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blazethekitty94 posted on Nov 26, 2010 at 12:32AM
Ok first of all....these are my SUPPORTED reasons why Silvaze is true.
1. Who is the white hedgehog that is Blaze's LIFELONG( as confirmed by Sega itself) best friend that stuck up for her when she was bullied??
Silver the hedgehog.
2. LISTEN TO THE LYRICS OF SILVER'S THEME SONG...U WILL KNOW THAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT BLAZE( hence Sega gives theme songs that FITS the umm i dunno " All Hail Shadow"...c'mon guess whose that is).
3. Silver and Blaze see each other in games AFTER sonic 06 and do remember each other because in Sonic Free Riders a guy from the Sonic Team said that Blaze is on Team Silver. Oh and that reminds me, that in EVERY character select screen Silver and Blaze are ALWAYS near each other(winter olympics,satbk,satsr, srzg, sfr, and prbly more
4. Silvamy is a no go...due to the fact that Silver only USED Amy to get to Sonic, since she idiotically mistaken a white hedgehog for a blue one and caused Silver to lose Sonic out of his sight. Also after she found out he was trying to kill Sonic and left Silver, he STILL tried to kill him after Amy told him not to....but Shadow gets in the way. This shows that Silver doesn't really care about Amy. ALSO this " Silvamy" is also just another stupid Amy couple....i mean THINK about it!!! Who HASN'T Amy been with?!??!
5. At the end of Silvers story listen to the conversation Silver and Blaze are having b4 she leaves. Apparently, Sega makes the males say "friend" to replace "girlfriend." How do I know this?? In Sonic X after Cosmo dies Tails is crying and saying that, "its not fair!! She was my friend!!" Coughcoughgirlfriendcough!! Because i watched that episode where Tails and Cosmo fell into this trap of love that Amy set for they were together which means "friend" that Silver says actually means GIRLFRIEND. Silver: You're my friend....right?
Blaze: You're still so naive....but I've always liked that about you...
6. Sonaze FAILS mainly because in Sonic 06 Blaze doesn't even REMEMBER Sonic!!! She hears "blue hedgehog" and sees him but doesn't recognize him from Sonic Rush. She calls him "blue hedgehog" NOT Sonic. Shadaze is just illogical....need I say more??
7. Silver and Blaze are like ALWAYS together.
8. There is a mission in Sonic 06 called " The Test of Friendship" where Silver has to save....guess who??
It's ok when ppl have opinions....but its when they say its a "reality" that really gets me. Like this girl in my class said that,"cream is SO Tails's gf!!" NO U THINK SHE SHOULD BE EVEN THOUGH SHES NOT!!!! Ppl who know nothing of the sonic universe should just keep their mouthes shut. Just because the ONLY two little kids u know r Cream and Tails DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE TOGETHER!

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک DXSgirl30 said…
Wow,so many resons wy Silvaze is true,wich it is!!!