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Tawni Trivia:

1.In the promos, it was believed that Chad and Tawni had a love/hate relationship, but it turned out Sonny and Chad had a love/hate relationship.

2.When Chad ask Tawni about James and Sonny going on a date, she says "Why do آپ want him to back off of Sonny". She knows his motives for wanting to stop it.

3.Tawni hid in the back of Chad's car to spy on Sonny and Chad in Lookout Mountain.

4.Tawni did a diaper commercial when she was 3 years old.

5.Tawni prefers to be the #1 سٹار, ستارہ on So Random.

6.Tawni is the first one in the سہارا House.

7.She calls Sonny "sweetie" all the time.

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