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posted by TakTheFox
This is a suggestion sheet. Here I will فہرست off rules that are part of the club currently and will not be changed, as well as suggestions for rules, and leave the تبصرے for what آپ want as rules.

Solid Rules (unchangeable Rules basically)

~No sexuality: No over-showing of cleavage یا sexual body parts, no sexual gestures, no blatant porn, no Yuri یا Yao, in roleplays, stories, یا pictures. This club has already gone through a ماہ of porn pictures being flashed on it and we don’t want that to start up again. It doesn’t matter if characters are married, in love, یا if it’s just TOUCHING...
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posted by Evolia-Wulf
 Making sure to practice is also key to making your earned customer's happy.
Making sure to practice is also key to making your earned customer's happy.
“Okay, so recently I’ve been getting both online and offline feedback from artists all around. Their problem is that they aren’t getting enough art requests and that they may end up quitting the artistic abilities earned through years of practice.
“So I’m here to shed a bit of experience and, یا course, seasoned advice to those ‘Starving Artists’. Don’t worry in the least; it’s a simple procedure, but also one that requires a bit of patience. And of course, it needs your most alert attention if you’re stuck in the bum business.
“There are three important business tools-...
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First Name: Drakero (Drai-kee-row)

Name Origin: His name comes for a portmanteau of "Drake" and "hero".

Middle Name: Almaldo (Al-mall-doe)

Last Name: Bonsachei ( Bon-sa-chei)

~Family Relations~

Almaldo (Father)

Drei (Mother)

Draco (Older Brother)

Ku (Sister)

Drapy (Younger Brother)

Hercul (Grandfather from Almaldo's Side)

Jilgma (Grandmother from Almaldo's Side)

Lumina (Grandmother from Drei's Side)

Drahon (Grandfather from Drei's Side)

Darby (Cousin)

~Friend/Foe Relations~

Silver (Best Friend)

Blaze (Close Friend)

Marine (Close Friend)

Sonic (Friend)

Knuckles (Friend)

Tails (Friend)

Shadow (Acquaintance)...
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posted by AceRider
 Zip The بھیڑیا
Zip The Wolf
Zipnodus (Zip) Roger Fracture is a 17 grey and white grey بھیڑیا from Crescent Island. His parents are separated, which resulted with him being raised سے طرف کی his father, Umbrax, and his sister, Ziggnimosis (Ziggy) was raised سے طرف کی his mother, Nite. Zip comes from a long line of proud and ruthless savages did what they wanted when they wanted, however, he doesn't seem to دکھائیں any form of care for such. At age 14, he took part in a elite battler association called The Elite Fighters. He was ranked 9 on the scales from 1 to 20, but he left the association because not one would challenge him. Currently,...
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posted by sierradawn9
Name: CarBuckle
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 19-25
Gender: Male
Accent: Hillbilly sometimes, but manages to keep it on the down low
Likes: Wrestling, girls, killing etc...
Dislikes: Jail, brats, people dissing him for being southern
Hobbies: Wrestling, escaping from jail, flirting
Love interest: Sierra the Hedgehog

Fur color: Silver-grey
Spine style: Front spines are long and kinda jut out from his forehead. Back spines are longer than the normal hedgehog's.
[other] فر, سمور style: Scruffy. White, heart-shaped chest fur.
Eye color: Green
Clothes: dark blue vest, worn-out jeans, black converse...
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posted by blossom1040
clarece: today we are going to cook...bourbon chicken sandwitch well lets get started IN medium skillet over medium heat melt آڑو preseves...
suddunly a robot crashes in and take the crystal off her neck
eggman: hahahaha! now i can rule the world
clarece: u_u eggman! give back the crystal now یا i will kick the shit out of you!
eggman: hahahaha! foolish girl why would i do that
eggman: { blastes her with a lazer}
{clarece beats the fuckim shit out of eggman}
clarece: well i took care of that کتیا, کتيا now we can continue after the camercail

part 2 coming soon
“So Finale thinks that he can channel the Rasoul that Vice absorbed out of him…?” Kyle questioned, which received a few eyebrow raises from the Rasoul Embodiments and Trenton. “…I know Finale already کہا he could but I was just trying to ask and make sure if he really thinks he can do that یا if we really think he can do that…”

