here in Philippine, i can't stop watching his movie many times. it help me a lot to cover up my stress....hahahaha il still looking آگے for his اگلے movie after this descendant of the sun. yes, he actually a hundred percent handsome with a 100% good acting as a actor of korean industry. hope he continue as a good man,,

سے طرف کی the way thanks again for this wonderful movie u had to be a leading 100% act as real character of Capt.yoo so jin. i cant forgot every scene and every episode of this movie. its makes me happy and spark in emotion. آپ had a good partner one of my female idol.....keep up the good work my idol,,,,hope u still be the same when u had another movie......