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justin:come on bridgette i want to spend time with you

bridgette:oh ok justin but justin

justin:what bridgette

bridgette:I want to host my own show

justin:your own show?

bridgette:yes!that would really make me happy

justin:ummmmm ok but I have to break up with آپ bridgette IM sorry but if آپ really wanna host your own show?

bridgette:yes IM sorry justin but thats really what i want

justin:oh :(


justin:take care babey!


bridgette:hey guys meet me on total drama islands bridgette seson 2!comin 2009!
justin:well its the finale 2!gwen bridgette آپ girls had been lucky throu this whole
experince but how would آپ feel if آپ won

bridgette:ID kiss آپ and call آپ
a hottie every night

gwen:same as bridgette

justin:you guys got pritty awesome

gwen:whats the last challange hottie?

justin:the last challange is to resist another hot guy..........cody!

gwen:ill try but it wont be easy

bridgette:ILL try

(well one person asked cody on a تاریخ and one person kissed cody but justin had finally
crowned his champ!)

justin:the ووٹ are in and the girl who gets to تاریخ me is..........
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posted by codythemaster
justin:I had unuff of this gwen courteney and bridgette آپ know what?


justin:were going to play go to the mall

bridgette:what the heck is that hottie?

gwen:this is just like the first challange


courteney:I got justin a watermellon

bridgette:I got justin a picture of him

gwen:I got justin a t-shirt

justin:well well well finale 3 who is going ہوم tonight well lets just see................courteney!!!!!!

gwen and bridgette:bye courteney

justin:well well well the finale 2 gwen and bridgette!
posted by codythemaster
justin:oh hello finale 4 it looks like today we will be trying out costumes

courteney:ok hot justin

justin:but still finale 4 lets all go to my closet and pick out some of my moms old clothes

bridgette:heres my outfit justin

justin:thats awesome bridgette

linsay:here hanna

justin:my names not hanna IM justin and thats a pritty cool costume

courteney:here justin

justin:that is an awesome costume courteney اگلے

gwen:here justin

justin:thats sweat gwen

(IT looked like justin thought every costume was pritty hot but one he thought was pritty uncool)

justin:ok finale 4 who is محفوظ is bridgette and gwen and its courteney vs linsay and the last name IM going to call is....................courteney

linsay:oh goodbye

every girl:have a nice trip linsay

linsay:well bye

justin:well well well if it isint the finale 3 gwen,bridgette,and courteney

posted by codythemaster
justin:ok then finale 5 IT looks like bridgette,gwen,katie,linsay,and courteney,you guys made it pritty far to being my girlfriend so if آپ do not make it sorry but dont worry آپ do win but win my picture hahahaha

bridgette:not funny justin but still آپ talk like a hottie

justin:I know

gwen:whats the اگلے challange

justin:the اگلے challange is to sing me a song

katie:ooohhhh I know how to make a killer song

justin:ok then katie sing it to me

(every-girl sung justin a song but one song was tasteless)

justin:ok girls please do not be mad if I say آپ lose

katie:if we lose wouldent it be your...
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posted by codythemaster
justin:well ladies since its december we need to go celebrate the holidays!

izzy:but justin who the heck gets voted off آپ did say it was courteney vs. heather

justin:oh ya ya your right izzy ok then the last name IM going to call is courteney

courteney:thank آپ justin and did I say your hot!


heather:man this is not fair! IM مقبول i got my own TV

justin:heather everyone has there own TV

justin:ok then its time for the اگلے challange this ones called christmas wishes آپ got to wish for me to have something cool

(everyone wished for justin to have something cool like gems jewls...
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posted by codythemaster
justin:gwen stay leshawna go

leshawna:you mean

justin:oh I do mean

leshawna:well good bye ugley

justin:shut up and go ہوم on the dock of shame

justin:ok then the اگلے challange is to make-ya-own-episode

izzy:oh ya I do know how to make a killer movie

justin:well really then make it

(all the episodes were made justin liked them all but there were one not so great episode!)

justin:ok then lets see who's محفوظ first is bridgette,izzy,katie,gwen,lindsay,ok then it's courteney against heather and the اگلے name I'm going to call is.........................
posted by codythemaster
justin:ok then the last name I'm going to call is heather sorry sadie آپ have to go ہوم on the dock of shame

sadie:waahhhh bye katie

katie:man mean justin he's not so hot

justin:what did I just hear katie!

katie:nothing cool guy

justin:ok اگلے challange is to go to the arts and craft's center to right a short poem of why آپ like me

bridgette:ok hottie I just might know one hot poem

(justin enjoyed his poems but one he found was rather not interesting to him!)

justin:ok the name call first is katie,bridgette,heather,izzy,courteney,lindsay, ok then this is wierd gwen against leshawna and the last name I'm going to call is..............
posted by codythemaster
justin:the last name I'm about to call is heather

eva:you know what I don't need آپ anyway I got 50 boyfriends at home!!!!!!!

justin:lier!!! go ہوم and walk the dock of shame!! آپ were never my type

justin:ok then that's all taken care off I guess it's time for the اگلے challange this challange is a boyfriend girlfriend پسندیدہ it's called a movie

izzy:you mean one about two gorrila's kissing

justin:well kinda

izzy:yay big hunk کے, hunk of hotty

(justin watched alot of movie's with the girl's but one movie was not justin's favorite!)

justin:ok then girl's Its time for the name call out first is bridgette,leshawna,izzy,katie,courteney,gwen,lindsay, ok then it's sadie یا heather and heather I'm kinda despised at آپ since this is the سیکنڈ time آپ went to the bottam two heather
the last name I'm going to call is......................
posted by codythemaster
justin:the last name am going to call is leshawna

leshawna:ya babbey and that's how I roll!

justin:beth آپ have to walk the dock of shame because آپ were not my type

beth:ok just take me ہوم I'll tell my dad I lost آپ

justin:ok then now the اگلے challange is a kissing contest who ever is not a good kisser to me has to walk the dock of shame first up is eva

(justin had alot of fun with his girl's kissing and all that but justin did find one bad kisser!)

justin:ok then the names that get to stay is lashawna,bridgette,katie and sadie,izzy,gwen,courteney,lindsay,ok then this is a shocker heather against eva and the last name I'm gonna call is..............................

posted by codythemaster
introduction:one justin eleven girls wanting to be his girlfriend but witch girl is right for him

justin:ok ladies beth,gwen,bridgette,izzy,katie and sadie,courteney,leshawna,lindsey,eva,and heather one of آپ will get to be my girlfriend the first challange is a present challange

beth:I got justin a pair of braces

izzy:I got justin some of his pictures

lindsey:I got justin some soap

courteney:I got justin a hug

bridgette:I got justin a model t-shirt

gwen:I got justin a pair of slippers

sadie and katie:(got the same gifts for justin)we got justin a شرٹ, قمیض

leshawna:I got justin some water

heather:I got justin bubble-gum

eva:I got justin a لوہے, بآربیلل

justin:OK time for the vote off's who are محفوظ is,katie and sadie,gwen,bridgette,courteney,lindsey,izzy,heather,eva,ok then it's beth against leshawna the last one who is محفوظ is.....................................