“Yes, I really think I can do that as I already کہا before,” Finale replied. “But also like I already said, someone is either going to need to fight him down یا hold him down یا something such as that as I can’t focus while he’s trying to attack...
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so most of u didnt see this i think so yeah تبصرہ if u like
his hair colors changes black and white every second

Story :
as a child raised in a merc camp lost his many دوستوں there earned the عنوان ''prince of all mercs''
killed his 1st love to save the world
once hired to kill a levinder cat soon stops this mission helping the cat save 2 univesces

u will see it in the link

also written in the link

everything else is written in the link

My 1st Sonic پرستار character.
Name : Copy the hedgehog ( the
mercenary )
Job : Mercenary
Loves : Blaze, Flare (becuz of never
agement curse after turning...
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posted by TakTheFox
Of my many characters, I find Calto to be a refreshing and unique one. While I have tons of fighters, super-powers, یا young-ish characters, Calto’s a large contrast.

Calto appears to be a 52-year-old hybrid centaur of a ram-mobian with a non-anthropomorphic lion torso. He is a very eccentric inventor who specializes in biology, and is most well-known for his machine the “D-N-AMAZER”, which basically can change someone’s species.

He’s been around for almost a century, but remains spry as he can be. He has been employed سے طرف کی various companies in various Mobius Zones; most notably “Melcro...
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posted by XxXLolaXxX
Yes, I have desided it might be nice to write an article, that hopefuly will not be deleted. ^^'

"Corinne, get out!" I heard a shudden harsh voice yell, over the loud wails and sobs pouring out of my self.
I glaced up, and see my mother, hoavering over me. "Now, please." She spat out sharply. I was confuzed.
"Wh-what?" I peeped out inbetween gasps of air. Mother grabbed me سے طرف کی my long purple and silver hair. "You are so foulish! Why doesn't anyone listen me?" She started crying.

As she tossed me out into the little yard in front of the quant house I used to call, 'home', I heard her whisper, "Don't ever come back...!"

I landed on my chest. And, emedentaly, grasped the air to reach myself up. As I ran I didn't make a noise. Just let tears stream down my cheaks.


Tell me if anyone who reads this thinks I should do more.
Well, a lot has happened in the past...age that I've been gone from this site.

1. I have been diagnosed with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome

2. I am now in a kickass wheelchair

3. The condition has also affected my heart, so I'm to stay out of stressful environments and the like

4. I'm still making my game, so theres that.

5. Like I mentioned previously, my OCs have officially moved OUT of the Sonic universe and are now in their own lil universe I created. But they're all still there, Lyssa, May, Alyss, ect

6. I might still post some art if آپ guys arent too adverse to humans being گیا کیا پوسٹ (and if آپ are I totally would understand)


8. I still don't do art trades یا requests so...don't ask lol.

Have a missed a lot here? I've been semi-updated on the Tak incident (in fact thats why I came back) but is there anything else I need to know?
I plan on making a Mary Sue/Gary Stu test for everyone here. The way I will be doing it is آپ will check off whichever things portray to your character, and the resulting number will determine how stu-ish they are.

HOWEVER the difference with this one is that not only will there be things to check off to decrease the amount, AND there will be جوابات which count as مزید یا less points than others, BUT IT WILL ALSO have secondary check-lists for those who DO have those attributes but not because they are stu-ish, but based on actual facts told to them سے طرف کی other users.

An example is “Does almost...
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posted by unknown99
Born in the City of Wind, Nico is a lucky child to have such nice parents. He grown up to a happy child who is often mischievous. He played pranks on his father with a tray of water splashed at him when he come ہوم from work. When Nico is 6, he was sent to the Andromedian Pyrokinetic Academy which he really enjoy. He realise he is special because the first time he sneezed he blew all the dead leaves of his garden and got it stuck in his neighbor's garden. سے طرف کی the time he entered the academy, Nico couldn't believe his eyes that it was just a small academy with 14 other people with special powers....
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1.Draw A دائرے, حلقہ And Guidelines
2.(if its a female character)Add A Bump Near The Head
3.Add Clothes With مزید Style Not Plain Green Shirts یا Just Blue Pants Thats UNoringal
4.Hands Gloves یا No Gloves Mittens Braclets ANYTHING
5.Tail.Draw A Hedgehog Tail(like a dogs tail)OR A Cat لومڑی یا Any Other Specie Mix
6.Legs:Easy Booty یا Something یا Leggings Strips Ankel Braclets Rings Tatoo
7.Feet:OBISVOSY add a little tiny curve so the feet آپ cant see them because SHOES DUH
8.Shoes:Color Accerious Braclets Socks دکھانا Socks Flip Flops Sneckers High Heels
9.Head Tips:Add A Fringe یا Something Hair Spikes Shades(<---- that means sunglasses)0.0 BLOW THEIR MINDS WITH SEXY HOT پرستار CHARACTERS 0.0 O.O PEE THEIR PANTS OFF XD
This is just a quick update since roleplays aren’t really an option at the moment. I would post one if there was a lot of activity but so far there has not been enough and I have plenty people can go to that are still usable. If آپ feel differently please say so.

