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posted by Emoshinell
It is time for Stephenie's Twilight Saga's first poetry contest! Write a poem about Twilight!
Rule 1) Must be about something involving Twilight. Nothing else is acceptable.
Rule 2) Does not have to ryhme. I am a poet so I know when something is a poem even when it doesn't rhyme. Be creative!
Rule 3) Must not be plagyaryzed. (Excuse my poor spelling.)
Rule 4) Send me your poem in message form. If آپ need to be my پرستار to message me go ahead! The مزید شائقین the merrier!
Rule 5) Have fun!

I will choose three winners on February 1st. They will be گیا کیا پوسٹ on a new مضمون that day. Good luck and have fun!