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Yeah, this took hours to make! Click the picture to read it better.
amy rose
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Amy Rose was walking around and bored, but she suddenly saw Amy Rose کہا "Oh hi Sonic. It's nice to see you."

Sonic کہا "Will آپ go out with me tonight?"

Amy کہا "I'd love to."

Sonic کہا "Meet me here at 5 p. m." Sonic walked away. A mysterious person did a villainous laugh, but Amy didn't notice.

Amy was pleasantly surprised that Sonic asked her out. She کہا "Oh my. I better get ready. What makeup should I use? What should I wear? I'll ask my fashion advisor."

Amy had her "fashion adviser" Cream come to her house. Amy was wearing her روب, چغہ and looking at her closet to find the best outfit...
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sonic was thinking for a while yes I use my new
form put first I put a note to tails with a copy of
the note I got with the pod I take a pic pf
future me once I am in my new form I take the
pod with me and I go train I don't no how
long I be gone all I ask vanilla to look after
tails for me oh for I forget I tail shadow tell me
what faker کہا shadow as he chaos control
into sonic room shock looking sonic blush pink
looking at a future shadow
shadow raven dark doom the hedgehog king
alpha ultimate life form god
age 16/in HIGHT 6.0/hermaphrodite
black hot red quills like he add a bit...
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Sonic Flamewars are literally everywhere. Whether it is about the games,shippings, یا characters, there is a flamewar created. Some flamewars are ended, but people tend to be obnoxious and/or attention hogs so they continue on until everyone agrees. If آپ look left یا right in the Sonic پرستار base, flamewar appears!
So, I've decided to make an مضمون about Sonic Flamewars. I'm not alone on this though. Kicksomebut23 is doing this with me and she sent me her commentaries.

First, let's talk about shippings. In my opinion, shippings are dumb. So many Sonic شائقین create flamewars over which couple...
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