This update is about two things: Mobius United, and the Server Stories. I’ll start with the Servers.

I am working on the over-arching story of all of Mobius United, which of course begins with the Servers. I have finished the سیکنڈ story of the Servers, but not the version I’m using for the summaries. I will be getting to that...
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Step 1: First, آپ will need to have the status of your character. Tell the information about him/her. The things آپ will need to tell are:
Theme Song:
Family Members:
And so on.

Step 2: Second, آپ need to tell your character's story. What happened in your character's past? What do آپ think will happen in his/her future?

Step 3: Third, آپ need to come up with a design for your character. If آپ are not really an artist, get someone else to draw your character for you.

Step 4: Lastly, be creative. Give your character special powers, so they can fight. Also, آپ can give your character weapons and vehicles, such as, guns, swords, vans, motorcycles, and any other thing آپ can think of.

Well, that's how آپ make a پرستار character! Have fun! Bye for now!
posted by darkkhorn19
 A kitsune mask, similar to the one she wears.
A kitsune mask, similar to the one she wears.
Characters Full Name: Tataka Rakshasi
Reason یا meaning of name: Tataka is the name used for a Rakshasa.
Nickname: Carcass
Reason for nickname: She is usually around the dead bodies of the recently deceased
Birthdate: ROC era 84
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Age: 16 years old
How old does she appear: 16 years old
Eye Color: Dark grey/black
Hair color: Black with red, yellow and green streaks fading in and out as her hair grows
Distinguishable hair feature: Grows quickly
Type of hair: Fine
Typical hairstyle: Two long pigtails reaching her back with her hair usually covering one eye naturally.
Height: 170 centimetres...
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posted by soniczone1
 Sammy Jr. Hedgehog
Sammy Jr. Hedgehog
Sammy was 15 سال old Hedgehog as Sonic پرستار Character. Sammy was very happy hedgehog all times and likes to play video games and get along with some friends. She was cute hedgehog as Cream the Rabbit and Sammy is trying to be friendly to anybody else. She was kind and respectful hedgehog. She had a good life so far and good experience. Her goal is be like the special hedgehog to everyone and save lives. Sammy was dreaming to be in one team to beat down Dr. Eggman in Planet Mobius. Sammy likes to go in adventures just like Sonic when he was in Lost Hex and everywhere.
A black robed figure quickly darted in between Kyle and Mancer, moving very quickly for them to not be able to notice the figure out it had already dashed past. The figured skidded to a stop a few feet behind them, spreading his large black and silver bat wings. "So, we meet again," The figure کہا in a voice that sounded quite close to Devin of the Dark Horses.

"Devin?!" Kyle quickly turned to face Devin, though he was quite surprised that he moved that quickly; he didn't think the bat could اقدام that fast.

"What's up, hedgehog?" Devin asked in a voice that sounded مزید flat instead of the...
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posted by sonicfanAG
Name: Andrealy Lacy King
Species: Hedgehog/Wolf/Dog/Chameleon
parents: UNKNOWN
Height: 4"6
Weight: 93 pd.
siblings: Duji Chanler King,Justin Lancelot King Kori King.
*Fun facts*
1. Do not ask about her red ear
2.She has 17 kids
3.She loves coffee,cookies,and raviolii her andrea
5.she's color blind
6.she wears glasses to help her see colors
7.She is cousin to shadow the hedgehog
8.She is married to Twister the fox
9.She is the goddess of wolves
10.she has some kind of asthma
11.she has autism*rarely notice*