Stelena vs Delena Favourite Scenes?

RachaelF8 posted on Sep 01, 2011 at 06:38PM
This spot is pretty dead, so I made this so everyone can share there favourite scenes of Delena, Stelena or both:)

I'll start...
Well favourite Delena scenes are:
*The Kiss..duh! 'You should have met me in would have liked me.' 'I like you now...just the way you are.' This is every shippers dream quote!
*The epic 'I Love You' from 2x08...yeah this maybe the best scene I've seen on TV.
*The Miss Mystic Falls Dance
*The final scene of MMF, Damon siting with Elena outside the basement/dungeon thing. This scene didn't need no words, just the simple act of Damon siting with Elena was enough. It was simple but stood out for me.
*The 'I wanted it to be real' scene, sparks flying everywhere! the 'We have something as Understanding' scene!:D
*Damon speeding to help Elena out of the car in Bloodlines. I was beginning to like Delena before this, but this scene had me sold!
*The hug in 1x14...awhh!
*Last but not least, Damon saving Elena in 2x03. Literally taking an arrow in the back for her:O

As I'm not a Stelena fan, I'm not too aware of their scenes. But scenes that stood out for me and I actually quite liked are...
*1x20 scene at the quarry:)
*1x10 love scene, pretty hot.
*I think it was 2x07 scene? The very cute, very cheesy scene when they are in bed. It was switching from Katherine and Mason to Stefan and Elena.
*The 1x12 dance scene:)

And that is pretty much it from me...time for you guys to share your fav scenes!:D

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