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Okay, I'm probably going to get hate for this since this is the most مقبول ship in the Soul Eater fandom, but I strongly stand against it. Here's some reasons why I think it wouldn't work out.

Reason 1 - It's far too cliche
Honestly, them ending up is too predictable. I think the story is far better off at leaving them as friends. There's too many shounen عملی حکمت and manga that have the main girl and guy end up together in the end and having them not be together is something different and I'd love to just leave it at that.

Reason 2 - Their personalities clash too much for romance
Although they...
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In this clip Death complains about the Pharaoh not being symmetrical and.. well brutally murders him.
عملی حکمت
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A funny scen with Shinigami and Spirit Spirit is forced to repeat after what Shinigami says but in a funny voice