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posted by duncanishot123
Hi! I'm starting a high school! So if آپ wanna be in please comment. Give me آپ name and description.
What آپ like what آپ don't like at all. Fears if آپ like. Hobbies and fav. classes. I would really appreciate it. I have wanted to do this for a long time. So comment! I'm also going to be adding myself.
My name is Aaron and I'm a laid back, tom-boy, break the rules kind of girl. I love the گٹار and skate-boarding! I don't care what آپ say about me as long as its not behind my back. I'll always have my دوستوں backs. Also I wouldn't try to make me angry یا sad.
Anyways please comment! bye!
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posted by shellgirl54
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm so glad tdwt is over - corthey کہا now i can just whats this?
What great even my family doesnt like me!! I hate the world i hate the world (Kicks tv) why is the tv exploding!! (flashes come and house spins) what the at least frogo the dog is here where are we?? Corthey opens door omy gosh i crushed a person Ill destroy u!!! as soon as i get out of this thing Yeah آپ got her eeeeeee!!! nice job dude. who are آپ guys I'm codmunch I'm sadmunch and im katiemunch and i'mlashawnwithed baby. oh my gosh i'm so sorry!! girl its ok she needed that. Well since yur a witch u could poof us back to home. I'm sorry I cant but the wizard of tdi can help and these magic sandals. well nice corthey said. If u want to find him sugar u must follow the yellow گھاس bridge ok well see ya. And so corthey and froggo go on a adventure to be continue
posted by Destani

When i dig my two graves |
Who says the سیکنڈ ones for me? |
Because your not the one im after |
آپ alone, is not enough |
She's the one that started this |
The one that made me cry |
So when i dig my two graves |
Who says they have to be together? |
آپ two together is what started this whole mess |
So the graves shall be far apart |
Never to see eachothers faces |
nor the light of دن |

سے طرف کی Destani Heyer

Please tell me what آپ think.
God Bless
posted by shellgirl54
After they sing ease on down the road Corthey and Dunscarwow see lots of trees and a weierd metel figure Corthey-whats this thing Dunscarwow-looks like a metal statue M.F-tpuff pufoil thown thy thace Corthey and Dunscarwow-what? Trees-He کہا put oil down his face!! Corthey and Dunscarwow - oh Tree1-I'm Iztree whats up with gliter Tree2-I'm betree nice sandals Tree3- I'M HARTREE! Duncarwow-u dont need to yell plus your a hairless freak. Hartree-whateves Betree-theres and oil can to unfreze him its سے طرف کی iztree but آپ must do a quick task Corthey-like what? Iztree-like this if u like an apple...
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posted by shellgirl54
Corthey sings ease on down the road till frogo runs into a field Corthey-froggo where آپ going? froggo is seen barking at a scarcrow Corthey-Froggo dont runaway like that. Out of know where-wow nice name for a dog. Corthey-Who کہا that? I did Corthey looks at a scarcrow Corthey-ok if this is a joke im not falling for it. Dude its not a joke just leave a inasent scarcrow alone alright!! Corthey-wow your grumpy ارے sorry for that my name is dunscarwow Corthey-wow your kinda cute for a scarcrow ... kinda Dunscarwow-wow thanks at least your kinder than those stupid crows!! Corthey gets hit by...
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