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Here is the فہرست of Sonny With a Chance episodes:

Season 1

Episode 1 - "Sketchy Beginnings"

Plot: Sonny Munroe enters the set, excited and not knowing that she is off for a difficult time with Tawni Hart. When Sonny changes Tawni's "Queen Bee" sketch, Tawni becomes jealous and it doesn't help when Sonny has to share a dressing room with her. Sonny tells her mother about it and her mom advises Sonny to talk to Tawni. Things get worse when Sonny tries to help when Tawni accidentally stabs herself and shreds Tawni's پسندیدہ stuffed animal. Then, when Tawni talks to Marshall, Sonny decides she doesn't...
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Sketchy Beginnings
Tawni: Yes, sprinkle us with your Wisconsin funny dust.

Tawni: We Don't want to hear your cheers. Not your sis, not your boom, and not your ba.
Sonny: But what if I have a really awesome baa?

West coast story
Sonny: We were trying to make peace.
Chad: Please, آپ were trying to trap us.
Sonny: Trap you? You've obviously been watching your دکھائیں too much. آپ know, not everything is cutthroat and gossipy? Sometimes people do things because they're trying to be nice.
Chad: Do they, Sonny? Do they, really? Look, it was sweet of آپ to put that picnic together. It was way sweet. But the...
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