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posted by seanholmes2
The CW Stargirl series was good enough to get a سیکنڈ season despite lacking imagination on the motivations of villains. Now, the Stargirl CW دکھائیں plans to include new DC characters like Jade and her brother Obsidian in season two. Will Jade and her brother Obsidian surpass the MCU's چادر, فرغل and Dagger TV series? Will the surprise appearance of Sylvester Pemberton in the last season's last CW episode mark the first appearance of DC's William Payton disguised as Sylvester? Will Stargirl crossover with Flash, Blacklightning, Supergirl, Titans, Doom Patrol یا the new HBO Green Lantern live-action series? The biggest سوال and the true measure of the Stargirl TV series is if WB will allow Stargirl to appear in a DCEU movie سے طرف کی اگلے سال اگلے to Shazam?