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Yeah, this took hours to make! Click the picture to read it better.
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Sonic:All right آپ guys,I got eight crates of
ipecac from mort all on my tab.Now who ever goes the longest without puking gets the last piece of pie in the fridge.
everyone drinks we go.
few سیکنڈ later...
Sonic:hows everybody doin?
Knuckles:good.good so far.
Hunter:nothing yet. know,i dont know that آپ guys
hand any of that pie already but that is a that is some tasty
stuff from the a bake sale that lois(pukes)
Hunter:oooo 1 down i know somebody who wont be able to have my(pukes)
Tails:i'm statrin to feel funny.
Knuckles:well i feel fine guess...
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