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Source: ارے Stampy, I Built This Huge Statue Of آپ And I Filled It Up With Cake! Hope آپ Appreciate It!
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Dear Stampy,
I know آپ will probably not see this but if آپ do then I want to let آپ know that I am a cat too.And آپ are the best youtuber ever.I can't explain how much I like your videos.I go crazy when I wait for آپ to لوڈ اپ them.I will subscribe to آپ when I get my youtube channel ^w^.*INFORMATION* I met آپ when I was watching Minecraft ویڈیوز and I saw your channel I clicked on it and watched forever in till night.I have watched all your ویڈیوز so far on Your Lovely World(Minecraft and other Minecraft series and other random ویڈیوز of Minecraft),Your Wonderful World (Terraria),Doki...
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