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 Tangled پیپر وال
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Tangled پیپر وال
پیپر وال
tangled پیپر وال
flynn rider
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Eugine had forgot Rapunzel's 19th birthday, causing a row between the two. Rapunzel had been very stressed latley, she wasn't ready to take over the kingdom, and her father had grown gravley ill.After the row, Rapunzel is approached سے طرف کی a shady character, twice her height, in a cloack, covering his face. All that was present was a black curly beard swaying from his chin. Although at first alarming Rapunzel, he manages to calm her down before she calls the guards, saying he can help her save her father from dying. He quotes 'Your fathers a fine King.Be a sahme to see him die. But, Rapunzel, I...
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 ''But آپ just have to do it'
''But you just have to do it'
Ok I have one big massive crush on this guy he made me laugh, and he even made me cry . Here is what I like about his ego and his real self.

Name: Flynn Rider(aka Eugene Fitzherbert)
Age: 25
DOB: 23rd of September 1985
Starsign: Virgo
Likes: Stealing,adventure,horse back and books, singing, going out on a کشتی watching the lanterns rise in the sky, magic, and using the frying pan as a weapon.
Dislikes: Hatred, annoying people, singing and dancing(when his Flynn Rider he hates to sing and dance),the horse(Maximus but he later likes him),
Love Interest: Rapunzel (the princess with a lot of attitude)....
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