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Here’s an میل ای my friend received from L.J. Smith.
“Hi Emily—

Thank آپ for your beautiful email. I completely understand why some شائقین get overeager—and especially if they think there is bad news for them. I hope that آپ will enjoy Midnight, as it is truly the story of Damon finding his deepest feelings for both Elena and Bonnie—and his feelings are definitely not platonic. In fact, to be blunt, without Bonnie and something that Bonnie does at the end, Damon would be permanently dead.

But right now I have to tell آپ something that makes me so sad and devastated—as bad, in fact,...
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“With that light in his face, Stefan looked… too good.
He seized both Elena’s hands, whirled her around once as if she weighed nothing, picked her up, and kissed her.
And kissed her.
And Kissed her until Elena felt her soul dripping off her fingertips.”

“This was the best feeling in the world, the knowledge that she and Stefan were together, and she made Stefan promise her over and over that he would not ever leave her on another quest again, no matter how briefly, no matter the cause.
By now, Elena could not even focus on what she had been worried about before. She and Stefan had always...
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I wanna share this مضمون with آپ guys. I don't own this. I just saw it on Tumblr.

Here is why آپ should ship Stelena and not Delena:

1. Stefans love for her is pure (Damon says she wants a love that consumes her but that’s not entirely true)

2.Stefan knows what’s right for her, Damon tries to control her every move

3. Damon is a boy who doesn’t know how to slow down and contain himself when he’s angry.

4. Damon is agressive and pushy, Stefan is soft and uncontrolling

5. Through everything Stelena never stopped loving eachother

6. Stefan knows what’s right for, Damon wants to believe...
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I do not own this article. I have to share this with the fandom. I just saw this on Tumblr so.
Don't get mad at me یا anything. Like I said, I didn't write this.
Enjoy :)

Now, let’s contrast the signs of abusive relationship with the signs of a healthy relationship. So, the following signs are signs of healthy relationships. Now, I’m going to prove that Stefan/Elena are indeed the healthy relationship between the two. Here are the signs of a healthy relationship.

1. Talking and acting so that your partner feels محفوظ and comfortable doing and saying things?

(CHECK. Stefan/Elena always communicate...
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